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Fcuk Planet Earth – hilarious! This is actually from Treehugger, credited on the Elephant Journal site. It’s really really great. ;~) (thanks, Sandra N.!)

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I’m Sorry Please Forgive Me I Love You Thank You, God Bless…

I’m Sorry Please Forgive Me I Love You Thank You, God Bless… (thank you, iggy…;~)

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Cranky Dragon Day

Cranky Dragon (draco sourus pussus) This dragon is often found muttering about something. Quite gruff in demeanor, it actually is quite sweet, just easily annoyed. First spotted in the Mid-Florida area. —- Okay. I’ve been having a Cranky Dragon week… … Continue reading

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Native American Indian Traditional Code of Ethics

(this comes from a person named White Wolf on Facebook — I’m deeply humbled reading it and sharing it…) Native American Indian Traditional Code of Ethics Sat at 4:20pm 1. Each morning upon rising, and each evening before sleeping, give … Continue reading

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Full Worm Moon – March 30th

[From my friend Marney again – thanks, Marney! And a big  hurrah for the worms! One of my favorite species or family of species… indeed! ] Hi everyone and Happy New Moon.  At the time of the new moon, the … Continue reading

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Wisdom from the Worms – Stick Together

Well, I gross a lot of people out when I tell them that I have worms in my basement. It’s actually a worm condo. They’re not crawling all over floor devouring my laundry and unsold books. (Though if they did … Continue reading

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Amazing Peace w/ Poem – Maya Angelou

AMAZING PEACE by Maya Angelou In our joy, we think we hear a whisper. At first it is too soft.   Then only half heard. We listen carefully as it gathers strength. We hear a sweetness. The word is Peace. It … Continue reading

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