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Calf from New York Limerick – by mare

[okay, I owe a limerick here too… ;~)  ] There was a calf from New York Which was not flown in by a stork. He was too large From his mom’s forage. It’s sad he’ll soon be on a fork. … Continue reading

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We are all Connected. It is all Connected. Time to Wake up… please. With chocolate kisses.

I’m on Facebook too much. I fear I am addicted, yes. And sometimes I post petitions that are environmental or progressive/liberally oriented actions for change. Or petitions to try to stop our government from moving forward on yet another unwise … Continue reading

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Welcome Comfrey… Happy Birthday, Oops. Borage. My bad.

[note, I am correcting this blog entry on July 1st. A friend informed me, correctly, that this plant is BORAGE, not Comfrey. So, mea culpa, and my bad, and I’m such a silly two-legged capable of such errors. Oh, well. … Continue reading

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Louisiana’s Cow Limerick, by mare

Louisiana had a cow Who loved the bayou every now. She’d go out wading, In times of mating. She scared the bull, she smelled so foul. ;~)

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Rio Summit on Sustainable Development – An Opportunity Mostly Lost

Something kicked me out of bed early in the morning. Way too early… And so I’ve taken some supplements, did some browsing on Facebook and BBC headlines and learned that the Rio Summit on Sustainable Development is now finished. And … Continue reading

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Have Compassion… excerpt by Pema Chodron

TAKING CARE OF OURSELVES I’ve known many people who have spent years exercising daily, getting massages, doing yoga, faithfully following one food or vitamin regimen after another, pursuing spiritual teachers and different styles of meditation, all in the name of … Continue reading

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Another Bull from Texas Limerick, by mare

There’s another large bull from Texas Who discovered his herd was a nexus Of cows that gave milk A range of that ilk. In his duties were very few vexes. – mare     ;~)

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