5/27/18- Message from Gaia @ 2nd Ellicott City Flood , Maryland (Extreme Weather!)


Messages from Mother (TM)

Click below for this latest #GaiaTeach on YouTube:

A #GaiaTeach – A Message from our Mother Gaia – about the (2nd!) massive flood in Ellicott City, Maryland, Sun, May 27, 2018.


ellicott-city-flood-july-31-2016-3-CREDIT-Scott-Weaver 2016 Ellicott City Flood, Photo by Scott Weaver

A Call to Wisdom, incorporating Systems Thinking in our land-use planning, the energetics of our thoughts, emotions and actions, the role of Elementals in the Weather patterns, and to wake up, wake up back to the Oneness, and to Mother Gaia’s tremendous Love for us.

It is time to come HOME to Mother Gaia and Wake Up, and be Pro-Active Mid-Wives to the New World! Mother loves all of us so, so, so much.

Downloaded by Gaia Priestess and Communicator (Multi-Award-Winning Author & Healer) ~ Mare Cromwell.

Hugs, bigLove!


For more information about Mare’s books, Webinars, Gaia Meditations, etc.: www.marecromwell.com

For ongoing Messages from Earth Mother and Mother Gaia:…

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Message from Pélé, Tues, May 15th

Sharing … most humbling that I have been able to communicate with Pélé also…

See May 15th Newsletter from Mare – Click HERE.

Messages from Mother (TM)

I actually connected with Pélé this morning and recorded a message from her @ what is going on with her on the Big Island in Hawaii. That was a first. Rather wild. Mother Gaia piped up too.

Plus, plus…

Humbling… to surrender and serve at this level. humbling.

For the sake of expediency (since I’m juggling a bit here, as most of us are), you can read the message in my latest e-Newsletter.

Life is ever the adventure. Oh, my…



pele artist unknown

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A Message from Mother Gaia – regarding Pélé and the Big Island (Kilauea Volcano)

Message from Mother Gaia this am re: Pélé, Kilauea Volcano.

Messages from Mother (TM)

Beautiful Ones –
A Message from Mother Gaia – regarding Pélé and the Big Island (Kilauea Volcano):
Things have started to calm down on the Big Island with Péle´in the past 24 hrs. A significant Spiritual Team both on Earth and Off Earth have been working on this, along with some very gifted Lightworkers (in the human form). Pélé is in a better place now than she was two days ago.
It is most wise to not get caught up in the fear and chaotic spin of so much in the media and to trust in the great spiritual forces that are moving Ascension along here on our Sacred Earth. And to release the fear that blinds you and paralyzes you so much these days.
I would like you, my beloved two-leggeds to spend far less time on Social Media, and go outside and spend time with…

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Global Water Healing Ceremony & Meditation, 2/2/18, Recording Available

“All of Nature is sacred yet each space has its unique meaning and healing application. Water is the Source of all Life.” ~ Anonymous

On the first Friday of every month there is a global effort to send healing prayers to the life giving waters of the Earth with a guided meditation. I was honored to lead the Global Water Healing on Friday, Feb 2nd, 2018, and you can listen to the recording HERE.

Mary J. Getten initiated these monthly Water Healing Prayers after a request from Granny, the matriarch Orca Whale who lived in the Salish Sea but passed in late 2016. Granny is asking all of us to send Light and Love to the world’s waters to help support the whales, dolphins and all the sacred life in waters all over the world.

The conference phone number to call is (USA) 641-715-3580, access code 158090#. If you are calling from Canada and have trouble getting through, please call 781-838-3757 and then enter the phone number and access code above. For international callers, go to the website to access those numbers.

The Global Water Healing website is rich with channeled messages about the waters of Earth, as well as archived recordings from the past three years’ worth of meditations. 

Mary J. Getten and the monthly group welcome anything you can do to help us spread the word.

We hope to hear you on a future call, or feel your presence in spirit if you are unable to be with us in the physical. Just joining us energetically for even five minutes can make a difference.

Thank you for your love and caring!

Sign up to receive email reminders for these upcoming Global Water Healing meditations by contacting Mary J. Getten.

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What’s Going on With Men? The Mother Wound as the Missing Link in Understanding Misogyny- by Bethany Webster


[This is a copyrighted piece written by Bethany Webster. I’m only sharing the beginning and encourage you to follow the link below to read the rest. There is important information here. I don’t agree with all she shares about the role of us women in these dynamics, but that’s another conversation.]

