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Cherokee June Moon – Green Corn Moon

JUNE: Green Corn Moon, Dehaluyi, First signs of the “corn in tassel”, and the emerging of the various plants of the fields. People traditionally begin preparations for the upcoming festivals of the ensuing growing season. People of the AniGadugi Society … Continue reading

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June Moons

[from my friend, Marney Bruce, again.. thx to Marney!] Hi everyone. Happy new moon! Is it really about to be June?!! The Summer Solstice arrives on the 21st this year – 5:45AM. EDT, to be exact. And the summer flowers are beginning to … Continue reading

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Narcissus – Poem by Jane Hirschfield

NARCISSUS:  Tel Aviv, Baghdad, San Francisco; February 1991 by Jane Hirschfield And then the precise opening everywhere of the flowers, which live after all in their own time. It seemed they were oblivious but they were not, they included it … Continue reading

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Building an Ark on Facebook ;~)

[I had to copy this into my blog.. too much… How to build an Ark on Facebook.. Offer an idea, toss it out.. within hours a crew and animals appear… what more could a person ask for? ;~)  ps. this … Continue reading

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The Need for Native Plants – for Pollenators -NYTimes piece 4/30/09

Amazing article on the need for native plants to help our pollenators (bee population) and help keep the biodiversity in our respective regions thriving and flourishing…

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Knowing the Earth – poem

Knowing the Earth by Nancy Wood To know the Earth on a first-name basis You must know the meaning of river stones first. Find a place that calls to you and there Lie face down in the grass until you … Continue reading

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Ode to a Teacher ;~) quote

I dedicate this to Jas (found this on Facebook – Maybe others who have studied or are studying with a Spiritual teacher can relate, hee-hee): Teaching as a Subversive Activity by Thor May So what makes for a great teacher? … Continue reading

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