All Life is Sacred – SG Journal

Wisdom from a Native Teacher:
“All life is sacred, whether it has a long or short life cycle, it still has a right to it’s life. Broccoli or Asparagus have just as much right to their lives as a Cow or Chicken or Us. When we plant something it is the same as if we adopted a puppy or kitten or bird, we are now responsible for it’s care and happiness. Any life forms we bring into our own world, we should welcome it into our world, make it as happy as we can while it is in our world, and then give it proper honor when it’s life is over. There are so many reasons on so many different levels for this that I wish I had time to expound on it. When you are in relationship with all the life forms around you then they are happy to serve their purpose of being here by nourishing us. When we do this in a conscience way and with love, it is returned. It is returned by bigger production and healthier anything we are tending. When we are in relationship it is not a chore to tend any of them because you are helping your friends and by doing so are helping yourself and those you love.”

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2 Responses to All Life is Sacred – SG Journal

  1. Yeah, Jas, you’re right. It’s our garden… Just such a habit to say “jas’s house”, “Jas’s dog” etc etc. I stand corrected… As a matter of fact since i’m so tall.. I stand tall corrected. ;~)

    Hope Sheba forgives me for not remembering her breed too… oops.
    Foibles, foibles…

    Thanks for the ongoing teachings and wisdom.. And love…
    your sister-friend, merrily.

  2. B says:

    Hiya to you all!

    I really like your site:)

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