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Monsanto & California’s Initiative to Label GMO’s

‎ ‎   I have had a professional gardening business for the past 15 years. Within my business, I made a commitment to use only organic products to the best of my abilities. I closed this business down this past … Continue reading

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Stark Winter Trees – poem by Mare

Stark Winter Trees     stark winter trees stillness dusted with new snow tall and gentle sentinels   my steps wend over stones that emanate ancient stories partly buried in the earth   as my being soaks up the winter … Continue reading

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Gratitude – film by Louie Schwartzberg

This is such a powerful film from TEDx. It is one of Louie Schwartzberg’s brilliant works and the focus is gratitude. Narrated by Brother David Steindl-Rast. It has filled me with joy this morning.

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That is our Great Work – Nina Beth Cardin

Nina Beth Cardin is a local rabbi who’s been taking a lead in Environmental Stewardship efforts in local faith communities. She sent this out after participating in a rousing environmental summit to convey to the Maryland State Government our concerns … Continue reading

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The Blanket Around Her – poem by Joy Harjo

The Blanket Around Her Joy Harjo (Native American – Creek)   maybe it is her birth which she holds close to herself or her death which is just as inseparable and the white wind that encircles her is a part … Continue reading

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That Would Really Be Something – Poem by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

That Would Really Be Something     I would like to make nothing a verb. I nothing. You nothing.   We nothing. That second person plural is my favorite conjugation.   Imagine. Both of us not hinging together. Where? I … Continue reading

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Ripcords of Hope – poem by Mare

Ripcords of Hope     a string dangles between her legs that have walked many miles beyond the moon, ceased river of red.   a cord from that very womb space that never birthed a child this time only gifts … Continue reading

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Strategies to Rein in Corporate Power – Tom Atlee

I am going to make a commitment to start reading Tom Atlee’s posts at his blog: Random Communications from an Evolutionary Edge  He has such a broad understanding of the dysfunction of our current political and economic system and helps … Continue reading

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Nice Coverage of Book Discussion – Frederick, Maryland 1/24/12

What a fun surprise for me when I started my book discussion on If I gave you God’s phone number….Searching for Spirituality in America to see a photographer lurking on the periphery. He was there from the Frederick News Post … Continue reading

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When the Cellphone Rings… Make Better Music… ;~)

Well, we’ve all cringed when a cellphone starts to ring in the middle of a performance, class, or meeting. Here is a video clip of a musician in Slovakia who was quite fun and creative after a cellphone interrupted his … Continue reading

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