Wake up to the Sacred: Salmon – Sacred Eucharist for NW Tribes

In Frederick (Maryland) last night, I went to see a set of Best of Films – from the American Conservation Film Festival with a friend​. Within the first film, DamNation, there was significant attention on the plight of the salmon with all the dams that block their capacity to swim upstream to spawn. It is a tragic story and the good news is that many spent dams are coming down – the focus of the film.

What struck me in the film were two things. One was that to the native peoples on the Columbia River (probably all Native people’s there who depended on Salmon so much), the salmon were their ‘eucharist‘. That is how sacred the fish were to them-the most sacred embodiment of the Divine. Imagine blocking people from entering their church to receive the Holy Eucharist. That is essentially what the creation of those dams did to the Indigenous peoples there.

The second thing that struck me is that the salmon who continue to return up the rivers (and I can’t remember which dam this was) are caught and killed by being beaten over the head. Then they are gutted open to remove the roe from their bellies. Thousands and thousands of them. The bodies are ground up for garden fertilizer, and young salmon spawned in hatcheries.

This is how the lives of these glorious fish come to an end in their majestic attempt to swim back upstream to where they sourced. Beaten over the head and sliced open…

I shake my head and wonder, once again, at the lack of any sense of the sacred and compassion and balance in the minds of those decision-makers who see the fish as nothing other than ‘things’. And the arrogance… yes, the arrogance…


Sockeye Salmon. Image from animals.nationalgeographic.com

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One Planet. One Home.


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An Authentic Single Valentine’s Message

Being totally authentic here … it’s a day of Lovers. Of Love. Primarily self-love, yes? For it is from that place of self-love that we can only truly be present to love another… To find that soul-depth romantic love that is possible between two.

And I’m in a funk. So from this place of funkiness, I am sending gratitude out to the World, and telling all of you beautiful ones, that I’m working on it… Valentines Day is a day when most of us who are single feel pinges of incompleteness. So we may gift ourselves with chocolate or roses and imagine that “Lover” off in the horizon.

When truly the Lover is inside us, waiting for us to discover that within. And then there is the Creators Quantum Divine Love too… Is this not enough? Most days, yes.

Yet, today I’m feeling human and funky. And sending love out to all of you.

And on that note – here is a bouquet of bacon roses. Thank you to my good friend, Ben Madrid, for this image. Perhaps gifting myself with bacon roses is as good as real roses?  (Had to throw that in there… ;~)  )


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Magic Behind The Great Mother Bible and the Mother Messages – WOW

Surely there is something behind this book The Great Mother Bible that is so beyond me… way beyond me. I mean, I’ve known this since I received the first spiritual message from Mother when she told me I was to write this book. But this continues to be validated as the book comes out this month. (Not to mention the magic behind creating Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother too.)

I ordered a whole bunch of bumper stickers that say “What Would Earth Mother Do? (TM)” about 3 weeks ago and when I opened the box, I realized I put the wrong URL. It was really late that night and I was bleary-eyed to put it mildly. I requested the company print: “messagesfrommother.com” – which is not my website. My website is “messagesfrommother.org”. I tried to claim the “.com” one in the summer of 2012 but it was already taken.

So there I was $170 out of pocket with some really cool bumperstickers–with the wrong URL. What could I do but try to contact the owner of this website since he/she was not using it? It was just parked in the internet ionosphere.

After an email explaining my situation and tight budget to this domain owner via the domain service he/she used and no response, I made some calls last Thurs, and finally tracked down a man in the Ottawa area and left him a message and sent him an email, per his website.

To my amazement, this very open-hearted man shot back a very short email later on Thurs, and encouraged me to relax and trust that he’d help. On Fri he sent me a much longer email and told me part of his life story and openness to communications from Spirit, and essentially has loaned me the URL indefinitely. Now all hits to http://messagesfrommother.com will go to my .org website — indefinitely!

He also told me that a psychic told him that this URL will be worth $1M at some point in the future. He bought the rights to it up to 2021. So he’s holding onto it but letting it forward on for the time being until … whenever!

