Message 7 – About Conflict and Soul-Woundedness

In light of the Orlando killings and more chaos rampant these days…
An excerpt from “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother”, my 2nd book.
hugs, bigLove to all, m

Messages from Mother (TM)

[The first section of this blog is actually a book called Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother released at the end of October, 2012. You can read all of the Messages here or purchase the book with the first thirteen Messages at this page. It is also available as a Kindle e-book and at other internet venues and can be ordered from any bookstore in the USA, Australia, Great Britain, and other international sites.]

Mother: Sarah, it’s another lovely day here! I’m so glad the weather is nice for our visit today. Then again, I did arrange for that. Never mind. Okay, I don’t know if you found a joke but I heard one the other day that I love. Here goes: What is the difference between snowmen and snowwomen?

Sarah: Gosh, Mother. I have no clue. Their noses?

Mother: No … SNOWBALLS!

Sarah: I…

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Excellent News from Granny, the Orca Whale – Global Waters Are Healing

Some very positive news about our Global Waters, from Granny, the orca whale in the Salish Sea. Read on… xoxoxo

Messages from Mother (TM)

Some who have read The Great Mother Bible may remember one of the final chapters was a message from Granny, the 105 year old orca whale in the Salish Sea. Mary J. Getten is the gifted animal communicator who has been relaying Granny’s messages to the world via her books and blog (and generously gave me permission to use that particular one in the book).

I was overjoyed today to read this most recent communication from Granny dated January, 2016. It gives me such great hope to know our prayers and water ceremonies are making a difference in our global waters. Read on. (From Mary J. Getten’s website for Global Water Healing.)

January, 2016 – Granny

Mary: There were 8 calves born in the past year, 5 to J-pod. This is more than in any year since the 1990s. I asked Granny about this and she said,

Granny: We…

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Message from Mother: I Can Help You with Your Pain … Connect with Me. Love You!

Mother asked me to post this yesterday on Facebook. She is there for all of us to tap into, to connect with during these chaotic times … read on. xoxox

Messages from Mother (TM)

[Mother asked me to post this yesterday on Facebook. It is written in the third person, not from her but from me. But it is from her. Sending love, hugs, and peace out to all of you during these troubling times. xoxox]

Beautiful ones,
(feel free to share… xoxox )
If you feel overwhelmed by the news, the terror, the fear, please, please, for your sake and those around you, go outside and find a more natural area to walk in and find tree to hug. Go outside and ask Mother, Earth Mother, to take your grief, your sorrow, your pain, if you feel overwhelmed.

She can take it.

Please don’t let FB and the news media keep you spinning. It is just more fomenting of the spinning going on and we can all be pulled in so easily. So many are.

Please take a break from FB and the…

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Mother’s Message, 6/10/16, Please Send Love & Light to the USA Political System

Mother has asked to step into some work rather outside my comfort zone, but I have surrendered to her, so here is part of it. Sending hugs, bigLove to all… mare

Messages from Mother (TM)

Message from Earth Mother, this morning, Fri, June 10, 2016.
(Pls Forward… )

My children, my beautiful children, how I Love you so, so much.

This is a different type of message than anything I’ve asked Mare to share so far.

My children, did you know you are all Lightworkers? Did you know that all of you have the potential to tap into my Love and the Love of the Christ Consciousness to be beings of Love and Light in every moment of the day?

And if you feel some moments of anger, rage, jealousy and other heavier emotions, acknowledge them, feel them as deeply as you can (without hurting anyone, including my beloved trees, animals and more), and then release them. Please don’t fall into a wallow of self-criticism, as best as you can. I forgive you for them. Please also don’t hold onto them, as best…

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Whoa – Email from a Dutch Reader of “The Great Mother Bible”

honored and humbled to share this…
xoxoxo m

Messages from Mother (TM)

Opened up my email this morning to read this. What fun!  Yay that The Great Mother Bible is touching more readers, even in other countries. Yay!!   xoxoxo m

Dear Mare,

This week ive been “speed” reading your book. Wednesday evening I started with the first chapter. And that night I woke up at 05:50 in the morning, which is unusual since I usually wake up around 08:00, and I was fully energised and when I asked myself what to do it said “meditate, then read”.

So that morning I read the first 5 chapters😀.

And everything that is written vibrates with me on such a deep level. The part about aliens, about the great mother and great father and great mystery, the akashic records, the christ conciousness.

I’ve read small bits and pieces of this information, but seeing it all layed out like this, it has inspired me so…

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Time to Jump In! 6.4.16 Msg from Mother

Message from Earth Mother this morning. It’s time for us to step into our fullest most authentic powerful self to serve the highest good.
hugs, bigLove to all, mare

Messages from Mother (TM)

Message from Earth Mother this am:
It is time to jump in. With both feet. Eyes Open. It is time to shed your fears, your insecurities. It is time for you to remember my Love and the Great Divine Love of Creation. It is. You are all so powerful. So much more powerful than you know. Shed your cultural conditioning of guilt and fear of stepping into your most authentic powerful selves. Shed these heavier energies. You don’t need them anymore, and they’ve been burdening me for way too long.

I Love you all! Dance, shed, drum, cry if you need to. Cathart with art. Oh, I like that one. ;~) I Love you all. It’s time to full on bring this New World in with joy and fun, and I’m helping you all. Tap into me. I’m here for you! So, so much love for you… So much!


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Re-Introducing Pal’kana- Birthing Goddess

To share… a recent spiritual experience with an ancient Birthing Goddess who wants to be remembered again, and for women to call on her who are giving birth. (Or those who support women who give birth.) hugs, bigLove, m

Messages from Mother (TM)

There are so many spiritual experiences I have that are not recorded nor shared other than hopefully in my journal. Yet I need to share this one. And introduce (or re-introduce) a rather ancient Goddess who showed up in my life about three weeks ago. She wants more pregnant women to tap into her and ask for her support in their birthing process. A rather wild thing.

The only way I can justifiably share this story is because several very gifted healers, who were attending the Mother’s Blessingway that I was leading (in Pennsylvania), experienced her later that day too. This Goddess is not my imagination. And she truly wants to be known again and invoked for women giving birth.

It was a Sunday morning and I was in front of my main altar doing my morning connecting with Creator and Earth Mother, the Great Divine Mother and other beautiful…

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