6/20/18 #GaiaTeach-Message from Gaia @ Solstice – Be Still, Come Home, LOVE! (YouTube)


Messages from Mother (TM)

A video #GaiaTeach (on YouTube)– A Message from our Mother Gaia – about the Solstice and Stillness during the Solstice that she invites us to experience. And she calls us to shed the Layers, and come Home to her (she does exist!), and take in her healing LOVE that is so huge.

Click HERE (to watch Video)


A Call to Wisdom, being still, calm the frenetic ways, do ceremony to the Solstice energies and to Mother, and come home to Mother Gaia’s tremendous Love for us. It is time to remember our Sacred Mother Gaia and Wake Up, and be Pro-Active Mid-Wives to the New World! Mother loves all of us so, so, so much.

Downloaded by Gaia Priestess and Communicator (Multi-Award-Winning Author & Healer – and former worm herder) ~ Mare Cromwell.

Hugs, bigLove! Mare

(Note – I was in a bit of an altered state talking with…

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I Pray — and Call Out to the Great Mother, Divine Feminine Councils and more… 6/29/18

I Pray – And –
Call out to the Great Mother, the Divine Feminine Councils in the Spirit Planes, Mother Gaia, Virgin Mary, Oshun, Isis and more –

All those serving the Highest Good for Divine Plan Alignment, for the 1000 Goddesses Gathering and all other Women’s events taking place on our Sacred Earth at this time.

I ask for your support, your love, your healing energies to envelope all of us who are grappling with hurt, pain, confusion, rage and other types of suffering. Suffering from the mistreatment by others, perceived or real. Suffering from a lack of access of water, food, shelter, safe homes from turmoil and worse. Suffering from losing a loved one in war or the streets, or even a terrible tragedy at home.

I ask that all of us, all of our sisters and brothers be supported from the highest and broadest spirit planes to come to heal our deepest, deepest wounds so that we can all know Peace and Compassion within. And manifest Peace around us.

I call on the those in the highest spiritual realms to bring all global conflict to a halt, from debates on Facebook to the awful warn-torn areas in Syria and other corners of the globe. Please help humans release the thorns from their hearts, so that we humans can truly know what LOVE is. What Peace is. What Harmony is. What Community truly means. What compassion truly means.

Please beautiful ones, in the Spirit Realms, hear these prayers. Touch our hearts deeply, help us release the river of sorrow beneath the tentative smiles that we carry.

There is a New World coming in at this time that is calling for all of us to heal, on all levels, so that we may truly be living in Joy, Abundance, Goodness and with a deep, deep sense of the Beloved within us and around us.

I ask this. I pray for this.
And invite all to join me and Mother Gaia in this prayer.
To light a candle over the weekend, today and perhaps again tomorrow and the next day again. To call for Peace.
To call for Understanding.
To call for Safety.
To call for Spiritual Healing energies from on high, for all of us here on our Sacred Earth.

Including the four-leggeds, six-leggeds, eight-leggeds, winged ones, finned ones, slithering ones, all in the plant kingdom, all the Sacred Beings here on Earth.



~ Mare Cromwell


(Artist unknown. I would love to find this artist. Thanks!)

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5/27/18- Message from Gaia @ 2nd Ellicott City Flood , Maryland (Extreme Weather!)


Messages from Mother (TM)

Click below for this latest #GaiaTeach on YouTube:

A #GaiaTeach – A Message from our Mother Gaia – about the (2nd!) massive flood in Ellicott City, Maryland, Sun, May 27, 2018.


ellicott-city-flood-july-31-2016-3-CREDIT-Scott-Weaver 2016 Ellicott City Flood, Photo by Scott Weaver

A Call to Wisdom, incorporating Systems Thinking in our land-use planning, the energetics of our thoughts, emotions and actions, the role of Elementals in the Weather patterns, and to wake up, wake up back to the Oneness, and to Mother Gaia’s tremendous Love for us.

It is time to come HOME to Mother Gaia and Wake Up, and be Pro-Active Mid-Wives to the New World! Mother loves all of us so, so, so much.

Downloaded by Gaia Priestess and Communicator (Multi-Award-Winning Author & Healer) ~ Mare Cromwell.

Hugs, bigLove!


For more information about Mare’s books, Webinars, Gaia Meditations, etc.: www.marecromwell.com

For ongoing Messages from Earth Mother and Mother Gaia:…

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Message from Pélé, Tues, May 15th

Sharing … most humbling that I have been able to communicate with Pélé also…

See May 15th Newsletter from Mare – Click HERE.

Messages from Mother (TM)

I actually connected with Pélé this morning and recorded a message from her @ what is going on with her on the Big Island in Hawaii. That was a first. Rather wild. Mother Gaia piped up too.

Plus, plus…

Humbling… to surrender and serve at this level. humbling.

