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A Year’s Worth of Trash – Trash Museum

This man, Dave Chameides, collected all of his trash for a year in his very tiny basement. And lo and behold, it is now part of a museum collection. He worked very hard to minimize his personal waste. And it’s … Continue reading

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Snake Medicine

A friend from Facebook sent me this question yesterday and I thought I’d post it here and then respond. Plus then invite June Brown to respond, if she has a moment…  It’s fun to talk about these creature teachers and … Continue reading

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Dances with Destiny – film

“Each of us is put here in this time and this place to decide the future of humankind. Did you think you were put here for something else?” –   Chief Arvol Looking Horse There is a documentary film that is … Continue reading

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About Choosing Hope

A friend sent me this link to a video clip. It is rather startling and yet real. And it points us toward the choices we can make and need to make to learn to reconnect with the Earth and Wisdom. … Continue reading

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Hair – “Do” poem by mare

well, i’m on a bit of a jag about boobs this morning with the previous post with some of Maya Angelou’s wonderfully fun wisdom and comments on aging and sagging boobs. so I thought i’d post a poem I wrote … Continue reading

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Maya Angelou on Growing Older (and Sagging Boobs)

A sister friend sent this to me this morning. And it is a rainy Friday here in Baltimore and I wonder how well I’m dealing with the rain and gray mustiness that has set into my brain. And what would … Continue reading

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Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf on Compassion – TED Talk

I need to write this morning about a fascinating website of talks from foremost thinkers from around the world. This is in light of some spiritual struggles that I’m having personally with my ego and strong will and working in … Continue reading

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