Snake Medicine

A friend from Facebook sent me this question yesterday and I thought I’d post it here and then respond. Plus then invite June Brown to respond, if she has a moment…  It’s fun to talk about these creature teachers and what they are trying to convey to us. ;~)

Hi Mare!

I wanted to share with you something that dawned on me today after an unfortunate mishap. I was cleaning up leaves for my neighbor with my lawn tractor (don’t worry, we composted them on her flowerbeds 🙂 ) when I discovered a little garter snake. I think I might have run over him, although he was not cut or squashed, he was so still and I thought I might have killed him. It was very warm today and he should have shown some signs of movement but didn’t. Anyway, I put him in a rotted and hollowed out tree stump in the hope that if he was alive, he’d be safe and snug or if he was dead, he’d be properly “buried”. Of course I said I was sorry to him if I hurt him or killed him, etc. I’m not fond of snakes but understand their vital link in the web of life and I respect and honor them.

Then it dawned on me how many snakes I’ve had to “rescue” this late summer and fall. Most were garter snakes and I’d pick them up with a stick and move them under a tree or bush or off the road so they wouldn’t be hurt or killed. I’ve rescued 3, unusual for me b/c I usually don’t see them and/or I leave them alone. I know they are more active during the warm fall days, seeking a warm place to hibernate.

I’ve also 2 “dead” snakes this season too. One was the most beautiful green with dark blue spots, the most beautiful snake I’ve ever seen in my life. He was so iridescent in the sun and about the size of a garter snake. No idea what kind of snake he was. The other dead one was this one today.

So I read up on snake medicine in Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak but there was not a lot of information on specific snakes. It talked about our “tough side” like the snake’s scales and the need to be gentle as well. I know the snake is sacred in so many cultures and I feel like this was something I should be paying attention to. Do you have any insights to snake medicine or is the subject to broad based on what little info I’ve given you?

Hope you had a wonderful day, this warm November day, and could do something fun or at least be outside to enjoy it!


L. M.

About Mare Cromwell

Referred to as “The Voice of Earth Mother” by a gifted Shoshone elder, Mare Cromwell is a multi-award-winning author, Medicine woman/Lightworker and healer. She has also been told by another gifted elder that her work with Earth Mother is in the prophecies. Her books include: "The Great Mother Bible"; "Messages from Mother.... Earth Mother"; and "If I gave you God’s phone number.... Searching for Spirituality in America". She has studied with Native American teachers for twenty-one years and sat on the World Council for Wisdom Gatherings for three years. Mare leads workshops on our Sacred Planet-Earth Mother, Womb Wisdom and Sacred Silliness and more. She is the visionary and producer of the 1000 Goddesses Gathering in Washington DC. Mare loves to be involved in Ceremony. She is also a former worm herder. She calls Western Maryland home.
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6 Responses to Snake Medicine

  1. hi LM,
    Snakes are always a fascinating animal for me to interact with, and considering all the time that I spend outside with the plants in my gardening realms, the odds are good that I’ll run into a snake or two. But with the regularity with which you’ve been seeing them and handling them, it sounds like there is definitely some message trying to come forth to you.

    When I have an auspicious interaction with a snake, I tend to interpret it as there is change going on in my life and I need to honor it. I need to anticipate it and welcome it. One of the things that snakes do along with some other reptiles, is shed their skin when they’ve outgrown it. The question that comes to me when I see a snake in a prominent way, or a series of snakes, is what shifting am I going through in my life, and how can I facilitate this shifting to make it easier for me. I actually have done a series of visualizations on being a snake that was scratching her old skin off to allow me to more gracefully move toward that change that I seek or is coming regardless of whether I really seek it or not.

    As for seeing dead snakes… my sense is that may be a message that you are resisting the change, in a point-blank message.

    I’m going to see if June Brown might have some time to respond to you too. She’s so gifted at this type of thing. ;~)

    take care, m

  2. moonmother says:

    Hi L. M.,

    Snake is one of my more favorite animals. I have the good fortune of having Snake as one of my totem animals.

    Snakes represent healing and transmutation of poisons. The symbol for doctors is a sword with a snake coiling around it. Anyone who is a healer, will run into snakes.

    A woman came into my plant nursery, this past summer, and told me that while she was catching some rays an Eastern Coachwhip approached her and started bumping her hand, which was dangling from the side of her chair! I asked her if she was into any type of medicine or healing ventures. She replied that she was in college to get her nursing degree and that she should have been studying, instead of snoozing in the sun. Snake is most certainly a totem animal for her.

    As an omen animal, Snake usually represents a time to transmute some type of poison in your life. I read that some Native Americans who wanted to become a healer (shaman) would go through a ritual where they were bitten by a poisonous snake. The venom was allowed into their bodies, they would go into the vision state and get messages from the other side while the current shaman would work on countering the poison to bring them back. They would do this over and over until the poison no longer affected them.

    That being said, is there something going on in your life that is like a poison that is really affecting you in a bad way? The message would be to take that poison in, learn from it, absorb it, recognize it and move on. Through this recognition, you will shed your old dried up ‘skin’ and come out all shiny and new.

    I agree with mare on the dead snakes / resisting change. Every time I see an animal that has moved on to the other world through some type of trauma, I find the meaning of that animal and then ask myself if I have been ignoring a problem or situation.

    Hope this helps!

    Be Well,

  3. moonmother says:

    Oh brother, I did not capitalize Mare! Sorry about that mare, I mean Mare! How weird.

  4. Jack says:

    Like what you did. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year !

  5. Caren says:

    quite interesting and helpful snake information, Mare. Adds great meaning to my snake experience earlier this year and it’s re-emergence in telling you the story. Thanks for sharing!

  6. John says:

    Nice site – Here’s wishing you and yours a very happy and prosperous new year !

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