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It’s 6:15am, Monday morning, July 29th. Once again I’ve been nudged out of bed very early (for me). I’m sitting in a friend’s beautiful backyard in a historic neighborhood in Denver. The small fountain in the garden pond trickles behind me as crows harass the with the great horned owl in the tree half a block away.

I really want to go over and just commune with the great horned owl but need to sit and write.

Yesterday was the last day of the International New Age Trade Show in Denver and I had the most magical and amazing time. It’s all becoming very clear why Mother told me to just go, foot the bill from my dwindling savings, and go. The organizers are telling me that my books are the buzz of the whole show. Rather wild and humbling. I’m deeply knowing, finally, that this writing habit and work with Mother that I do will carry me in all the ways I need to be carried… Nice to be at this turning point after all these years of doubt, and anxiety with this ‘profession of mine’ and (former) lukewarm sales.

At this event I met store owners from all over the USA and Canada, and there was overwhelmingly positive response to my book and spiritual work. It was so beautiful. I’ve been on a high for the past three days.

Some deep spiritual shifting took place this weekend for me. I knew in being here that I needed to be ‘full-on’ with this commitment to be a voice for Earth Mother in a way that I never had been. I’ve listened, done the writing, struggled through the months of book production, got to the point of exhaustion where I need to go on retreat, and fought my resistance to showing up and really going public. The book is sub-titled “or, I’d rather be gardening….” for a reason.

But the wonderful thing is that I don’t wish I’d rather be gardening anymore. I know this is what I’m supposed to be doing and when I really ‘own’ that, and step into it, then it’s fun and deeply peaceful and the energy I feel is so beautiful.

Very early on Friday morning, I was woken up by Mother and encouraged to do a spiritual journey, calling on all my guides and more spiritual guardians whom I don’t usually call on. But this was a big event and I needed them for support.

They encouraged me to lay down, in my spirit body, on a massage table (in the spirit realms) and worked on me energetically. After they worked up and down my body clearing out any soreness or stuck areas, they then asked me to visualize having an energetic casing around my spirit body with a zipper that went all the way down the front and back, starting at my crown chakra. I could sense that this was an ‘older’ spiritual skin of mine that was made known to me, and invited to shed as a snake sheds her skin. I was invited to unzip this casing starting at my head and just pull the old skin off completely and give it to them to transmute. I believe Earth Mother took it to compost, as she is so gifted at doing with everything (even if it takes her a long, long time).

I knew this skin represented my anxious, scared self that had taken over me for the past few years of writing, working with Mother so intensively as I mostly lived off my savings (that has continued to dwindle). The money piece was the biggest source of anxiety. This was the aspect of me that was so filled with self-doubt, and fear about being called to do this work with Mother and being public about it. I created so many layers of insecurities and resistance that it made me truly sick.

Having this spiritual experience though on Friday morning was significant. It’s as if I have shed this old part of me to step into being a beautiful priestess even more tapped into Mother and her great, great, divine love. Allowing her love to permeate each and every corner of my being, my cells and most importantly, my womb space, where my fears have sat the longest. I can actually visualize a doorway from my darkness into a sunny sacred knoll where a huge, glorious temple to the Great Mother/Goddess sits, awaiting my entry.

This was the energy that I carried with me all weekend and it was deep fun and very energizing.

Shortly afterwards, as I was setting up my table at the Trade Show venue that same morning, one of the organizers of the event came over to my table to specifically tell me that she had been learning about my work already and was quite impressed about it. She was certain that by the end of the weekend, everyone in the whole event would know of my books. She even encouraged me to make sure I spoke with one woman who buys for Books-A-Million, because she was confident that woman would want to seek out my books for their 250 stores.

I was blown away.

Then the next day I spoke with one of the board members for the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) that is partnered with INATS and it turns out he coordinates their awards program. He told me he had already been hearing of my work and said point blank “Please, please submit your book to our COVR awards for next year.”

That also blew me away.

