GRANDMOTHER MOON: Intentional Emotions of Moontime, Dreamtime and Earthtime


from Facebook this am… and so powerful… the quotes are beautiful… thank you Primordial DreamKeeper on FB… thank you!

GRANDMOTHER MOON: Intentional Emotions of Moontime, Dreamtime and Earthtime

Dreamers of the Night… Set your ‘release intention’ tonight or tomorrow based on what surfaced over the last two weeks… letting go to be free from your fears, karma, your anxiety, worry, frustrations, etc. Something tested you in the past two weeks, and now that the full moon has arrived, she speaks loudly with silence.

Its time to go back to the first half of our month, and see what no longer serves our highest good. Is it an attitude, a belief, a feeling, whatever it is, bring yourself to that sacred quite place, light a candle or stand under the moon’s light and surrender to the night letting ONE things go, which no longer serves your highest good.

JUST ONE INTENTION… the most important one.

Its a full moon in Taurus and Venus who rules Taurus wants you to be warm, comfortable and have passion that is life giving, rather than drama which takes our life away from us if we do not face and accept the teachings on our path about our life. Set one intention with great desire for something to return your stillness, your content and peacefulness, a good release on this full moon in Scorpio’s moon cycle.


Night time is really the best time to work.
All the ideas are there to be yours because
everyone else is asleep. ~ Catherine O’Hara

I often think that the night is more alive
and more richly colored than the day.
~Vincent Van Gogh

The night walked down the sky
with the moon in her hand.
~Frederick L. Knowles

There are nights when the wolves are silent
and only the moon howls.
~George Carlin

Night is a world lit by itself.
~Antonio Porchia, Voces

Night, the beloved. Night, when words fade and things come alive. When the destructive analysis of day is done, and all that is truly important becomes whole and sound again. When human reassembles their fragmentary self and grows with the calm of a tree.
~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

By night, an atheist half believes in Great Spirit.
~Edward Young

O radiant Dark! O darkly fostered ray!
Thou hast a joy too deep for shallow Day.
~George Eliot

What I take from my nights, I add to my days.
~Leon de Rotrou

O wild and wondrous midnight,
There is a might in thee
To make the charmed body
Almost like spirit be,
And give it some faint glimpses
Of immortality.
~James Russell Lowell

I cannot walk through the suburbs in the solitude of the night without thinking that the night pleases us because it suppresses idle details, just as our memory does.
~Jorge Luis Borges

There is something haunting in the light of the moon; it has all the dispassionateness of a disembodied soul, and something of its mystery.
~Joseph Conrad

Nothing like a nighttime stroll to give you ideas. ~J.K. Rowling

When the moon, after covering herself with darkness as in sorrow, at last throws off the garments of her widowhood, she does not at once expose herself impudently to the public gaze; but for a time remains veiled in a transparent cloud, till she gradually acquires courage to endure the looks and admiration of beholders. ~Augustus William Hare and Julius Charles Hare, Guesses at Truth, by Two Brothers, 1827

In my age, as in my youth, night brings me many a deep remorse. I realize that from the cradle up I have been like the rest of the race – never quite sane in the night. ~Mark Twain

Dawn seemed to follow midnight with indecent haste. ~J.K. Rowling

Look how the pale queen of the silent night
Doth cause the ocean to attend upon her….
~Charles Best

How like a queen comes forth the lonely Moon
From the slow opening curtains of the clouds
Walking in beauty to her midnight throne!
~George Croly

Fooey! The porchlight is burnt out,
and I can’t see whether it’s dark outside or not.
~Dave Beard

In the country the darkness of night is friendly and familiar, but in a city, with its blaze of lights, it is unnatural, hostile and menacing. It is like a monstrous vulture that hovers, biding its time.
~Somerset Maugham

Stars are the daisies that begem
The blue fields of the sky.
~D.M. Moir

Press close, bare-bosomed Night! Press close, magnetic, nourishing Night! Night of south winds! Night of the large, few stars!Still, nodding Night! Mad, naked, Summer Night!
~Walt Whitman

The iron tongue of midnight hath told twelve.
Lovers, to bed; ’tis almost fairy time.
~William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A house is never still in darkness to those who listen intently; there is a whispering in distant chambers, an unearthly hand presses the snib of the window, the latch rises. Ghosts were created when the first man awoke in the night. ~J.M. Barrie, Little Minister

About Mare Cromwell

Referred to as “The Voice of Earth Mother” by a gifted Shoshone elder, Mare Cromwell is a multi-award-winning author, Medicine woman/Lightworker and healer. She has also been told by another gifted elder that her work with Earth Mother is in the prophecies. Her books include: "The Great Mother Bible"; "Messages from Mother.... Earth Mother"; and "If I gave you God’s phone number.... Searching for Spirituality in America". She has studied with Native American teachers for twenty-two years and sat on the World Council for Wisdom Gatherings for three years. Mare leads workshops on our Sacred Planet-Earth Mother, Womb Wisdom and Sacred Silliness and more. She is the visionary and producer of the 1000 Goddesses Gathering in Washington DC. Mare loves to be involved in Ceremony. She is also a former worm herder. She calls Western Maryland home.
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  1. bet365 says:

    hi I was fortunate to discover your blog in google
    your post is fine
    I learn a lot in your subject really thank your very much
    btw the theme of you website is really wonderful
    where can find it

  2. Megan Ingram says:

    Oh what a lovely place to have found, I thank you ! Grand Mother Moon has a special place with me and I see with so many others. I look forward to returning here lol Blessed Be Megan

  3. Megan,
    So happy to have you come visit.. please stop by anytime!
    for the Earth,

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