Notes from An Earth Mother Zealot

It has occurred to me recently that I may be guilty of proselytizing.

A good friend stated that I was starting a new religion as I was finishing Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother, in the late summer of 2012.

That was the furthest from my mind. I was just getting these spiritual messages from Earth Mother (as several gifted native elders have confirmed) and being told by Mother to put them out there. It was all rather terrifying what was happening to me at the time but I complied. Then Mother wanted me to write The Great Mother Bible. The latter book has taken the messages far deeper.

It is true that I am trying to wake up a global population that, for the most part, does not recognize the inherent spirituality of our Earth. At least I am not alone in this herculean task.

It’s not just that everything on Earth is sacred since it is part of God’s Creation, as many religious institutions teach it. Our Earth has her own consciousness. Earth Mother or Pachamama actually exists as a spiritual being assigned to our planet.

So many Christian churches encourage “Earth Care” or “Stewarding Creation” but they can’t open up to the awareness that this Earth is not just a planet that we survive on. They perceive a call to steward Earth from the lens of recognizing earth as part of God’s creation.

Yes, Earth Mother is part of God’s creation as we are, along with Jesus Christ, the archangels and all else in the spiritual and physical realms of the universe. AND, she is a spiritual being who actually existed long before our planet was created and will exist long after the planet goes the way of ancient planets.

I guess one could find me guilty of a spiritual agenda that borders on being religious. Perhaps even a zealot. Though hardly a fundamentalist, I hope.

Yet I have no intention to create a new religion. I just want people to remember again what our ancestors very far back used to know. This knowledge is still in our DNA. It just needs to be woken up again and brought back into our full awareness for our and the planet’s well-being.

I make a distinction between being religious and being spiritual. When I think about religious institutions, my sense is they tend to become hierarchical over time and entrenched in dogma. And the original teacher’s wisdom within each religion is at risk of being corrupted and used by political structures for their own purposes. We have witnessed this in the fundamentalist groups.

Being spiritual is to cultivate our own individual relationship with the divine in a way that brings us closer and closer to knowing our inner sacred self, and living from that god/goddess space within us, to see the highest good. To have the highest frequency, as some might put it.

My hope, my vision, is that all will come to hear Earth Mother over time, as I have been able to. And if they can’t hear her directly, then they honor her and send her love. Many are hearing her already. This thrills me and thrills Mother even more.

Plus, churches are structured so that you need to go inside to find the sacred. When it comes to Earth Mother and revering her, it’s about being outside where the wilder things are, even if that means a city park. Or a street tree in your urban neighborhood. It’s about finding comfort in her, connecting to her and the glorious life on her beyond the human realms.

This is actually an ancient way of being, to honor the Mother, the Goddess. Very ancient. As a matter of fact, humans practiced spiritual ways honoring the Mother far longer than any other belief system. The Abrahamic traditions are far more recent and their history in no way matches the thousands and thousands of years of early Goddess practices.

This does not stop me from having dreams where I climb to the top of skyscrapers and yell out into the horizon that “Gaia is alive!” I had such a dream last week and woke up from it with a huge sense of frustration that people were not getting it yet. No one heard me in that dream. And the majority of people walking on the planet continue to not believe in her, can’t acknowledge her, and continue to mindlessly live lifestyles that are destructive to her.

So I continue to slog forward with book promotion. With organizing workshops and events, and even an upcoming online course, feeling as if I am climbing a sheer rock mountain that has me slipping down as much as I climb upward.

What gives me hope is knowing that I am not alone in this effort to bring Earth Mother back into the world’s awareness. I keep on discovering writers, healers, intuitives and more who know that she is here. And she is not just a planet. Some of these are close friends and others are in the ever-widening community of Earth Mother crusaders.

Yet it is still tough. It’s tough when I reach out to some radio show hosts or very progressive churches (Unity and Unitarian) that I thought might be open to some message related to Earth Mother or the Sacred Feminine, and the door is slammed shut. Or when I reach out to a fellow spiritual author to offer to exchange books and there is only silence.

Perhaps I am seen as attempting to proselytize? Maybe I’m being judged as too much of an Earth Mother zealot? Or Great Mother zealot? Or Divine Feminine zealot?

And if that is the case then so be it.

