Some Winter 2014 Humor … ;~)

Some Winter 2014 Humor... ;~)

Some Winter 2014 Humor… ;~)

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“The Living Sacred Whole” – Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee

“We are not here on Earth to be alone, but to be a part of a living community, a web of life in which all is sacred. Like the cells of our body, all of life is in constant communication, as science is just beginning to understand. No bird sings in isolation, no bud breaks open alone. And the most central note that is present in life is its sacred nature, something we need to each rediscover and honor anew. We need to learn once again how to walk and breathe in a sacred universe, to feel this heartbeat of life. Hearing its presence speak to us, we feel this great bond of life that supports and nourishes us all. Today’s world may still at times make us feel lonely, but we can then remember what every animal, every insect, every plant knows — and only we have forgotten: the living sacred whole.”

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Patapsco Park, Late Winter 2014, (c) Tim Dicke

Patapsco Park, Late Winter 2014, (c) Tim Dicke


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Maryland Winter, March 2014 – Photo by Tim Dicke

Late Winter in Baltimore County, Long Green Pike. (c) Tim Dicke

Late Winter in Baltimore County, Long Green Pike. (c) Tim Dicke

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On Suffering is Not Necessary to Grow Spiritually – Excerpt, The Great Mother Bible

Just posted another excerpt from this work-in-progress at this page on the Messages from Mother website/blog…

Hop on over… ;~)

Big Love to all!



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Listening to the Earth Mother – 5 Star Review

[am reposting a recent review of Messages from Mother.... Earth Mother from it's Amazon page... most humbling to receive such beautiful reviews...]

Listening to the Earth Mother

Cover Design by Robert Shelley of Shelley Designs LLC

Cover Design by Robert Shelley of Shelley Designs LLC

February 2, 2014
We live on a gift – a planet that is beautiful beyond words; abundant, obviously beyond our comprehension.

Yet, it is a gift that asks much of us in return for that with which it graces us.

It is a gift for which so many seem so ungrateful; so many plunder without thought, without grace, without caution, without thought for either the planet or for coming generations.

Mare Cromwell brings us a delightful, so needed, so beautiful conversation in her Messages from the Mother. A young woman, Sarah, is pained because of a boyfriend’s decision. As many of us do, her pain takes her to the park, to nature. We instinctively know that we are a part of nature, even if in our over stressed daily lives we often forget that. There is still that part of us that knows our environment is there for us, close to us, healing for us if only we immerse ourselves in it.. In working with veterans of war each day, I constantly recommend that they spend time in nature to help heal themselves and her. I highly recommend this book to those who have suffered the destruction as soldiers and the planet in war. It will help them find peace.

In her search for understanding, for healing, for peace, young Sarah comes upon a woman, a wise crone if you will, dressed not for Fifth Avenue but in tune with nature. As their conversation develops over time, Sarah becomes aware that the woman with whom she is speaking is Mother Nature, speaking of the needs of her, of our, planet.

Mare’s book arose from intense spiritual experiences. When we listen, truly listen, nature will speak with us. One of the things that so touched me in this book, in this world where fracking, pipelines, water, climate change, and GMO’s are major issues, was the Mother speaking of us digging into her body, into her bones, for power – destroying our land, endangering our future – when the sun, with its intense energy, available to be easily and non-destructively harnessed, shines so brightly above us. Her body, her bones – our home, our only home.

Mother Nature points out to Sarah the uncountable forms of life on our planet – those extinct, those viable which so depend for life on what we do, or don’t do.

Messages from the Mother is a book that is gentle and in its gentleness lies its immense power to open hearts, souls, and distracted minds to how we need to reevaluate how we live on our planet. To date our footprint has been terribly heavy. Just north of the Gulf here we are aware of the ongoing destruction to the environment from the oil disaster, from the natural gas disaster this January, to the creatures, to the people, to the land, to our very way of life.

If we open our eyes, look at the weather, we have to see the reality of climate change we have wrought. Louisiana just closed down a few days because of the icy weather to which we are not accustomed, nor for which are we prepared. If you seek a better way, a way of living in harmony with the planet, Ms. Cromwell’s lovely book will help you on that path.

Sit down with Mother Earth, listen, touch nature and know you are a part of something so immense and wonder filled. It is up to us, each one of us, to protect her, to protect ourselves and coming generations. This book is a wonderful place to learn that lesson as it is presented with so much love. After all, all is in the choices we make.

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A Tickle of Summer … in Winter

(c) Tim Dicke

(c) Tim Dicke

So, they are calling for another snowstorm, maybe blizzard, here in Maryland on Monday. Two days from now. Personally I’m welcoming it since it is another prolongation of winter and more time to plow through this current manuscript – The Great Mother Bible.

On the other hand, it is nice to know the seasons will turn eventually and we will have more flowers and butterflies and even some bees… yes, our beloved bees too, welcoming us in the coming months. It will happen. The Winter of 2014 will end eventually. It is true.

Until then, we can anticipate those warmer months with some photos to remind us.

Thank you, Tim Dicke… Deep gratitude to you for reminding us.

blessings, blessings, Big Love to all…

ps, I think it’s an osteospermum flower… but don’t quote me on that. ;~)

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Wisdom of the Geese & Working Together – poem by David Whyte


I was just doing some writing this morning for this current book, The Great Mother Bible. Putting some some reflections on how it can be a beautiful thing to work together in committees, groups where the ego is set aside and control issues are not dominating. And I was reminded of the wisdom of the geese. This is a place of woundedness in me as I’ve been in some very dysfunctional group situations and contributed a bit to the dysfunction too… I’m not a saint, by any means. I’d like to think I’ve healed from some of my old patterns though. Mostly healed at least.

I’m being guided to organize a Great Mother Wisdom Gathering in early September, (9/12-9/14) and I’ve been resisting forming a committee just because of my woundedness around group process. And eventually I know I’m supposed to land on some rural property to create a center called The Great Mother Center for Love and Healing. Yowser, big projects. Not small. Big. But I’m trusting all will fall into place. All of it will.

This was some of what bubbled up from the Great Mother voice:

Mother: No, my love, none of you are meant to try to do it all yourselves. You went to look at that property for sale on Sunday. And after you drove away and felt so overwhelmed by the prospects of that land and how you were ever going to find the resources to purchase it, or anything like it … remember the geese? Remember seeing the geese flying off over the corn fields when you stopped at the convenience store? Remember how you knew in a heartbeat that was a message to you to learn to work with others, come together in community with others, in such a way as the geese do it. Sharing… no ego. Relieving the one at the lead. No squabbles. No claiming the pedestal. None of that. Geese are very wise. Their ways are wise ways. It is good to follow their example.

Then I rediscovered this poem I had stored away on my computer desktop. Been meaning to post this on the blog for a long time. David Whyte is such a beautiful soul. And gifted poet. So gifted.


We shape our self
to fit this world
and by the world
are shaped again.

The visible
and the invisible

working together
in common cause,
to produce
the miraculous.

I am thinking of the way
the intangible air
passed at speed
round a shaped wing
holds our weight.

So may we, in this life
to those elements
we have yet to see
or imagine,
and look for the true
shape of our own self

by forming it well
to the great
intangibles about us.

~ David Whyte ~
(House of Belonging)


Blessings, and Big Love to all.

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