Connecting with Earth Mother via “Earthing”

Photo courtesy of Noelle Buske from Flickr.

Photo courtesy of Noelle Buske from Flickr.

I’ve been ‘grounding’ or ‘earthing’ for the past few weeks (actually years, but I get off track at times). Feels so nice to go out first thing in the morning and stand barefoot on the ground. A great way to get a charge of good ‘ole Earth Mother fresh energy in the morning. Stood in the snow yesterday morning in Garrett County, MD. But today it’s misting/raining in Frederick County, MD, and I just could not make myself go out in the rain to do it earlier this morning. Committed to make it happen at some point in the day.

A Qi Gong master teacher and healer recommended this to me for healing from lymphoma several years ago. Though his intent was not to connect with Earth Mother as my intent truly is. He taught about the healing aspects of releasing the free radicals that build up in our bodies, when we stand barefoot outside on the bare ground and allow the energy exchange to happen between us and Earth. It’s quite therapeutic. And very highly recommended.

Here is a Dr. Mercola article that explains the benefits of “Earthing” in more detail.

Though I encourage people to also consciously connect with Earth Mother as they do it, and send their love down to Mother and invite her love energy back up into them. It’s a power spiritual practice. Now I need to go out later today and catch up on my Earth Mother Connection… !   ;~)

Here’s a video clip from Trentham Estate in England that actually has a formal “Barefoot Walk”. I love their creativity with this!

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The Great Mother Bible Book Cover is Done!

I’m thrilled to announce that the book cover for The Great Mother Bible is done! Thank you to Brenda Murphy for your amazing painting of the Great Mother (commissioned over the summer). And to Octavo Design for the book cover design efforts.

Within the next week (Oct 20 – 25, 2014), I’ll be launching an Indiegogo campaign to help raise the funding to fully publish the book. Stay tuned on that front. It’s so exciting to be at this stage in the book creation! The book should be out by the end of November. There are excerpts and more to read at this link.

Hugs, Big Love to all,

~ mare


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Great Mother Wisdom Gathering – Shifted to One Day, Nov 1st

After much deliberation, I’ve shifted the Great Mother Wisdom Gathering to a one-day event instead of a full weekend. It will take place on Saturday, Nov 1st, and will actually be more along the lines of traditional wisdom gatherings that have been held for eons around Sacred Fire. We will gather close to 10:30am and the Sacred Fire Ceremony will start close to 11am.

Almost all of the original speakers will still be sharing their wisdom at the Sacred Fire circle. It promises to be a rich day of ceremony and teachings.

Come join us if you feel called… !  Register at

Image courtesy of Karuna (c)

Image courtesy of Karuna (c)


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WV Fall Shot -2 – Photo by Tim Dicke

And here is another lovely one by Tim Dicke, the ultra gifted photographer from Baltimore who graces my inbox each evening with a beautiful photo.

Valley Falls, WV. (c) Tim Dicke

Valley Falls, WV. (c) Tim Dicke

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WV Fall Beauty – Photo by Tim Dicke

I absolutely love Tim Dicke’s photography and  they just seem to get better and better. Here is a recent fall shot from Tim.

Taken on the access road to Valley Falls WV. (c) Tim Dicke

Taken on the access road to Valley Falls WV. (c) Tim Dicke



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Great Mother Wisdom Gathering – Updated Announcements

Greetings beautiful friends -

I’m excited to announce two updates for the upcoming Great Mother Wisdom Gathering, to be held at the Bishop Claggett Center, Oct 31 – Nov 2. There is still time to register for this auspicious event at:

The first announcement is that Woody Vaspra, founder of the World Council of Elders, will be leading a Sunrise Sacred Pipe Ceremony on Saturday and Sunday morning at the event. Attendees can then participate in a yoga class after this ceremony.

Woody will also be part of the Panel Discussion on “Where is the Divine Masculine”, along with co-leading a talk with his wife, Catie Johnson, on “Living Wisdom of the Ancients: Restoring the Balance of Life”.

This is the description for Woody and Catie’s talk:

Living Wisdom of the Ancients: Restoring the Balance of Life”: We are living in a very special time of transformation and critical choices long prophesied by the wisdom-keepers, or Elders, of the world’s indigenous cultures.  These Elders, who have carried the wisdom of their peoples for millennia, are now willing to share their ancient, yet timeless teachings and healing knowledge to restore the balance of life on Earth and to preserve the future for our children. Please join Woody Vaspra and Catie Johnson, co-founders of World Council of Elders, for a workshop about why and how indigenous wisdom is essential to restoring balance in our world today. We will delve into the critical roles that honoring natural cycles and gender balance play in creating and sustaining harmonious relationships within our families, communities and world.  We also will explore the value of cultural diversity, and the importance of preserving and sharing the living wisdom of traditional indigenous cultures so vital to achieving global healing and peace in our time. 

In addition, Evan T. Pritchard will be leading a talk on “The Divine Male”. This is the description for that session:

The Divine Male – led by Evan T. Pritchard.  The divine male is the hero of the heart who goes out to face the world on behalf of his mate, his family, his people. He is the wise and humble king, the peaceful warrior, the compassionate lover, and spiritual traveler and healer who constantly hones his skills in each of these four directions.  In the indigenous traditions, the divine male is well grounded in the earth, with both “bear” and “deer” energy—strong and fierce like bear, but gentle like deer. He speaks against untruth and wrongdoing with the strength of bear, but is the peacemaker like deer, wearing the buckhorns of leadership when called for. He is also the white otter, the playful lover and sexual healer, when invited to be so, and he is also the mystical eagle who is able to ascend to the highest levels in the sky, spiritually, without losing his way, returning to guide others on their path to the sun. In this workshop we will explore ancient indigenous teachings about the divine male, and compare them with similar European traditions, while looking for ways to express the divine male successfully in the twenty-first century, for the benefit of all beings.

Come join us… This promises to be an amazing and quite unique event.

big Love,



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The Energy That Finds Its Source

The Energy That Finds Its Source.

This is a powerful piece written by Carla Woody, whose book sits by my bed at this very moment.  I encourage you to read this and soak up it’s wisdom…


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