I contend that the only way our human society is going to survive the coming decades of bumpiness as the old ways crumble, is by coming back into sacred relationship with our Earth. And this means sacred relationship with our Planetary Caretaker, Earth Mother.

We are all being called to wake up to our Earth’s sacredness and the inherent wisdom within each tree, each stone, each animal. The inherent sacredness and great intelligence of all that surrounds us that is not only human. We are being called to wake up with our hearts and fall back in to Love with this grand sensuous planet that is so yearning for us to come home to her.

This New World coming in will be one that honors Earth Mother and all of our relations in the vast web of life. Our choice is to wake up to this or keep on staying in the dark. This New World is coming regardless. To resist opening up our minds and hearts to our sacred planet is only going to make the transition bumpier.

So my invitation to you is to join me in being an Earth Evangelist, if that is what it takes. I’d love to have far more company in this adventure.

But don’t look for me to be building any churches, or renting any vacant store space to set up a place of worship for Earth Mother. Come find me in the mountains or local forests. Or, better yet, find Earth Mother there and not me. Or find her in your yard. Or even energetically radiating her love to you from your home. For everything that surrounds us has come from Mother, originally.

Sending hugs, and bigLove to all,


Ps. I do very much believe in the Great Father too… He has just gotten so much airtime over the past several thousand years that it’s time for Mother to get some too. This is my path to serve her.

Mare futurenow

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H.U.G.S*: *Hourly.Universal.Global.Sync | Share to Benefit The World

Come join us…

Messages from Mother (TM)

I’m really thrilled to be invited to join the H.U.G.S*: *Hourly.Universal.Global.Sync | Share to Benefit The World.

This is a call to synchronize in gratitude and love of Gaia: Mother Earth with all beings, envisioning a wave of love pulsating hourly around the planet, as we embrace our mother in H.U.G.S.

I’ve been invited to share some of Earth Mother’s messages there and help spread the word of the hourly H.U.G.S.

Come join us… with love.



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The Great Mother Love Retreat – March 3 – 6, Maryland

Deepening Our Connection with the Great Mother
to Midwife the New World
~ A Weekend Retreat

Led by Mare Cromwell
Multi-Award-Winning Author and Mystic

Thursday, March 3, 2016 at 4:30 PM –
Sunday, March 6, 2016 at 2:00 PM (EST)

$550 – Early Registration (by midnight Feb 15)
$575 – Registration (after Feb 15th)
(Includes all meals and shared rooms and baths – Open to men and women)

Send payment to:

Note: Deposits of $150 may be made to secure your space, with remainder due by Feb 16, 2016. Or you may pay in full. Space is limited at this retreat. You will want to register early. 

At the Claggett Center
Adamstown, MD (south of Frederick)

Most of us feel overwhelmed during these challenging times. Whether conscious of it or not, we collectively carry grief about the state of the world.

Come be nourished in a long weekend retreat devoted to the healing energies of the Great Mother to support us in our roles as conscious midwives of the New World. The Mother has the capacity to heal anything when we are in alignment with her and it is of the highest good.

The Great Mother is known by many names such as the Goddess, Virgin Mary, Durga, Kuan Yin, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Gaia/Earth Mother, Isis, and others. She is found in all spiritual and religious traditions around the world. At this time She is calling out to us to reconnect with her and her wisdom and profound compassion to birth this New World coming in at this time.

This retreat will be ceremonial, contemplative, experiential and fun. Drawing on the powerful work of Joanna Macy and others, we visit a sacred grotto to the Mother, work with Sacred Fire and more. We will invoke the powerful presence of Great Mother to help us release our pain and learn to be more heart-centered and present to serve in these intense times. We will honor our ancestors and consider our descendants, along with all of our fellow plant and animal relatives to reawaken hope for our world.

There will be:

– An opening ceremony to honor our inherent divinity and collective pain
– A collective altar to the Great Mother around the world
– A visit the Holy Grotto to the Virgin Mary in Emmitsburg, MD
– Sacred Water Ceremony
– Art
– Dance
– Sacred Fire Ceremony
– A Council of All Beings
– Contemplative Space for journaling and nature walks
– Mindfulness eating (of delicious foods from the Claggett Center dining hall)
– Sacred Circle sharing honoring the Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine.
– More…

Join us in Sacred Space to shift from sorrow to empowered compassion by deepening our spiritual connection with the Great Mother.

