Lizard Part 2

Animal Spirit Guidance
June K. Brown

Part Two

In my last article, I talked about the meaning behind Lizard. As a refresher, Lizard is about you having control of your dreams.

Why does Lizard mean this? The story that I was told was this:

Snake slithered toward a large rock in the middle of the desert. He was looking for some shade, but noticed that Lizard had already taken the really good spot. Snake watched Lizard for awhile and noticed that his eyes were moving behind closed lids.

Snake hissed loudly to get Lizard’s attention. Lizard awoke with a start and said, “Snake! You scared me!”

Snake said, “Lizard, I need some shade but you have taken the best rock. Will you share with me?”

Lizard thought about this and said, “You may have the other side of the rock, Snake. But don’t interrupt me again!”

Snake hissed, “How could I interrupt you? You are just sleeping!”

“Not sleeping,” said Lizard. “Dreaming.”

“What’s the difference, Lizard?”

Lizard smiled and said, “Dreaming is going into the future. You see, I was just where the future lives and I saw you. I know that you won’t eat me if I let you share my rock because you are already full of mouse!”

Snake replied, “Lizard! You are right! I wondered why you would share your rock with me.”

Lizard laughed and said, “Snake, you are looking for shade and I am looking for shadow. Shadow is where dreams live.”
My husband is big dreamer. His dreams come to him in the daytime. He dreams of the life he wants, of the things that he can do to make them happen and then he takes the steps he needs to get there. I am the nighttime dreamer. My dreams give me warnings, show me future possibilities, and occasionally give me stories to write about.

Together, we are making things happen. Our dreams and goals are meshed together. We have to work together to make our individual goals come into play.

For example; if I am writing, my husband tries not to disturb me. He may not be happy about it, but he understands that when the creative juices are flowing he needs to leave me alone. On the flip side; when he is working on a carving, I might peek in on him to see how he’s progressing or to tell him that dinner is ready, but I don’t expect him to stop if he’s on a roll. After all, we have both worked a full day at our regular jobs. Our dream jobs are more like play, and everyone needs to play!

If Lizard has come to you, start paying attention to your dreams. There may be an answer to your ‘dream life’ within your ‘dream state’.

About moonmother

I write articles called Animal Spirit Guidance, all of which are on my website at I am currently working on a book about the same subject. My goal is to put the art of animal meanings into a language that is easily understood with examples that the reader can relate to.
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