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The Urban Farming Guys – Urban Homesteading Par Excellente

Another incredible example of courage and ingenuity in growing food intensively in the city – Kansas City. Crime is dropping in their corner of the city. They are setting up aquaponics, growing chickens, raising cows, setting up worm composting, creating … Continue reading

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The Living Bridges of Northern India

Rarely I see or read something that is so brilliant, so generational and so sustainable. This video of the living bridges in Northern India are that, though. I have seen strangler figs in the subtropics of Costa Rica and they … Continue reading

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The Bull from Catalonia Limerick, by mare

There was a young bull from Catalonia With a date for the ring in Barcelona. But then it was stopped. No more matadors to pop. Bullfighting’s gone the way of Babylonia. Bullfighting in Barcelona ends with Catalonia ban 25 September … Continue reading

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And I would travel with you… Poem by Anita Barrows

[I have been inspired to craft some silliness recently. And there are still more bubbling up. Seems to be a good mental exercise for me. And yet, it is poems such as this that really speak to me to the … Continue reading

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The Stinkbug Limerick, by mare

There’s a bug in my house with a stink. Across windows and walls it does slink. It comes from China. Makes me want to  whina. They were never invited, I don’t think.

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Cow’s Stomachs Limerick, by mare

Every cow across the world has four stomachs. These are gastrointestinal hummocks. They all chew their cuds, Through rain, sun or mud. To ruminate is truly food pumice.

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Cow from Kenya Limerick, by mare

There was a beautiful cow from Kenya. Every blade of grass she did bendya. Chomp she would go, The savannah she mowed. She’s north of Nairobi, I’ll send ya.

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