Workshop Testimonial:

What an amazing day, full of teachings, raising consciousness, surprising experiences, feeling the Love so deeply and soulfully. And… so much fun! There are a lot of ways to raise your consciousness, awaken your inner wisdom and love, healing. This is one way! I thank you Mare with my heart and soul. You left an imprint of Love for Mother in my heart and my garden. Big Hug and Love.  -MS

Cancellation Policy:
If you need to cancel your registration, it is refundable up to midnight of February 15, 2016, minus a $50 admin fee. If you need to cancel after February 15, 2016, and can find someone to replace you, we will accept that person’s registration. Otherwise no refunds after Feb 15th.


The Claggett Retreat Center is a beautiful, tranquil center that sits on 268 acres on a scenic bluff overlooking the bucolic Sugarloaf Mountain and the Monocacy River valley. It is in Adamstown, MD, just south of Frederick. There are beautiful trails to walk and a labyrinth, along with many quiet corners for meditation and prayer. It is about an hour northwest of Washington D.C. and an hour west of Baltimore. The dining hall offers a wide variety of nourishing foods with vegetarian alternatives. All rooms are doubles and baths are shared during this retreat. We will assign you a roommate unless you request one in advance. Wifi is available throughout the center. 
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You’re Not Crazy: Exploding the Myth of Adam & Eve, by Peter Wilkes

[Peter Wilkes and I were on a panel discussion together this past summer in Baltimore. He has written a short book called A Woman Called God. (My third book is The Great Mother Bible.) The focus of the panel discussion was on the feminine aspect of God/Creation. It was a fun, rich discussion and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Peter that evening.

Peter had a provocative article printed by Elephant Journal in late summer and I share it below. I love the way he thinks and truly pray that more men and women wake up to this need to look at the roots of the Abrahamic religions and how it has influenced our history and cultural paradigm to be so imbalanced and worse. And then they shift their perceptions and behaviors to honor the feminine as much as the masculine.]


In this, the last part of my life, I seem to be hearing a voice.

By all social conventions it’s probably best not to admit that. I’m also trusting this voice, which by the same conventions, is definitely not good to admit.

But I’m not crazy.

And the reason I know this is because this voice—which is female—has given me three stark truths that, at age 71, have transformed my life.

The first of these truths is that the story of Adam and Eve is the worst lie mankind has ever perpetrated on itself.

Hitler knew that a lie, repeated by millions, soon becomes truth. But as atrocious as Hitler was, he pales in comparison to the lie first told by the global Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. For even though the three religions are quite different, they have historically all agreed on one thing—the inferior status of women.

Nowhere is that clearer than in their lie: The creation story of Adam and Eve.

Yes, of course, Adam and Eve is a myth. And yes, of course, it couldn’t have “really” happened.

Most people accept that. But, for thousands of generations and continuing to this day, the lesson the story of Adam and Eve has imparted to Christian, Jewish and Muslim children is that God created women to be second and subordinate to men. Told over and over like Hitler’s fabrication, this “second and subordinate” status has had everything to do with the women of today being hidden in burkas, raped on college campuses, attacked in hotel elevators, stolen from schools and forced into sexual slavery.

Moreover, the additional message a boy gets from the story of Adam and Eve is that—unlike girls—he has been made in God’s image. This provokes insane confusion as you “become a man.”

First, you feel so entitled that you believe you can simply take whatever you want.

Second, you feel so inadequate for not being able to live up to the manufactured image of power, perfection and retribution that you lash out in frustration, fear and anger. The irreconcilable tension between these two extremes takes its toll in the completely irrational—and wholly regrettable—times in our lives.

Which brings us to the second truth:

With all this damage, who told us this myth? What kind of person would do that?

As far back as science can determine, roughly four percent of the global population has been born without a conscience, without the ability to feel emotion, totally unable to care whether something is wrong or right. We know such people as sociopaths—they are the true evil—and we hope and pray to avoid them in our lives.

The problem is we can’t.