A number of people have told me this book The Great Mother Bible is going to be absolutely huge… really huge. And that I’m supposed to become some really famous author (not so sure about all that – still rather be gardening).

All I can think of is that perhaps this writing, this downloading of spiritual messages from the Great Mother and Earth Mother is really worth more than money could ever really quantify… (as in greater than $1,000,000) and this man and I were supposed to connect and perhaps collaborate on some web work or… ? He seems to be some sort of technology guru. I dunno… At the very least he is generous enough to allow me to use the domain on an amazing loan.

All I know is that this is another gift from the Great Beautiful Mysterious Realms, and I’m not complaining.

Nope.. I’m just working on keeping my heart open, and staying as grounded as I can and celebrating the mystery. The Beautiful Mystery.

Oh, and the man’s business named is something along the lines of  “Technology Magic”. Go figure.



<3 <3


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Mare Interview on WomenTalkLive

I was really humbled and honored to be asked by Ann Quasman to be part of her series of “inspiring and fabulous woman”. Not exactly sure I am all that, but it was a good exercise to think about her questions and respond to them in as eloquent a manner as possible. Read on… 


WTL 5: Meet Mare Cromwell

Thursday, January 29, 2015

wtl5_ponderFive provocative questions answered by an inspiring and fabulous woman – a woman with something to say.

photo taken by the most wonderful and magical Marcia Wiley. xoxox

photo taken by the most wonderful and magical Marcia Wiley. xoxox

Mare Cromwell is a multi-award-winning author and nature mystic. Her first two books are Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother and If I gave you God’s phone number…. Searching for Spirituality in America. Her next book: The Great Mother Bible will be out in late January, 2015.

Mare received her Masters in Natural Resources from the University of Michigan and has worked internationally in the environmental arena. She has also studied with Native American teachers for eighteen years and currently sits on the World Council for Wisdom Gatherings. She organized the Great Mother Wisdom Gathering in the fall of 2014 and is known for Divine Feminine, Sacred Earth, and Sacred Silliness events. Mare is also a former worm herder. 

People would be surprised to know that: There is a lily species named after me from the very northern part of Kenya. I was an intern at a research center on Mt. Kulal during a college program in Kenya in 1980. We had a very minor plane accident in a tiny plane in the desert just south of Ethiopia. The researcher discovered a new lily species while we were marooned there overnight. Years later I learned he named it after me.

The WTL 5:

What’s the conversation that changed your life? 

Three conversations come to mind. The first was a phone call three weeks after graduating from college. A National Park Service ranger called to invite me to work at the bottom of the Grand Canyon for three months. I was there five days later. The second was a Cherokee medicine woman pulling me aside and telling me I needn’t be so hard on myself since Creator loved me exactly as I am. The third was a doctor telling me I had lymphoma (which I’ve since conquered). These were all life-changing moments that have steered me.

What are you most conscious of today? 

I’m conscious of a society where we need more hugs. And a planet that needs a major hug. We need to release our fears of those whom are different than us. We need to heal our relationship with Nature and understand the awesome brilliance and sacredness of all life around us. We need to shed our human arrogance in our perceptions of the world and come to know there is mystery that scientists will never be able to fathom. We live in a multi-dimensional universe and we’ve wandered away from the Quantum Divine Love that underlies all of it.

What part of you have you yet to give voice to? 

I have been giving voice via the writing I’ve been spiritually called to do. Now it is time for me to shift from being a spiritual recluse and actually speak more publicly. I’m a mystic and these gifts have terrified me, this capacity to hear trees and tune into the consciousness of our planet. (Earth Mother really is a powerful spiritual being assigned to our planet billions of years ago.) Mother wants me to speak for her and this is not your normal vocation, by any means. I’m finding the courage each day to step into this.

What’s the conversation women need to be having collectively? 

I believe one particular conversation needs to be about who we are as sacred women who have the capacity to weave our energies together collaboratively. The patriarchal paradigm has encouraged us to see ‘power’ from a masculine lens. Yet we women hold a power in our wombspace that is about the ancient wisdom of circles and knowing the needs of all need to be met, not some. We can tap this feminine power to bring forth balance and healing. We also need to include men into our circles and discussions far more often. They are feeling left out.