What’s going on with men?

With this massive wave of brave women coming forward with disclosures of sexual harassment across many industries, many of us, men and women alike, are grappling with the sobering reality of rampant misogyny. As a culture, we’re left to ask questions like, why do so many men have the impulse to disrespect, hate or violate women? Where does that really come from? And how do we stop it? 

As an internationally recognized expert on the mother wound in women, I’m often asked to speak about the mother wound in men. At this time of mass disclosures about sexual assault, I wanted to write a piece exploring how the mother wound is the missing link in our understanding of misogyny. In this essay, I’ll examine how boys develop in the modern world, the unprocessed anger below the surface of the lives of men, the role of privilege and the inner work that both men and women can undertake to transform our situation.

Oxford dictionary defines misogyny as “dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.”  To understand misogyny we have to explore the first relationship a man ever has with a woman; with his mother.



Some food for thought related to this article above — Shared from a friend in response to this same article:

What I find is TRULY MISSING from all these articles, and even in the following quote” Misogyny is a son’s outwardly projected rage on a mother who was unable to protect him.” by~ Gabor Maté, is the ABSOLUTE REFUSAL OF THE FEMININE to see that a man’s rage at the feminine began with his mother who abused his masculine energy when he was a small boy. The “mother was not able to protect him “BECAUSE IT WAS SHE WHO was stealing his energy, and keeping him emotionally controlled and small.

And she did this because SHE didn’t feel “enough” to love herself, or maintain a healthy relationship with “her man”. So let’s stop blaming the grown man for the abuse heaped on him before he was old enough to remember. Lets help him heal THAT wound, and lets help the women heal from their neediness, and find the worthiness and love within, so they can stop stealing from their little boys and punishing every man who displays wounded behavior.

Let’s have some COMPASSION for ALL the wounded little children inside all of us, stop permitting the attitude of “victims rule”, and support everyone, regardless of physical gender, to reclaim wholeness, innocence and integrity, and GROW UP!! so we can reclaim our planet before it is to late to save.

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Voices from Gaia – Webcast Series – Jan 17th – March 7th. STARTS this Weds pm!

12.29.Header.Final wWeb.12.29

What do you think the dolphins might have to share during these chaotic times on our Sacred Planet? Or the whales, or trees or owls? Or even the bees. And Sasquatch! Their intelligence and wisdom is far greater than any of us were taught in school!

I will be interviewing a group of very gifted animal, tree, and other communicators starting Weds, Jan 17th through Weds, March 7th, at 8:00pm EST. (All 75 minute interviews will be recorded and available to download later.)

We are living in deeply tumultuous times and the sacred beings from these other domains have a rather different perspective and insights about the Earth Changes to educate and support us.

Mother Gaia specifically requested this series to bring forth significant information from other sacred realms upon her, and to encourage us to wake up to the profound web of sacred intelligent life around us.

Register at: Http://voicesfromgaia.org/
There will be a moderate fee to register.
You can always register after the Series starts and you will be sent the links to download the earlier interview files to listen to, to catch up.

Here is the list of communicators:
Linda Shay – dolphin communicator
Pam Montgomery – tree communicator
Mary J. Getten – whale communicator
Marieke Akgül – owl communicator
Jacqueline Freeman – bee communicator
Penny Kelly – fairy/nature spirit communicator
Kelly Lapseritis – Sasquatch communicator
Woody Vaspra – a Hawaiian Elder will teach and share stories on “How we can embrace all beings as family”.

(About me – I am a Gaia Communicator & Priestess, Healer and Author of “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother & “The Great Mother Bible”, etc. Mother Gaia specifically requested this series to bring forth significant information from other sacred realms upon her, and to encourage us to wake up to the profound web of life around us. www.marecromwell.com

If you would like to receive updates about the Webcast series or any of my other events, sign up here: http://mad.ly/signups/67592/join )

For the New World being born at this time and the future generations of all beings!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Mashed Potatoes, Gaia Assignments, Rebirthing & Chocolate w/Marzipan – Jan Musings from Mare

Early January Musings from Mare


Oh, my. This is January 8th and we have been having a bitterly cold past week in Maryland. And our temperatures have been nothing like those farther north where it has been below 0º. My heart goes out to all those up north especially the homeless and injured animals and more.