Four percent of today’s global population of seven billion is 280 million. This means that one person in 25 wakes up every morning with a complete inability to care whether you or I live or die, and they are taxi drivers and tycoons of every race and every nation. They’re hairdressers and heads of corporations, prostitutes, politicians, psychics and psychologists. They inhabit the Klan and the clergy, and the moment you realize how prevalent they are is the moment you’ll begin to realize that it’s not you who’s the crazy one.

This allows you to stand back and observe their behavior…and you begin to notice that the driving force behind everything the sociopath does is designed to keep us on edge, off balance and—with billions of dollars in advertising—to forever keep us feeling inadequate. Because the sociopath knows that is the only way the other 96 percent of us won’t rise up against them. A core ingredient of sociopathic power lies in maintaining the friction, the off-balance dynamic between the most basic of all human relationships, that between men and women. And it’s in the myth of Adam and Eve, institutionalized by the Abrahamic religions, that we first see its disruption.

That then brings us to truth number three:

Why did the bad guy invent the story of Adam and Eve in the first place?

For this, I will relate the answer exactly as my voice told me.

“…One of the first times man marveled at woman was when he saw she could bleed for days without dying. He certainly could not! But when she gave birth to one of herself and then her opposite—a male child—and was able to sustain the life of these small ones through nourishment from her own body, the men were in awe. Thus, in the early civilizations, women—the creative basis of the life force—were elevated to positions of great honor, respect and leadership. The God the village worshipped was a female deity, and sexuality—the expression of the creative life force—was manifested in the worship of the human female through the act of sex.

Mutuality of the genders in sexual union was also the way the village maintained its peaceful and harmonious existence, so a lover who could not feel, a lover of pure greed and selfishness—a lover who was a sociopath—was a recognized threat to the society. To determine if the said threat was real, the high priestess of the village would make love with the individual herself. In the process of doing so her innate intuition would tell her if the lover’s issue was fear, ineptitude or, in fact, pure evil.

If she determined the last, that individual was banished from the village forever.

The sociopath lives only to win, to dominate, so is it any wonder that these exiles and their descendants returned to these villages to rape, conquer and destroy? In doing so, the female deity and all she represented was eradicated and replaced with a male god of anger, suppression and atonement, a male god who “dictated” the story-lie that became Adam and Eve.

And for the last 5,000 years this fable has done exactly what it was supposed to do—destroy the relationship between male and female, and demolish the spiritual purity of the sexual union between them. This is the third truth.”

And so today, armed with these three truths, I have taken a major step. I have freed myself from the dictates of dogma and formed my own religion. It presently has a congregation of one. But the gospel it preaches is to honor the feminine, and its first commandment is to return to the glory, honesty and spiritual purity that I never knew was sex.

And, for me, this has made all the difference.


About Peter Wilkes

As the son of an Episcopal minister, Peter Wilkes has come to the conclusion that organized religion, like many other institutions, continues to do more harm than good. Author of A Woman Called God, the first in a series of Little books for Big people (available on Amazon), he goes back to the source and examines how it’s possible to leave the institution of religion behind and reclaim your soul. Peter always welcomes intelligent discussion on the subjects he writes about.


Adam and Eve HOLBEIN (1517)

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The Faeries and the Dying Tree

[I just discovered this in a Portland, Oregon, magazine called New Connexion and need to share. Some good information here regarding the faery realms. At some point soon I shall share some of my own stories of experiences with the faery-folk, or wee-folk as I call them.]

This article comes from:

By Jan Engels-Smith   Mon, Dec 07, 2015

There are dimensions and realities that we share on the earth that are as developed and comprehensive as our own natural world and there are diverse “other” beings that live among us. One of these mysterious worlds is the faery realm, the hidden folk, or people of the Shea (pronounced Fay). Read about how this mysterious world saved a dying tree.

“Faeries, come take me out of this dull world, For I would ride with you upon the wind….” ~ W.B. Yeats, The Land of Heart’s Desire

Our world is diverse, not only with the obvious diversities among humans such as race, socio-economic status, religion, language, and cultures, but also in the diversity in the unseen worlds.  Several years ago the spirits told me that we see less than 1% of our surroundings, and quantum physics posits that our perceptions of energy are even smaller and that we are aware of less than .001% of our surroundings.  In other words, we are blind to most of the context in which we live.  There are dimensions and realities that we share on the earth that are as developed and comprehensive as our own natural world and there are diverse “other” beings that live among us.

