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“When the Buddha taught, he didn’t say that we were bad people or that there was some sin that we had committed—original or otherwise—that made us more ignorant than clear, more harsh than gentle, more closed than open. He taught … Continue reading

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Allium Bloom Beauty

Harold Blum is a buddy of mine whom I’ve never met in person, only over Facebook and email. He is a quite gifted sensitive man with an amazing eye for exquisite photography. He continues to gift me with these photos … Continue reading

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Song of Springtime – Painting by John William Waterhouse – Sacred Feminine

  [thank you to John Terlazzo for sharing this…]

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A Friday Afternoon Affirmation – June 24th

for some reason, i feel called to put this out there today… this afternoon… i seek to be a humble vessel serving the higher universe, willing to acknowledge there is much I don’t know, very much… and that i’m a … Continue reading

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17th Century Nun’s Prayer

17th Century Nun’s Prayer   Lord, thou knowst better than I know myself, that I am growing older and will someday be old.  Keep me from the fatal habit of thinking that I must say something on every subject and … Continue reading

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Ode to Birthing – Amazing Giraffe Birth

This just took my breath away… and “ouch” when the baby landed on the ground… yet “yay” when the baby stood up finally. Such a testament to the hard challenge of childbirth and instinctual knowledge of how to do it … Continue reading

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An Attempt to Define “The Sacred Feminine”

An Attempt to Define “The Sacred Feminine”  Ah… Since I’m leading a three day retreat on The Sacred Feminine  (co-creatively leading it ;~), it might be helpful for there to be some sort of definition on this rather beyond words … Continue reading

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