Knowing the Earth – poem

Knowing the Earth
by Nancy Wood

To know the Earth on a first-name basis
You must know the meaning of river stones first.
Find a place that calls to you and there
Lie face down in the grass until you feel
Each plant alive with the mystery of beginnings.
Move in a circle until you discover an insect
Crawling with knowledge in its heart.
Examine a newborn leaf and find a map of a universe
So vast that only Eagles understand.
Observe the journey of an ant and imitate its path
Of persistence in a world of bigger things.
Borrow a cloud and drift high above the Earth,
Looking down at the smallness of your life.
The journey begins on a path made of your old mistakes.
The journey continues when you call the Earth by name.

About Mare Cromwell

Mare Cromwell is a nature mystic and the (multi) award-winning author of "The Great Mother Bible", "Messages from Mother.... Earth Mother", and "If I gave you God's phone number.... Searching for Spirituality in America." She has studied with Native American teachers for more than eighteen years and sits on the Seven Generations World Wisdom Council. Mare calls Western Maryland her home. To learn more about her books, go to (Note: she is a former worm herder. ;~)
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2 Responses to Knowing the Earth – poem

  1. pcadams says:

    Beautiful poem! Thanks for sharing.

    I love the line,

    “The journey begins on a path made of your old mistakes.”

    It’s hopeful.



  2. Hey Phil,
    Thanks for swinging by… That is a powerful poem.. I need to read and reread it… and still more surfaces in my understanding of the wisdom there..

    hope your spring is going well and is not quite as soggy as ours here in MD. I’m building an ark.. ;~)

    take care,

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