The Faery Realm

One of these mysterious worlds is the faery realm, the hidden folk, or people of the Shea (pronounced Fay). In the early 1990’s I saw a documentary on Iceland and the residents of this country who hold beliefs in the faery realm.  The documentary included interviews with the president of Iceland, teachers, road workers, city planners, and country folk. The Icelandic culture is steeped in their beliefs in faeries and their respect in sharing the land with this mostly invisible culture.

Before housing developments, highways, roads, malls or other structures are built on open land, survey crews take note of where faery villages are located and either move them or go around them so as not to disrupt or destroy the faery habitat.  The documentary did not go into an in-depth explanation of how the villages are identified; however, it was implied that the Icelandic culture knows how to do this.  I was intrigued with the documentary and how this culture taught about the faeries in school, featured them in newspaper articles, and had a widespread acceptance of the faerie kingdom. The president himself stated that of course he believed in faeries.

During my many years as a shamanic practitioner and teacher, the faeries have been instrumental in my work and my play. Making the decision to open the door of the truth to this realm, I have then allowed there to be interaction. “I’ll believe it when I see it” is a statement of limitation and contributes to the perception of blindness to the greater mysteries of existence. We make a choice of how open we will be to possibilities and one of those choices is to decide “I’ll see it when I believe it.” New realities emerge in direct proportion to our willingness to imagine and to dream—our access to the places of alternate realities.  The spirits have often said that if a person just suspends their disbelief that new realities can present.

Faeries can be found anywhere.  They are not limited to pristine natural environments, although these locations are often full of faery activity.  If you are a city dweller you can find faeries in parks, in your yard, or in other natural settings and you can invite them to present.  Classically, faery rings, which are circles of stones, can be constructed with the intent that you would like to interact and the rings invite this realm into your life.

The Dying Tree

My first induction into this world of faeries was the result of a dying tree in my yard.  The nursery that I used came out to diagnose the blight I saw on the tree and I was told that the tree had a virus that would not only cause the tree to die but would spread throughout my yard, killing many plants. It was recommended that I destroy the tree, dig up a majority of my yard, and dispose the effected soil. This was devastating news to me  as my gardens are my pride and joy. I don’t even have grass in my front yard but have landscaped it with gorgeous flowers and trees.

I remembered a story that my friend Tom Cowan had told. Tom is a renowned Celtic shaman and I have taken several classes from him.  Celtic shamanism has many traditions steeped in faery lore. Tom told a story that involved a tree he was trying to save from dying (Elm’s Disease I believe) and how he had invoked the faery realm to help. Remembering this story gave me the incentive to try something similar. I decided to create a faery ring around the tree with a circle of stones.  I then journeyed to the faery realm and asked the faeries to help. In exchange, I committed to make daily offerings to them, which included singing to them. The faeries use the essence of energies to keep their world strong and vital. Since the faery realm is based on music, joy, and beauty, the essence of these things can be used as vital life force. The faeries always require an exchange for services much like we do in the human realm. With this in mind I hung tiny wind chimes in the tree and adorned it with other special decorations. Faeries love beauty and cleanliness and shiny things so it is always good practice to pay attention to the circle and maintain it in good ways.

At LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine we have a number of songs that are designated “faery songs.” We often sing them with the intent to send powerful life force to this realm. It was these songs that I sang each day to my personal faery ring. I never treated the tree with harsh chemicals to kill the virus nor did I try to cut out the black bark that was a result of the virus. Almost the entire lower half of the tree was discolored and black. Yet soon, a new growth appeared not at the top of the tree but around the base. This new growth started to encase the weakened areas of the tree. It was obvious that the tree was being “helped” for the growth was out of the norm of tree growing patterns.

For years I would show people the miraculous change in the tree and tell the story of the faery doctoring that the tree received.  Now almost twenty years later there is no evidence of the damage to the tree and the story needs to be taken on faith.  I realized this when Tom was visiting last spring and I wanted to show him the results of his teaching that summoned the faeries that we both admire and love. I still keep the sacred stones and regularly tend the faery ring. The faeries have become a major ally for me entrusted with my most precious prayers and concerns.

