A Message from Mother Gaia on Justice, Healing & Oneness, 6/10/20


Messages from Mother (TM)

I, as your Planetary Caretaker, have carried deep sorrow for thousands of years because of how many of my two-leggeds have been enslaved along with been treated horrifically by other two-leggeds for far too long. Many of you have been tortured and lost your lives at the hands of others who were and still are living under an illusion of superiority and control.

I am celebrating your protests and swell of love and courage around the world, especially in the United States, as you speak your truth and demand justice and equality.

You are all my beloved children and have always been meant to live as equals in beautiful community in ways that all of your needs are met.

You are all helping to Birth the New Earth with your protests. Already police systems are being dismantled and many government and community leaders are stepping forward with alternatives that will…

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Mother Gaia Report, May, 2020


Messages from Mother (TM)

I don’t ordinarily share this type of information yet Mother is insisting that I do this so more can understand some of the amazingness happening on Earth over the past few months. This data comes from both her and several Cosmic Shamans with whom I work.

Mother wants all humans to know that there is a far greater plan afoot here on Earth with this Pandemic. This Pandemic is actually easing us gently into the changes coming in – compared with how this could be playing out.

There is no returning to “normal” for the human realms though. This is not meant to happen as “normal” was so destructive to Mother Gaia and the sacred ecosystems around the planet.

As most humans have been put into a significant “Time-Out”, Mother and many other seen and unseen ones who are in alignment with her are supporting and celebrating the rapidly rising…

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Mother Gaia teaches @ Money & Energy in light of all the Fears within the Pandemic

Mother Gaia teaches about Money, Energy, Community & Altruism.

Messages from Mother (TM)

The invitation to you at this time, my beloved Humans, is for you to remember how to live in Community again so that the needs of all are taken care of, as your Ancestors took care of the other sacred members of their Village in a Good Way. This includes being in Balance and Harmony with all Sacred Life around you and your communities.

You are all One, with Me as your True Mother. We are all One with Creator and all the other Sacred ones here and within the Universal Realms.

It used to be when your human Ancestors lived in small villages so close to my Sacred Land, that altruism was the way of being, and there was no currency exchange. The needs of All were taken care of within the village, by the village. If one went hungry, it meant that all were hungry. No one was…

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Have Hope! Brief Message from Mother Gaia, December 9th, 2019

Sharing — recent short message from Mother Gaia. xoxoxo

Messages from Mother (TM)

My beloved children,

Please, please have hope. Know that there are beautiful things happening on me, your Mother Gaia, beyond all the drama of your human societies. There are many spiritual beings continuing to come in from outside of the Earth’s multi-dimensional zones helping to activate all corners of me – the stones, trees, animals, and waters all over me.

I Love all of you so much! Please take heart and find time every day to connect with me and open your hearts to me. Open your hearts to the trees, the squirrels, all the waters that you use and drive by. You are One with all of us and we want you to remember this. Your ancestors knew this and lived it.

Connect with me by going barefoot outside. Yes, you can do this in the winter too! It is quite invigorating. Touch a tree and honor it while…

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Message from Gaia – These are the Times. 6/26/19

Sharing… xoxoxo

Messages from Mother (TM)

My beautiful children,
These are the times of intense energies both swirling around me, and within yourselves.
And Intense Love.
Calling for intense forgiveness of yourselves and the others in your life.
These are the times to go deep, deep and heal your inner woundedness, the emotional scars from your childhood, your past lives, your loves lost and more.

THESE ARE the times to remember how beautiful you are inside and out, regardless of your woundedness, and inner pain.

Please call on me, your Mother, to hold you in your fragile emotional states of pain and suffering, so that you can deeply release that sorrow, that despair, the dark, dark corners within you that are so yearning to be loved up, in spite of the terrible shadows of darkness they wallow in.

I Love your Shadowy wounds as much as I love your golden hearts and ways that you give…

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“Solstice is about PAUSING… with Love” 6/20/19

Message from Mother Gaia today… xoxoxo

Messages from Mother (TM)

Beautiful Ones – Message from Mother Gaia here —

Please release yourself from the Greater Spin. Please take a deep breath and be mindful of the propaganda as best as you can. Please slow down this Solstice week — the energies on the Earth, my sacred being, are at a significant PAUSE. It would be most wise for you to PAUSE too.

Not everything has to be done today. Not at all.
Somethings don’t need to be done at all. Check your priorities and where your energies are going.

Please PAUSE. BE Still… find your inner center and compass. These are intense times of intense energies, and Social Media is only amping up the intensity. (Not to mention ‘mainstream’ media.)

Honestly, I implore you to slow down and be more still. For my sake.


I LOVE you all so, so much, please come Home to me…
~ Mother Gaia

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Mare’s May 9th, 2019 Newsletter: “Recent Earth Shifts ~ A Changed Person after Australia & New Zealand ~ Gaia’s Oneness Grid”

Read “Recent Earth Shifts ~ A Changed Person after Australia & New Zealand ~ Gaia’s Oneness Grid” HERE.



Micklo Jarrett, Aboriginal Elder & Mare, after ceremony, April 21st, 2019. Bellingen, Australia.


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The Great Becoming

This is profound wisdom… enjoy.

