We are all Connected. It is all Connected. Time to Wake up… please. With chocolate kisses.

I’m on Facebook too much. I fear I am addicted, yes.

And sometimes I post petitions that are environmental or progressive/liberally oriented actions for change. Or petitions to try to stop our government from moving forward on yet another unwise move. Such as, once again, the Navy trying to test sonar technology that will kill dolphins and whales. NRDC has been fighting this for years and winning in court. At great expense. And yet, the Navy persists in pushing this through. I greatly suspect that they are already doing it in some corners of the world and that is why whales and pods of dolphins are washing up on shore either stranded or dead in far flung corners of the globe.

Below is the petition that I posted on FB for folks to sign on and share… hopefully.


And one of my friends on Facebook (an actual friend whom I had met in person years ago… tis true) suggested something along the lines that surely the dolphins and whales could swim out of range… if someone who is a very gifted animal communicator could speak with them.

So I tried to explain in so many words the following… Even if someone did try to communicate with them to move out of range of that sonar testing, the reverberations would carry hundreds and hundreds of miles and still impact them. They are incredibly sensitive. (Plus who’s to say that they don’t already know about this testing. They are extremely intelligent and have senses beyond our own of awarenesses…)

Even if they did swim far far away… the issue with the dolphins and whales, really, is how much should they decrease their habitat so we/The Navy can test military technology? Even if they all did swim away to another corner of the ocean, then they’d be competing for food in that other corner where other species of dolphins probably live along with other species, in general, and they would be quickly overconsuming and overcompeting and someone would go hungry and die.

And beside, what right do we have as just another species on the planet, to ask a host of other species to move out of their habitat so we can conduct some very destructive tests? How did we ever develop that level of hubris?

It is all so connected and supposed to be so balanced and then humans come along and just do the most incredibly anthropocentric (stupid) stuff… like test high frequency sonar in waters where highly, highly evolved and intelligent animals live. Or build nuclear plants right next to fault lines on the ocean or rivers.

It’s just so darn shortsighted and selfish. And cruel, and unbalanced, etc, etc.

The dolphins and whales, etc, in the Pacific are already feeling the effects of the radiation in the water from Fukashima. How can they not? Scientists are already telling us that the radioactivity from Fukushima is already contaminating the West Coast of Canada, USA and most probably all of the Pacific coastline on both sides. And that tuna tissue from Pacific schools of tuna are radioactive… It’s all connected, and we’re connected with it all.

We are a most unwise species. Most unwise.

I’m about to go to the beach for two nights to pray for the dolphins and whales. I really am. I believe in prayer energy and am just trying to do my little bit here. But we can all do more little bits… we really can. All of us…

Cripes. I wish someone could distill Earth Wisdom into a powder and replace the fluoride in so many municipal water systems with this newfangled Earth Wisdom powder.

Okay. I’m on the soapbox. Will get off. ;~)

About Mare Cromwell

Referred to as “The Voice of Earth Mother” by a gifted Shoshone elder, Mare Cromwell is a multi-award-winning author, Medicine woman/Lightworker and healer. She has also been told by another gifted elder that her work with Earth Mother is in the prophecies. Her books include: "The Great Mother Bible"; "Messages from Mother.... Earth Mother"; and "If I gave you God’s phone number.... Searching for Spirituality in America". She has studied with Native American teachers for twenty-two years and sat on the World Council for Wisdom Gatherings for three years. Mare leads workshops on our Sacred Planet-Earth Mother, Womb Wisdom and Sacred Silliness and more. She is the visionary and producer of the 1000 Goddesses Gathering in Washington DC. Mare loves to be involved in Ceremony. She is also a former worm herder. She calls Western Maryland home. www.marecromwell.com
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