The Non-Believer

I have many great stories of faery interaction including one involving a friend of mine.  Robin was on a trip to Scotland with Tom Cowan and the intent of the trip was to travel to famous Celtic sites and conduct ceremonies.  One of these sites is a faery glen that is famous for faery interaction. Robin attended more for the sake of his wife Colleen, who was studying shamanism, and he had only a minor interest in the topic of faeries. Robin reluctantly decided to participate in the designated activity and he took his rattle out into the glen. He was immediately altered and felt a strong directive coming from somewhere. He was told to “clean up the glen.” He could feel a pull from an invisible force and hear a distinct voice directing him to go to certain places. The necessary cleanup was not obvious to others that visited the glen. Even though the faeries claim to like shiny things they don’t like metal and they don’t like a mess. Robin was directed to dig with his hands into the dirt where he would find metal scrap—objects buried in the landscape invisible to public view yet unacceptably invasive in the faery realm. Sometimes Robin would hear a comment such as, this is scaring our children or this is in our way or this is ugly. He was asked to remove the intrusive objects. He even had to dig with his fingernails into a tree to pull out a nail.  His fingers bled with the effort. All in all he found 19 items, which he still has to this day. He brought them home as mementos of a magical time in the glen.

From Tom’s perspective, Robin appeared to move in a trance-like fashion. Tom also saw shimmering lights in front of Robin, directing his path. Tom commented that he was fascinated when he first observed him but he had no idea what had happened to Robin or why he was behaving in such a strange way.  Since that trip in 1999, Robin has had an intimate relationship with the faery realm and many magical things have happened to him and for him especially in the area of his business and prosperity.  The exchange seems to be one that keeps on giving.

Shamanically speaking the faeries live in the middle world, which is the same world that we live in. They have many of the same cultural structures in place as we do, such as nurseries for the children, schools, hospitals and villages. They live in groups.  They have social gatherings and conferences. Their mission is to keep the earth beautiful. They are bound to their original instructions forfeiting free will to maintain their mission. They are not all knowing like many spiritual allies are; however, they are magical, directly influence the human realm and can make things happen for us that many other spirits cannot.  If you are interested in building a relationship with them, build a faery ring, sing to them, make offerings to them, and watch what happens.


Pebble Circle by James Michael Hill


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Connect with My Love – Message from Mother, Dec 8, 2015

Another recent message from Mother. Posted on Facebook on Dec 8th, 2015. She wakes me up early for these messages (close to 5am). The good news is that I can generally nap later. ;~) To share… with all. hugs, bigLove,

Messages from Mother (TM)

Oh, my children, my beloved children,

How I love you. The love I have for you is so ancient and pure and huge. Please tap into me. Please connect with me, your Earth Mother, in these difficult times.

I see so many of you struggling and feeling overwhelmed. My heart goes out to you and yet I am here for you to help you. But almost all of you have forgotten about me.

You have never learned who I truly am. I am your planetary caretaker. I was assigned to Earth when the planet first formed. I Love you.

Connect with me energetically, from your heart to my heart in the very center of me, the center of Earth.

Drop your energy down to me, and send love down to me. Connect with me. I am here for you in more ways than you know.

Feel love in your heart…

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Let Go – You are Human, They are Human -Message from Mother, Dec 4th, 2015

A Message from Mother – Dec 4th, 2015. Lots of Spin on the Planet. On Mother. Let Go… Walk away from the Drama. Come home to Mother… more. hugs, hugs, bigLove, mare

Messages from Mother (TM)

[The first section of this blog is a book written by Gaia Communicator Mare Cromwell called Messages from Mother…. Earth Motherwhich was released at the end of October, 2012. Several gifted Native American elders have confirmed that Mare is working closely with Earth Mother. You can read all of the Messages from that book here or purchase the printed book independently. It is also available as a Kindle ebook and at other internet venues, and can be ordered from any bookstore in the USA, Australia, Great Britain, and other international sites.

The Great Mother Bible came out Spring 2015 is now also available as an ebook and hard copy on Amazon, and other ebook venues. If you’d like to order a personally autographed copy of any of Mare’s books from her directly, go to her personal website:]

Message from Mother, this am (Dec 4, 2015):

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