To Really Be – poem

July 2014, at Pickets Fort, WV. (c) Tim Dicke

July 2014, at Pickets Fort, WV. (c) Tim Dicke


To really be
in Sacred Space.
To allow the mind to quiet
and bask in a stillness of whole.
To sit at the altar, candle lit,
and connect with the Great Father
and the Great Mother, and the Divine Love
they send us, all the time.
This is it.
This is the world
beyond thoughts.
Only feelings of Sacred Compassion
that rest in the heart
and then ripple out, a gentle lake
of still kindness and gratitude
to the ones that created us.
So long, long ago.
And in this moment.
Sacred Stillness.
Quantum Love.

April 7, 2015

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The Humpback Whales’ Songs and Spiritual Work off Hawaii

beautiful ones…

i just posted over on the Messages from Mother website/blog about Humpback Whales and the spiritual significance of their songs… along with their ongoing call for us to connect with them with Love and Light. And bless our waters that we use with Love and Light.

It was prompted by a BBC video about these whales that swim and sing off the Big Island, Hawaii. The narrator said: “No one understands why the whales are singing.”

Sigh… which is total bunk since animal communicators and those of us who work with Earth Mother and the whales know…  The whales are telling us.

In any case, many, many are waking up and seeing, feeling and learning the messages of our beautiful whales, dolphins and other delightful companions in the Web of Life. And this is a good thing, and so needed in these “interesting” times.

hugs, hugs, bigLove to all,


photo by Jem Cresswell

photo by Jem Cresswell

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Go to the Great Mother – poem by mare

thank you, Herz Wolf. xoxox

thank you, Herz Wolf. xoxox

go baby turtle,
make it to that ocean…
go swim those thousands of miles,
and bring back messages of the tides,
the shifting, glowing moon overhead,
the ballet of juicy jellyfish gracing you.
please bring back more wisdom from
the Great Mother Ocean, and stay
clear of the nets, come back, lay
more eggs under the night’s
shield so many more of
you can hatch out on
that sandy beach,
headed back to the
Great Mother.

(c) mare cromwell
buckeystown, maryland
march, 21717

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Earth Mother Answers a Question about Weather Manipulation

So … I’m thinking of taking questions for Earth Mother and starting a weekly Q&A with her. I need to figure out a system for receiving the questions. In the meantime, here’s a start. See below…

Also, I’ve changed the look of that website/blog “Messages from Mother”... still playing around with it. Mother woke me up at 5:15am to work on this, this morning. Her style of getting me going on this work I’ve surrendered to her to do. Good news is that I did not get to bed too late.

Earth Mother Answers a Question about Weather Manipulation


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Great Mother Bible Indiegogo Campaign Launched! … & Radio Show – Tues 3/10

Dear Beautiful Friends,

I’m inviting you to help fund the printing and initial promotional costs of The Great Mother Bible, a book that Earth Mother specifically asked me to write with her (and the Great Divine Mother also) in November, 2013. This truly is a book to complement “The Great Father” Bible. (It is most humbling to share that.)

Most of you know me already. I’m a multi-award-winning author and nature mystic with an environmental background. I have studied for more than 18 years with Native American teachers and have two books published already: If I gave you God’s phone number…. Searching for Spirituality in America and Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother. Recently a rather gifted Native elder referred to me as “The Voice of Earth Mother”.

It’s been a bit of a saga getting the book finalized for printing but I am just about there. And you are invited to join me in this adventure of launching this rather auspicious book. I have created an Indiegogo campaign where there is far more information at this link: (There are some yummy perks too!)

And if your funds are tight, no worries. Please share this information. Ask your local library to carry the book. Send some good energy and prayers. It all helps….

Also, I will be interviewed by the amazing Nancy Ferrari tomorrow on her radio show, at 1pm EST. You can catch us at the link below –

Know that the show will be re-aired the following Sunday (3/15), same time, same network. Thereafter, the show will be part of her show list on iHeartRadio.

Come join us… !

Deepest gratitude,
Hugs, bigLove,


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Great Mother Bible Indiegogo Campaign to Launch Next Week – March 9th, 2015

Beautiful friends –
A heads up that I will be launching an Indiegogo campaign next week to help fundraise the printing costs of hard copies of “The Great Mother Bible”, along with some initial promotional expenses.

If you feel called, it would be a gift to receive your support, or sharing with others (or requesting that your library carry the book) or whatever you might be able to do to help launch this spiritual wisdom that Earth Mother has asked me to share, directly from her, in these interesting times.

Stay tuned… Hugs, bigLove to all of you for your beautiful hearts and presence in my life.

Note: the ebook is out already on Amazon and other venues (Nook, etc).

<3  <3


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Wake up to the Sacred: Salmon – Sacred Eucharist for NW Tribes

In Frederick (Maryland) last night, I went to see a set of Best of Films – from the American Conservation Film Festival with a friend​. Within the first film, DamNation, there was significant attention on the plight of the salmon with all the dams that block their capacity to swim upstream to spawn. It is a tragic story and the good news is that many spent dams are coming down – the focus of the film.

What struck me in the film were two things. One was that to the native peoples on the Columbia River (probably all Native people’s there who depended on Salmon so much), the salmon were their ‘eucharist‘. That is how sacred the fish were to them-the most sacred embodiment of the Divine. Imagine blocking people from entering their church to receive the Holy Eucharist. That is essentially what the creation of those dams did to the Indigenous peoples there.

The second thing that struck me is that the salmon who continue to return up the rivers (and I can’t remember which dam this was) are caught and killed by being beaten over the head. Then they are gutted open to remove the roe from their bellies. Thousands and thousands of them. The bodies are ground up for garden fertilizer, and young salmon spawned in hatcheries.

This is how the lives of these glorious fish come to an end in their majestic attempt to swim back upstream to where they sourced. Beaten over the head and sliced open…

I shake my head and wonder, once again, at the lack of any sense of the sacred and compassion and balance in the minds of those decision-makers who see the fish as nothing other than ‘things’. And the arrogance… yes, the arrogance…


Sockeye Salmon. Image from

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