The Scooby Doo Garden Design in Crayon from Friendly’s

Scooby Doo Garden Design in Crayon

Scooby Doo Garden Design in Crayon

Okay… finally uploaded the Scooby-Doo Garden Design, a most professional effort created at the table in Friendly’s restaurant on Frederick Road in Catonsville, Maryland. A suburb of Baltimore. Lovely place. Lovely meal. (see earlier post on this inspiration by clicking above on ‘finally’)

Anywho… This is a sacred design as Jasmine guided me to create it while we waited for our breakfast there at Friendly’s. Note that the overall shape is square but it is made up of concentric circles inside. We will put a special stone in the center that she will bless (she’ll bless the whole space, but the stone is significant since it will focus energy).

We started the design since we want to plant potatoes early, like this week, I hope. And we won’t actually create the whole bed with tiller and soil amendments (compost from our county yard waste recycling effort) until April 18th. So… Jas  helped me figure out that we’ll put the potatoes on the corners.. the circles in the corners – two of them – will be the potatoes in 4′ high wire mesh that we’ll fill gradually up as the potatoes grow. The other circles there will be herbs and – well, not sure yet… Jas likes to do this things in spirit time as to what the plants guide her to do in the moment. She probably wouldn’t be a very good landscape architect with clients… ;~o  ON the other hand, she’d probably get the plants growing with great flourish. ;~)

And the image below is…. drum roll…. the OTHER SIDE of our design sheet. Yep. Scooby-Doo, which seeped through to the design in the scan image above.. Kinda interesting how Scooby’s buddy (can’t remember his name, drat it!) is scooped inside the lines of the garden design… pretty wild. Must be one of those medicine woman thingies.. I guess!

What we did not get to color in with crayons, front side of garden design

What we did not get to color in with crayons, front side of garden design.

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