What needs to be said bigger, louder, stronger? 

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. The Hopis stated this in a profound message to the world. If we seek justice, we need to create it. If we seek a healthy environment and healthy foods, we need to live these values and support this realization within the personal, regional, and political spheres. There is a new world awakening these days and it will take the courage and compassion of women and men to birth it. This is a sacred world with so much hope for our children and grandchildren but we have to manifest it collectively.


Thank you, Mare, for sharing your powerful voice
with WomanTalk Live


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* Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science – WOW!

Well – this is quite remarkable and gives me great hope for our culture and the New World coming in at this time. This appeared in my email from a new friend who sends out an “eclectic” e-newsletter, as he words it.

We are living in a time of great change and shifting from strictly 3rd Dimensional thinking and operating to 4th and 5th Dimensional ways of being. We’re being pushed to grow, change and evolve to these higher vibrational ways of being, whether we like it or not. Those whom are resisting are not serving the Highest Good of the planet, our beloved Earth Mother, and are at the root of much of the chaos circling the planet right now.

It would be really amazing to think that the mainstream community of scientists could open up their minds and research to incorporate these dynamics of psi phenomena, Near-Death-Experiences, and other evidence of the multi-dimensional planet and universe in which we live — indeed, an actual multi-verse. This would surely open up the way for Earth Mother’s New World in a more graceful and beautiful way.

This gives me great hope!


hugs, bigLove,


Pps, pls share widely….

Pps. Apologies for some odd formatting. I just copied and pasted this.

 From: EXPLORE – The Journal of Science and Healing

September–October, 2014 Volume 10, Issue 5, Pages 272–274


Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science

Mario Beauregard x

Mario Beauregard

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, PhD, Gary E. Schwartzx

Gary E. Schwartz

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, PhD, Lisa Millerx

Lisa Miller

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, PhD, Larry Dosseyx

Larry Dossey

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, PhD,

Published Online: July 02, 2014

From its inception, science has continually evolved because of a fundamental reason: the accumulation of empirical evidence that could not be accommodated by entrenched views. The resulting changes have often been minor, but sometimes they have been titanic, as in the quantum-relativistic revolution of the early decades of the 20th century.

Many scientists believe a similar transition is currently required, because the materialistic focus that has dominated science in the modern era cannot account for an ever-increasing body of empirical findings in the domain of consciousness and spirituality.

The following Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science by a group of contemporary scholars and researchers attempts to visualize what an emerging scientific view may look like.

Larry Dossey, MD, Executive Editor

We are a group of internationally known scientists, from a variety of scientific fields (biology, neuroscience, psychology, medicine, and psychiatry), who participated in an international summit on post-materialist science, spirituality, and society. The summit was co-organized by Gary E. Schwartz, PhD and Mario Beauregard, PhD, the University of Arizona, and Lisa Miller, PhD, Columbia University. This summit was held at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, on February 7–9, 2014. Our purpose was to discuss the impact of the materialist ideology on science and the emergence of a post-materialist paradigm for science, spirituality, and society.

We have come to the following conclusions:

·        1. The modern scientific worldview is predominantly predicated on assumptions that are closely associated with classical physics. Materialism—the idea that matter is the only reality—is one of these assumptions. A related assumption is reductionism, the notion that complex things can be understood by reducing them to the interactions of their parts or to simpler or more fundamental things such as tiny material particles.

·        2. During the 19th century, these assumptions narrowed, turned into dogmas, and coalesced into an ideological belief system that came to be known as “scientific materialism.” This belief system implies that the mind is nothing but the physical activity of the brain and that our thoughts cannot have any effect upon our brains and bodies, our actions, and the physical world.

·        3.The ideology of scientific materialism became dominant in academia during the 20th century. So dominant that a majority of scientists started to believe that it was based on established empirical evidence and represented the only rational view of the world.

·        4.Scientific methods based upon materialistic philosophy have been highly successful in not only increasing our understanding of nature but also in bringing greater control and freedom through advances in technology.