The Lifepath Dialogues

This is the time of drawing together the threads of where you’ve been and what you’ve experienced. Typically, we all do it in one way or another. Unconsciously, we all agree upon this premise: The new year is a line of demarcation, artificial though it may be. There’s the thought of something new on the horizon, maybe more, some kind of movement and being refreshed, perhaps even stated goals. I almost cringe when I write that last word, a surface structure declaration having little to do with an evolutionary or revolutionary process ⎯ depending on your personal preference for rate of speed.

But what if you went deeper? What if you consider the deep structure? Determine if you’re presenting yourself to the artificial line of demarcation…or a true threshold. So that’s the first consideration and choice.

If you go for the threshold, you elected for the Great Becoming. I’d like…

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A Late December Note from Mare

Dear Beautiful Friends,

Tonight, during the winter holiday “pause” between Christmas and the New Year, I wanted to pause to send a note also.

First off, I want to send my gratitude to each of you for your support of my work with Mother Gaia and your love for her. I could never have known how adventurous this “Trust Leap” would become in surrendering to her in early June of 2012. Organizing events on the Washington Mall along with a Global Grid (1000 Goddesses Gathering & Global Grid that deeply activated Gaia’s Oneness Grid this fall), plus some other adventures, were never on my radar back then.

This year has been one of intensity, joy, surprises, expansiveness and some significant challenges. Yet at every turn, Mother Gaia and my Spirit Team continued to assure me that all would work out beyond my limited human perception that lapsed toward fear and doubt at times.

I recently posted on Facebook about how I felt as if I was being pushed beyond my comfort zone perpetually in this ever-expanding Trust Leap that I’ve been on since being diagnosed with lymphoma and surrendering to Mother Gaia in early June, 2012. So many people responded that they too were experiencing a new reality of living way outside their comfort zone.

I suppose this is the new normal and part of the birthing canal we are all in with this New Earth being born at this time. Truth be told, there are more than a few mornings when I am reluctant to emerge from bed, sincerely hoping that the overwhelming uncertainties that always seem more monstrous at that time of the day will sort out on their own, and I don’t need to “show up” to steward them through.

The miraculous thing is that the uncertainties continue to get sorted out in rather amazing ways. There were numerous times in the planning of the 1000 Goddesses Gathering when our small organizing committee had no idea how we were going to coordinate one more piece. Then the next morning, the right volunteer would appear with the exact skills we needed, eager and willing to take on that missing piece.

I knew that there was a powerful spiritual council in the multi-dimensional planes coordinating the Gathering and Grid. Little did I realize how much they were weaving the whole event as miracle after miracle took place.

Only two weeks after the Gathering was over, the same Spiritual Council behind the 1000 Goddesses Gathering informed me that it was now time for me to go far deeper and offer a year-long course called the “Great Mother Love Way”. I’m finding this to be a rather significant project, yet this Council continues to encourage me to keep on listening and trust, trust.

They have requested that I spend more focused time with them, tuning in to their guidance. They are the ones teaching this course, surely. I am only the conduit. They have informed me that they are taking care of me and I need to rest assured that my bills will be paid every month.

I did hear a very specific message from Mother Gaia on a walk the other day too. She asked that I continue to “Bring People Home to Her- to her Love, to her Sacredness, to all of our Sacredness”. This is clearly a part of the “Great Mother Love Way”.

I truly believe we each have the potential to be nodes of great compassion, strength and Light in these swirling times. I’m certainly doing what I can and am so grateful for all I have been gifted with to give me the strength and resources to help me continue to not only “show up” but hold sacred space as best as I can.

– Grateful for the donors and sponsors of the 1000 Goddesses Gathering, and other quiet supporters who send unsolicited donations to me for my work serving Mother Gaia. (I continue to weigh the option of creating a non-profit group. In the interim, if people do want to support my work, they can donate via PayPal to marecrom@gmail.com.)

– Grateful for the farmer across the street who allows me to walk his 250-acre farm.

– Grateful for the great kindness of friends and family who consistently buoy me when my self-doubt starts to loom rather large.

– Grateful to all of you who receive this newsletter and in small and large ways weave your love for Mother Gaia into a beautiful global tapestry of healing Love, so needed at this time.

Thank you!

Hugs, bigLove,

Ps. All of you are most welcome to download for FREE – Mother’s Love Cord Connection Meditation. Mother told me that it was time for all to access this. She wants each and every one of us to deeply, deeply connect with her and this meditation is a powerful way to do this.



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11/12/18 Message from Gaia @ California Fires. #GaiaTeach

A #GaiaTeach – A Message from our Mother Gaia – about the current California Fires burning in Malibu and Paradise. Nov 12, 2018. xoxxo

Messages from Mother (TM)

california-fire-gty-ml-181112_hpMain_4x3_992 Source abcnews.com

A #GaiaTeach – A Message from our Mother Gaia – about the current California Fires burning in Malibu and Paradise. Nov 12, 2018. www.marecromwell.com

Watch YouTube Video HERE.

[Note: where the video went funky in the beginning, I was talking about the 1000 Goddesses Gathering & Global Grid, 10/20/18, when we activated Gaia’s Oneness Grid. – http://1000Goddesses.net]

A Call to understanding that California is primarily a collection of Fire Ecosystem regions – dependent on Fire for ecological health. AND there is a far deeper picture here with humans manipulating the weather, influences from some darker aliens, Fear Mongering among those who are trying to block the full birthing of the New Earth coming in at this time, and more.

Mother Gaia is calling us back to the Wisdom, the humility, to living in balance on her. She wants us to truly, truly incorporate Systems Thinking into…

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