Go Gently, My Children – Message from Mother, Nov 25, 2015

Mare Cromwell:

Another message from Mother – for the Holiday Season…
hugs, bigLove, mare

Originally posted on Messages from Mother (TM):

My children, my beloved children, go gently into this holiday season. Be gentle with yourself.

You are all my children, even your family members.

Remember all any of you are seeking is love and acceptance. Compassion. That includes your family members too.

I am always here for you.


I love you all so, so, so much. So much more than you can ever truly know. Now go off and be gentle.

~ Mother


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Email – Earth Mother Sounds Like the Virgin Mary

Mare Cromwell:

To share… an email exchange this morning with a reader…

hugs, bigLove to all,

Originally posted on Messages from Mother (TM):

So, I just sent out that recent message from Mother on 11/18, and received this email yesterday:

Do you subscribe to the messages given by the Holy Mother at Medjugorje?
Your message here is so similar to the ones the young lady receives there.
Really speaks to the universal truth in the messages.


This was my response to K – sharing here. Mother wants me to share this more broadly.

Hi K,

I am talking with the Mother also… Via Earth Mother.

That is why the messages are so similar, however Earth Mother is calling her children back home to loving the Earth too. A message that is slightly different, and very important in these interesting times.

Your email does touch me deeply. I have been to Medjugorje with my very Catholic father and others. Many years ago, in the early 90’s.

The Mother is so…

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Be Peace, My Children – Message from Mother, Nov 18, 2015

Mare Cromwell:

A Message from Earth Mother this morning… On Being Peace. And more.
hugs, bigLove

Originally posted on Messages from Mother (TM):

HaroldBlum-LilyReflection photo (c) Harold Blum

Mother’s Message to the World

November 18, 2015

Oh, my children, my beloveds, know that you are living in times of great shifting. Know that a New World is being born of a much higher set of frequencies at this time. The energies are rolling into me and across me to manifest this more and more.

It is time for you to heal your darkest emotional patterns, and your wounded inner child. It is time for you to come to love yourself in ways that you might never have thought possible. The deeper the love you have for yourself, and self-forgiveness, the greater calm joy you will be bringing forth in your life.

As you raise up this calm joy from a place of stillness and acceptance, the more you will be a beacon of healing energy for others around you. This is so needed in…

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Whales – Falling into the Earth, Music Video, Wisdom

Mare Cromwell:

To share… A stunning music video with a message — The Whales are very aware, globally, of what is going on around the world on the land. xoxox

Originally posted on Messages from Mother (TM):

This is such a beautiful video for a musical piece. I work with the whales spiritually, journey with them. They have been teaching me how to sing with them in the ocean. Such beautiful, beautiful beloved, highly intelligent and spiritually evolved beings here, who serve Earth Mother.

There is such truth in this video since the whales do know what is going on all over the world spiritually. They are far more aware than most realize. They don’t need to be flying over the cities and desert. They already know without having to physically leave the ocean.

Such magnificent creatures, fellow beings here on Earth. And they are calling us to remember the sacredness. And to offer Love and Light to the waters we use … all waters of the planet. From our drinking glass, to when we wash the dishes, flush the toilet – even, to our local streams…

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Messages from Sasquatch – Highly Intelligent Keepers of Mother Earth

Mare Cromwell:

From the highly intelligent and evolved Sasquatch. Yes, they exist and have been great mischaracterized for far too long. xoxoxo

Originally posted on Messages from Mother (TM):

This is a story that has been kept confidential (except for a few very close friends) for over a year now. But it’s time for me to share it, plus more. Mother is asking me to share this now.

In the winter of 2014 while I was in the “cave” writing The Great Mother Bible, something odd happened one night. I believe it was in February that winter, after I had been hunkered in with the wood stove and Mother listening and writing (and hanging out on Facebook a bit too much) for more than a month.

Late one night a strange stench came into the house where I was renting. It was similar to a skunk smell but different, and I found it rather offensive. It was not anything I had smelled before and was suspect in my mind. A gifted intuitive friend of mine who I was…

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RIVER ~ ’74 & ’14, Poem by Peter Pilley

photo from Peter Pilley

photo from Peter Pilley

Do I know where I am, or even
When he, she, anyone were last
On the same stretch of the river?

There is energy enough in the water
To answer these questions,
To take me back and forth.
The warp and weft of time.

Summer and winter come and go.
See the sense of season.
Sleep naked of reason.

The waters stray through fingers.
Willow leaves lie languid.
Sustenance is gained
From above as from below.

Royal fisher, kingfisher,
A bubble in your wake awoke
No quest, answer is before.

I do not call these spirals.
The river finds its own level.

Time hovers.
Young love’s stasis.

Summers and winters
Come and go

In a stitch in time
Are born new clouds
That might glut glebe
Fresh in the morning
Of a ploughman’s nightmare
Old soil is new soil
In the dark seed’s eye.

Sleep naked of reason.

When I was last this way
Void crashed in to stay.
When I was last here,
The net gain was fear.
But the hellhounds have lost my spoor,
And love sweet love waits at my door !

~ Peter Pilley

[Peter Pilley is a new friend of mine from Facebook land. He lives in Bournemouth, England, and has the warmest smile in his FB pic. I would like to meet him some time in person and give him a big hug for the huge heart he has… that I can feel all the way over here on the other side of the pond. Thank you, Peter, for gracing us with your lovely poetry and presence in the great soup of FB land. xoxoxo and hugs… hugs… ]

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Earth Hearts ;~)

In going through my files as I was getting some images for a care package for a rather sick Native elder I’m close with… I discovered a bit of a collection of Earth Hearts. Really fun… !

I think Hearts and Earth Mother go hand in hand.

Err… Heart to Heart. For that is Mother’s message… She wants us all to come back home to her, and her huge heart in the center of the planet. I assure you it is there. I feel it every day. It is very real… Mother’s Love is absolutely huge. Absolutely…

Hugs, bigLove to all!

~ mare

ps. it’s perfectly fine with me if some of these images are photoshopped.   ;~)

source - Facebook

source – Facebook


Heart shaped dandelion

Heart shaped dandelion

Animals and floral design forming heart

Animals and floral design forming heart

Heart-Shaped Cloud

Heart-Shaped Cloud

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