·        5.However, the nearly absolute dominance of materialism in the academic world has seriously constricted the sciences and hampered the development of the scientific study of mind and spirituality. Faith in this ideology, as an exclusive explanatory framework for reality, has compelled scientists to neglect the subjective dimension of human experience. This has led to a severely distorted and impoverished understanding of ourselves and our place in nature.

·        6.Science is first and foremost a non-dogmatic, open-minded method of acquiring knowledge about nature through the observation, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena. Its methodology is not synonymous with materialism and should not be committed to any particular beliefs, dogmas, or ideologies.

·        7.At the end of the 19th century, physicists discovered empirical phenomena that could not be explained by classical physics. This led to the development, during the 1920s and early 1930s, of a revolutionary new branch of physics called quantum mechanics (QM). QM has questioned the material foundations of the world by showing that atoms and subatomic particles are not really solid objectsthey do not exist with certainty at definite spatial locations and definite times. Most importantly, QM explicitly introduced the mind into its basic conceptual structure since it was found that particles being observed and the observer—the physicist and the method used for observation—are linked. According to one interpretation of QM, this phenomenon implies that the consciousness of the observer is vital to the existence of the physical events being observed and that mental events can affect the physical world. The results of recent experiments support this interpretation. These results suggest that the physical world is no longer the primary or sole component of reality and that it cannot be fully understood without making reference to the mind.

·        8.Psychological studies have shown that conscious mental activity can causally influence behavior and that the explanatory and predictive value of agentic factors (e.g., beliefs, goals, desires, and expectations) is very high. Moreover, research in psychoneuroimmunology indicates that our thoughts and emotions can markedly affect the activity of the physiological systems (e.g., immune, endocrine, and cardiovascular) connected to the brain. In other respects, neuroimaging studies of emotional self-regulation, psychotherapy, and the placebo effect demonstrate that mental events significantly influence the activity of the brain.

·        9.Studies of the so-called “psi phenomena” indicate that we can sometimes receive meaningful information without the use of ordinary senses, and in ways that transcend the habitual space and time constraints. Furthermore, psi research demonstrates that we can mentally influence—at a distance—physical devices and living organisms (including other human beings). Psi research also shows that distant minds may behave in ways that are nonlocally correlated, i.e., the correlations between distant minds are hypothesized to be unmediated (they are not linked to any known energetic signal), unmitigated (they do not degrade with increasing distance), and immediate (they appear to be simultaneous). These events are so common that they cannot be viewed as anomalous or as exceptions to natural laws, but as indications of the need for a broader explanatory framework that cannot be predicated exclusively on materialism.

·        10.Conscious mental activity can be experienced in clinical death during a cardiac arrest [this is what has been called a “near-death experience” (NDE)]. Some near-death experiencers (NDErs) have reported veridical out-of-body perceptions (i.e., perceptions that can be proven to coincide with reality) that occurred during cardiac arrest. NDErs also report profound spiritual experiences during NDEs triggered by cardiac arrest. It is noteworthy that the electrical activity of the brain ceases within a few seconds following a cardiac arrest.

·        11.Controlled laboratory experiments have documented that skilled research mediums (people who claim that they can communicate with the minds of people who have physically died) can sometimes obtain highly accurate information about deceased individuals. This further supports the conclusion that mind can exist separate from the brain.

·        12.Some materialistically inclined scientists and philosophers refuse to acknowledge these phenomena because they are not consistent with their exclusive conception of the world. Rejection of post-materialist investigation of nature or refusal to publish strong science findings supporting a post-materialist framework are antithetical to the true spirit of scientific inquiry, which is that empirical data must always be adequately dealt with. Data which do not fit favored theories and beliefs cannot be dismissed a priori. Such dismissal is the realm of ideology, not science.

·        13.It is important to realize that psi phenomena, NDEs in cardiac arrest, and replicable evidence from credible research mediums, appear anomalous only when seen through the lens of materialism.

·        14.Moreover, materialist theories fail to elucidate how brain could generate the mind, and they are unable to account for the empirical evidence alluded to in this manifesto. This failure tells us that it is now time to free ourselves from the shackles and blinders of the old materialist ideology, to enlarge our concept of the natural world, and to embrace a post-materialist paradigm.