For the sake of expediency (since I’m juggling a bit here, as most of us are), you can read the message in my latest e-Newsletter.

Life is ever the adventure. Oh, my…



pele artist unknown

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A Message from Mother Gaia – regarding Pélé and the Big Island (Kilauea Volcano)

Message from Mother Gaia this am re: Pélé, Kilauea Volcano.

Messages from Mother (TM)

Beautiful Ones –
A Message from Mother Gaia – regarding Pélé and the Big Island (Kilauea Volcano):
Things have started to calm down on the Big Island with Péle´in the past 24 hrs. A significant Spiritual Team both on Earth and Off Earth have been working on this, along with some very gifted Lightworkers (in the human form). Pélé is in a better place now than she was two days ago.
It is most wise to not get caught up in the fear and chaotic spin of so much in the media and to trust in the great spiritual forces that are moving Ascension along here on our Sacred Earth. And to release the fear that blinds you and paralyzes you so much these days.
I would like you, my beloved two-leggeds to spend far less time on Social Media, and go outside and spend time with…

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Global Water Healing Ceremony & Meditation, 2/2/18, Recording Available

“All of Nature is sacred yet each space has its unique meaning and healing application. Water is the Source of all Life.” ~ Anonymous

On the first Friday of every month there is a global effort to send healing prayers to the life giving waters of the Earth with a guided meditation. I was honored to lead the Global Water Healing on Friday, Feb 2nd, 2018, and you can listen to the recording HERE.

Mary J. Getten initiated these monthly Water Healing Prayers after a request from Granny, the matriarch Orca Whale who lived in the Salish Sea but passed in late 2016. Granny is asking all of us to send Light and Love to the world’s waters to help support the whales, dolphins and all the sacred life in waters all over the world.

The conference phone number to call is (USA) 641-715-3580, access code 158090#. If you are calling from Canada and have trouble getting through, please call 781-838-3757 and then enter the phone number and access code above. For international callers, go to the website to access those numbers.

The Global Water Healing website is rich with channeled messages about the waters of Earth, as well as archived recordings from the past three years’ worth of meditations. 

Mary J. Getten and the monthly group welcome anything you can do to help us spread the word.

We hope to hear you on a future call, or feel your presence in spirit if you are unable to be with us in the physical. Just joining us energetically for even five minutes can make a difference.

Thank you for your love and caring!

Sign up to receive email reminders for these upcoming Global Water Healing meditations by contacting Mary J. Getten.

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What’s Going on With Men? The Mother Wound as the Missing Link in Understanding Misogyny- by Bethany Webster


[This is a copyrighted piece written by Bethany Webster. I’m only sharing the beginning and encourage you to follow the link below to read the rest. There is important information here. I don’t agree with all she shares about the role of us women in these dynamics, but that’s another conversation.]

What’s going on with men?

With this massive wave of brave women coming forward with disclosures of sexual harassment across many industries, many of us, men and women alike, are grappling with the sobering reality of rampant misogyny. As a culture, we’re left to ask questions like, why do so many men have the impulse to disrespect, hate or violate women? Where does that really come from? And how do we stop it? 

As an internationally recognized expert on the mother wound in women, I’m often asked to speak about the mother wound in men. At this time of mass disclosures about sexual assault, I wanted to write a piece exploring how the mother wound is the missing link in our understanding of misogyny. In this essay, I’ll examine how boys develop in the modern world, the unprocessed anger below the surface of the lives of men, the role of privilege and the inner work that both men and women can undertake to transform our situation.

Oxford dictionary defines misogyny as “dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.”  To understand misogyny we have to explore the first relationship a man ever has with a woman; with his mother.



Some food for thought related to this article above — Shared from a friend in response to this same article:

What I find is TRULY MISSING from all these articles, and even in the following quote” Misogyny is a son’s outwardly projected rage on a mother who was unable to protect him.” by~ Gabor Maté, is the ABSOLUTE REFUSAL OF THE FEMININE to see that a man’s rage at the feminine began with his mother who abused his masculine energy when he was a small boy. The “mother was not able to protect him “BECAUSE IT WAS SHE WHO was stealing his energy, and keeping him emotionally controlled and small.

And she did this because SHE didn’t feel “enough” to love herself, or maintain a healthy relationship with “her man”. So let’s stop blaming the grown man for the abuse heaped on him before he was old enough to remember. Lets help him heal THAT wound, and lets help the women heal from their neediness, and find the worthiness and love within, so they can stop stealing from their little boys and punishing every man who displays wounded behavior.

Let’s have some COMPASSION for ALL the wounded little children inside all of us, stop permitting the attitude of “victims rule”, and support everyone, regardless of physical gender, to reclaim wholeness, innocence and integrity, and GROW UP!! so we can reclaim our planet before it is to late to save.

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