Announcing – Messages from Mother – Blog and Book Forthcoming!

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Dear Beautiful Blogging Friends,
I wanted to let you know that my second book is coming in fast and furious. It will be called “Messages from Mother….Earth Mother.”

The premise of the book is that if we could really listen to Earth Mother, what might she be saying to us? This is a fictional piece in which Sarah meets Mother in the forest and Mother asks her to relay messages to the rest of the world. It’s funny, poignant, hopefully wise, and I’m essentially ‘downloading’ it. I’ve never written so fast in my life.

My plan is to have it out by early fall. There is more information at this blogsite, where you can read it as I write it.

For the Earth and the Healing!

blessings… blessings,



ps. There is a Facebook page too:

About Mare Cromwell

Mare Cromwell is a nature mystic and the (multi) award-winning author of "The Great Mother Bible", "Messages from Mother.... Earth Mother", and "If I gave you God's phone number.... Searching for Spirituality in America." She has studied with Native American teachers for nineteen years and sits on the Seven Generations World Wisdom Council. Mare calls Western Maryland her home. To learn more about her books, go to (Note: she is a former worm herder. ;~)
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