Fermented Foods – I’m a Convert!

I have recently discovered the amazing value of eating fermented foods. This was due to a food and nutrition workshop at the Future Harvest conference in the middle of Jan and now I’m a complete convert.

Truth be told, I was dubious about the benefits of such fermented foods while attending the workshop that Monica Corrado led. It just sounded weird and unnecessary. I did not experience anything after eating some of her samples of fermented roasted garlic and beets and turnips. Besides, my diet was pretty good and I’m healthy, so why do I need to try some strange fermented foods?

But the next morning I got together with a friend who was also at the same workshop and was consulting with Monica for nutritional purposes. We discussed the value of such foods, and she recommended that I go next door to Whole Foods and seek out a jar of Bubbies sauerkraut with the live cultures in it after we parted. So I did, brought the jar home, opened it up and within 20 mins of having 2-3 tablespoons, experienced a rather palpable sense of vitality move through my body and my mood really lifted (after a tough past month of some rather down moods).

It was incredible and I’ve continued to eat some sauerkraut every day and feel the good energy move through me since then. That first day of eating I was so energized that I went down to my basement and started organizing corners that I had been avoiding for months.

It turns out that fermented foods have over a multitude of reasons to eat them. The fermentation process increases the micronutrient availability in vegetables. Fermented milk products boosts the B vitamins. The list goes on. There is more information at this website on the variety of reasons to consume fermented foods.

I’ve got some recipes for making more fermented foods and plan to experiment in the next few weeks. I’m very excited about this. It’s rather astounding how it shifted me.

There is more information at these websites:
http://www.wildfermentation.com/about.php?page=wild (This is the website of Sandor Katz, the current guru of fermented foods with a book out called “wild fermentation“.

I cannot speak more emphatically about the positive shifts in my energy and my moods since discovering these foods. (It’s now clearer why I’ve been craving olives from olive bars all winter also.)

To our health!


About Mare Cromwell

Mare Cromwell is the award-winning author of "Messages from Mother.... Earth Mother" and "If I gave you God's phone number....Searching for Spirituality in America." She is currently working on her third book: "The Great Mother Bible." She has studied with Native American teachers for eighteen years and sits on the World Council for Wisdom Gatherings. Mare calls Western Maryland her home. To learn more about her books, go to http://www.pamoonpress.com. (Note: she is a former worm herder. ;~)
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