I have to share some coinkidinkies too:
– Spirit Airlines carried me here…
– A huge rainbow appeared beyond the Trade Show venue just after I set up part of my booth on Thurs pm.
– On Sat evening there was a most auspicious owl sighting on the church next to my friend’s house in Denver. The owl has been hanging out for several months in the neighborhood, but you had to find her through the foliage in the tall trees most of the time. Last night she sat fully visible on one corner of the church roof, then hopped to a higher corner, then to a chimney top, and from there to the top rounded steeple. For a full 15 mins, she was just hanging out, regurgitated an owl pellet, preened, avoided the close dives of an obnoxious crow, and let herself be completely seen. My friend was astonished at how the owl just hung out so openly for so long. Finally as the sun was almost down, the owl quietly took off from the steeple for happy night hunting.

Was humbled and honored to have this experience… Thank you, Owl. And thank you, Mother…

Oh, a friendly raccoon and I had a face-off that same evening too… in my walk through the neighborhood after the 2nd day at the Trade Show. Cute, not so small ‘guy/gal’… Love raccoon medicine.

This has been a deeply transformative weekend being here.

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A Message from the Water Spirits in The Netherlands

Mare Cromwell:

To share… from my Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother blog…

Originally posted on Messages from Mother (TM):

I, Mare, arrived in The Netherlands on Saturday, June 13th to lead several workshops (on The Great Mother Bible and Earth Mother’s Appeal to her Daughters) and to participate in the Wisdom Gathering in Dalfsen.

My beautiful friend, Daan, who has been my event coordinator and host for this trip lives in Lelystad, a young village whose land has been claimed from the water only within the past thirty years. When I arrived in Lelystad and her husband Ton shared how their village was so young, I thought it was interesting but did not think that much of it. Though there was an off energy to the land there, kind of a subtle disharmony to the area but that could be for many reasons, so I mostly disregarded it.

Lelystad_sluice Image from Wikipedia

Later in the evening we went for a walk in her neighborhood which has some lovely walking…

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Our Personal “Song” & the Christ Consciousness – for Earth Mother

One of the ongoing messages I have received from Earth Mother is about my personal song and how can I be in a place of living more and more in my ‘higher self’. What I mean by ‘higher self’ is being balanced and sourcing from a place of deep compassion and connection with Creation and Mother.

When I connect energetically/spiritually with the Great Father, Great Divine Mother and Earth Mother, as is my practice these days, it feels as if my energy body gets infused with such a divine energy. Perhaps my aura is glowing more brightly. Certainly something shifts in my energy body and it feels quite lovely.

I deeply believe that part of shifting into a higher spiritual consciousness, call it connection, these days is a deep call to ask the Christ Consciousness to come into our hearts, our lives. I’m not talking about the “Jesus Christ” that fundamentalists have truly warped into something Christ was not. I’m talking about the purest Divine Compassion and Love that we can bring into ourselves by tapping the spiritual dimension where the Christ Consciousness sources.

What I have been told by Earth Mother is that she really wishes for us to connect with the Christ Consciousness and bring this Divine Love into ourselves and then ground it deeply into her. We need it to heal our spiritual woundedness these days. And she needs this for the changes taking place these days. It is healing for her too, and not just us.

I have discovered a piece of music called Pie Jesu. Many people know of Sarah Brightman, the tremendously gifted British soprano, and her various performances with a number of young boy sopranos singing it at different times. It’s such a stunning piece. Andrew Lloyd Webber composed this song in the early ’80’s and dedicated it to those whose lives have been lost along with so many who have suffered with the struggles in Northern Ireland.

The Latin words in the song translate to: “Sweet Jesus, who takes away the sins of the world, grant us peace.”

When I listen to this piece, I play it over and over again and it just sends me to such a deeply peaceful and spiritual place. It truly feels as if I am being surrounded by spiritual beings from the Christ Consciousness dimension and their energy is rippling through me and releasing any heart pain, any emotional dissonance that is keeping me from experiencing deep soulful peace. This song is such a gift.

I interpret ‘sins’ differently from how most Christians interpret ‘sin’ though. I understand ‘sin’ now  to mean it’s original definition of ‘missing the mark’ – the sound of the arrow when it misses the mark on the target … and if I ‘sin’ it means that I was not in my highest integrity in that moment. And not that ‘God’ is going to condemn me–at all. I no longer believe in any fire and brimstone spiritual condemnation, or being sent to hell or purgatory, or the existence of any judgmental ‘God’. I’m the most judgmental person of myself that could exist and Creator is not about that at all.