I have been eating lots of mashed potatoes with blue cheese dressing and hoping that the temperatures warm up enough for me to do one of those solid walks around the 200+ acre farm across the main road. The potatoes are starting to rest around the hips in ways that my hips have not experienced in some time.


2017 was a doozy of a year. I know that many can share these sentiments. Absolute doozy.


There is another book gestating in me that will be written after I can retire from Mother Gaia’s assignments that she keeps on giving me. This book will be titled Adventures of a Former Worm Herder. I think the title is catchy and will attract mega sales, once the book is written, of course.


Once Mother Gaia allows me to retire. Which is not anytime soon.


This past year has brought forward past lives, present life, heart, soul, higher self, healings, more healings, exposed deep soul woundedness, soul contracts, dark times, despair, tears and some good chocolate (with marzipan is the best!). There was also kindness, patience, listening to Mother Gaia, respect, honoring, energy work that is rather off the charts, but not really. And then the clocks that stopped or jumped forward 90 minutes in a minute. I can’t make this stuff up. And some good sour gummy bears and lots of hot chocolate when needed, in addition.


Let’s just say that these past few months have catapulted me into a “Rebirth”. Some might call it an “Overhaul” of my being to the deepest, deepest levels that I have still not fully consciously touched but am aware transpired.


And… Mother Gaia and my Spirit Team have conspired to give me a whole New Spiritual Council to support me and guide me that is extremely helpful for this path that I’ve surrendered to do, during this Earth Walk.


Things are happening that are such Grace these days. And my level of Surrender and Listening to Mother and this Council are far more enhanced or… committed. Both, I suppose.


My healing practice is getting deeper and deeper and I’m providing oncology support for several clients that seems to be profoundly supportive for them. Long-distance clients are showering me with all sorts of amazing feedback and all I feel I’m doing is sending them Love and envisioning them healthy, and offering the wisdom their hearts seem to need to hear in that moment.


It’s the Love that is so healing, I know, and it’s not from me but moves through me from Mother Gaia and the Great Mother Team.


My (Larger) Projects – 2018


Mother Gaia has asked me to organize the Webcast Series called the “Voices from Gaia” series. She wants the wisdom and insights from her beloved sacred ones who are outside of the realms of the two-leggeds/human spheres to come forward in a BIG way. (Dolphin, whales, Sasquatch and more… see other piece here in Newsletter.)


Gaia has also asked me to be the catalyst and Co-Host of the Gaia Wisdom Gathering bringing Indigenous Prophecy holders together to speak on the prophecies and how they relate to these chaotic times, plus to share on the wisdom ways.

— Dates: June 8 – 10.

— At Haverford College, just west of Philadelphia.

The other Co-Hosts are the World Council of Elders (Woody Vaspra and Catie Johnson), and Ashok Gangadean, a highly esteemed professor of philosophy at Haverford. Put it on your calendar!  (Plus we intend to live Webcast the teachings from these elders to the world at large over the weekend.)


Then the 1000 Goddesses Gathering will be taking place again on the Washington Mall on October 20th, 2018.


Plus all the smaller weekend events. Time for ceremony. Sleep. Some social life. More PLAYING!


And all that other good stuff.


You are welcome to make donations to support these larger events. I still live rather simply and am continuing to pay off the debt from the 1st 1000 Goddesses Gathering with sales of the Sacred Silk Veils.


More than anything as I write this, with the snowflakes drifting in front of me and the squirrels scurrying on the frozen ground of the neighbor’s yard seeking some food, I am grateful.


Grateful for amazing healers, mentors, friends, Mother Gaia, ceremony, a reliable old 99’ VW car, my landlady, my home… the list is long. Amazing chocolate, of course. Good long hugs. Friends with a good ear. The clients coming to see me for healings. The Spiritual Council from the other realms supporting me. The Great Mother team of Mother Gaia, Virgin Mary, Quan Yin, Mary Magdalene and more and more, it seems.



Sitting in stillness more and more and embracing the grace and goodness.


May we all know that we are surrounded by the Love, always. Everywhere. May we all discover the Love within us, that is our inherent beingness within our Higher Self. May we all find the healing we need to come fully into our Higher Self, to be Rebirthed too. As our Mother Gaia is rebirthed these days with the Ascension and New World coming in now.


Hugs, bigLove to all!




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