·        15.According to the post-materialist paradigm:

o       a. Mind represents an aspect of reality as primordial as the physical world. Mind is fundamental in the universe, i.e., it cannot be derived from matter and reduced to anything more basic.

o       b. There is a deep interconnectedness between mind and the physical world.

o       c. Mind (will/intention) can influence the state of the physical world and operate in a nonlocal (or extended) fashion, i.e., it is not confined to specific points in space, such as brains and bodies, or to specific points in time, such as the present. Since the mind may nonlocally influence the physical world, the intentions, emotions, and desires of an experimenter may not be completely isolated from experimental outcomes, even in controlled and blinded experimental designs.

o       d. Minds are apparently unbounded and may unite in ways suggesting a unitary One Mind that includes all individual, single minds.

o       e. NDEs in cardiac arrest suggest that the brain acts as a transceiver of mental activity, i.e., the mind can work through the brain but is not produced by it. NDEs occurring in cardiac arrest, coupled with evidence from research mediums, further suggest the survival of consciousness, following bodily death, and the existence of other levels of reality that are non-physical.

o       f. Scientists should not be afraid to investigate spirituality and spiritual experiences since they represent a central aspect of human existence.

·        16. Post-materialist science does not reject the empirical observations and great value of scientific achievements realized up until now. It seeks to expand the human capacity to better understand the wonders of nature and, in the process, rediscover the importance of mind and spirit as being part of the core fabric of the universe. Post-materialism is inclusive of matter, which is seen as a basic constituent of the universe.

·        17. The post-materialist paradigm has far-reaching implications. It fundamentally alters the vision we have of ourselves, giving us back our dignity and power, as humans and as scientists. This paradigm fosters positive values such as compassion, respect, and peace. By emphasizing a deep connection between ourselves and nature at large, the post-materialist paradigm also promotes environmental awareness and the preservation of our biosphere. In addition, it is not new, but only forgotten for 400 years, that a lived transmaterial understanding may be the cornerstone of health and wellness, as it has been held and preserved in ancient mind–body–spirit practices, religious traditions, and contemplative approaches.

·        18. The shift from materialist science to post-materialist science may be of vital importance to the evolution of the human civilization. It may be even more pivotal than the transition from geocentrism to heliocentrism.


We invite you, scientists of the world, to read the Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science and sign it, if you wish to show your support (see http://opensciences.org/).

The Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science was prepared by Mario Beauregard, PhD (University of Arizona), Gary E. Schwartz, PhD (University of Arizona), and Lisa Miller, PhD (Columbia University), in collaboration with Larry Dossey, MD, Alexander Moreira-Almeida, MD, PhD, Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, Rupert Sheldrake, PhD, and Charles Tart, PhD.


For further information, please contact Dr Mario Beauregard, Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health, Department of Psychology, University of Arizona, Tucson, USA. Email: mariobeauregard@email.arizona.edu.

Note: We considered two ways of referring to the emerging paradigm presented in this Manifesto: the hyphenated version (post-materialism) and the non-hyphenated version (postmaterialism). The hyphenated form was selected for the sake of clarity for both scientists and lay people.

The Summary Report of the International Summit on Post-Materialist Science, Spirituality and Society can be found at the following address: http://opensciences.org/.http://opensciences.org/.

source - unknown (FB?)

source – unknown (FB?)

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The Great Mystery Within, Between & Bliss

If we can acknowledge the Love of the Great Mystery within us, and the Love of the Great Mystery in others, then the Divine/Romantic/Parental/Friend love between us is soaked in Great Mystery and Quantum Divine Love too. If we can be in the moment-by-moment experience of this Love, and surrender to it, it is all that is—and it is bliss.

And if we can’t feel that bliss, then it’s okay too, we can dance in the experience of being a spiritual being having a human experience, and forgive, be authentic, cry, hug, touch the Great Mystery still, and keep on coming back to the moment of Love.

This is my quest… (And the Man of La Mancha – “To Dream the Impossible Dream… ” music starts playing in the background… ;~) )

Hmmm… maybe this is not really a dream?  Maybe this is truly possible… I do believe it is, in our human adventures.
– mare


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