I embrace this song and the powerful spiritual energy within it.

Perhaps you, too, may feel this.

hugs, bigLove,


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Systems Thinking: Seeing How Everything is Connected

Mare Cromwell:

A well written essay on systems thinking by Christopher Chase… A way of thinking and living that could bring health and balance back into our culture. xoxox

Originally posted on Creative by Nature:

“Knowledge without deep comprehension, imagination and compassion is just a more complex form of ignorance. We need to shift paradigms, to grow wiser, all of us, especially the dominant cultures and civilizations. We are good at building machines, because we have learned to think mechanistically. Such thinking got us to the moon, but it’s never going to solve the social and ecological problems that it helped to create.”


Nowadays, most people seem to be aware of the ecological crisis facing our planet. We understand that our consumer lifestyles create toxic waste that pollutes the air, water and land. We understand that these come back to us and may account for the rise in health problems such as cancer, asthma and allergies.

We know that animal species are going extinct because of the forests we have cut down in order to raise cattle and grow popular “consumer” foods such as cocoa…

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The Circle of Courage – Native American Model of Education

Mare Cromwell:

I have such hope for our future when I think about how these values can be integrated into our current dominant culture. xoxox

Originally posted on Creative by Nature:

“Anthropologists have long known that Native Americans reared courageous, respectful children without using harsh coercive controls. Nevertheless, Europeans colonizing North America tried to “civilize” indigenous children in punitive boarding schools, unaware that Natives possessed a sophisticated philosophy that treated children with deep respect.”The Circle of CourageCircle Courage Long

“The Circle of Courage is a model of positive youth development first described in the book Reclaiming Youth at Risk, co-authored by Larry Brendtro, Martin Brokenleg, and Steve Van Bockern. The model integrates Native American philosophies of child-rearing, the heritage of early pioneers in education and youth work, and contemporary resilience research. The Circle of Courage is based in four universal growth needs of all children: belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity.

These traditional values are validated by contemporary child research and are consistent with the findings of Stanley Coopersmith who identified four foundations for self-worth: significance, competence, power, and virtue. These are summarized below:

In Native…

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Learnings from Hopi: What Is Your Blue Star?

Mare Cromwell:

I love Carla Woody’s work… deep wisdom and sharings here. xoxox

Originally posted on The Lifepath Dialogues:

Since 2007 Kenosis Spirit Keepers has been sponsoring Hopi Wisdom Keepers on my spiritual travel programs to reconnect with relations along their migration path from South America.* As much as it’s been spiritually meaningful to them, it’s been an extraordinary privilege for the rest of us on those travels to witness how they find proof in the common symbols, creation stories and even Indigenous language in Peru, Mexico and Guatemala, letting them know—indeed—those were their origins.

One of my favorite memories from Peru is when Harold Joseph met Don Miguelito, an Elder who only spoke Quechua. Yet Harold understood him. Another is when the reed serpent-shaped boats on Lake Titicaca excited Harold. He brought a replica home and showed it to his late father-in-law, the last Hopi oral historian of his clan. Char Joseph told me of her father’s response, “It made him so happy! It proved to him…

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A Talk with Writer/Mystic Mare Cromwell – Frederick News-Post, March 26, 2015

Originally posted on Messages from Mother (TM):

[originally published in the Frederick News-Post, Frederick, Maryland, March 26, 1015. http://bit.ly/1zv8qo3]

In Messages From Mother … Earth Mother, self-described mystic Mare Cromwell communicated directly with Mother Earth and wrote the book as part of her spiritual work. Because she was too uncomfortable to be upfront about her communication with the spirit world — sometimes referred to as channeling, though she prefers the term downloading — the book tells the story of Sarah who meets Earth Mother. Third person just seemed easier at the time.

But for her most recent book, Cromwell essentially transcribed the dialogue between her and Earth Mother and sent it off to be published. The Great Mother Bible: or, I’d Rather Be Gardeningwill be released by Pamoon Press on April 22 (Earth Day), and although Cromwell thinks some people in the area will be open to it, she’s still a little nervous.


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