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Maryland Corn & Clouds – photo by Tim Dicke

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Earth Mother feels our Joy – Jamie Sams

  “As we heal, the Earth Mother feels our joy. We are like cells in and on her body. The power of love, the power of healing, the power of compassion, the power of unity, and the power of knowing … Continue reading

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MidAtlantic Women’s Congress for Future Generations

This blog has been rather quiet for the past two weeks as I’m in full organizing mode and going through all the hoops of getting my book from manuscript to final hard copy. This is the event that I’m involved … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Need to be Affirmed… Thank you, Deep Gratitude…

Oh, Spirit is really in touch with how much I need my writing affirmed right now as I finish this book manuscript for Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother. This comment just came in from a piece I wrote up about … Continue reading

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Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu – Hugs!

  Oh… I just want to hug both of these men. The Dalai Lama and Bishop Desmond Tutu… Yep. Hug both of them.

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Purple Glossy Starling – Whoa!

Purple Glossy Starling African species found from Senegal and north Zaire east to Sudan and west Kenya. Typically found in open woodland, savanna, scrubland, and cultivated areas. Omnivorous, eating fruit, berries, seeds, and invertebrates. Nest in tree holes; female lays … Continue reading

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Message #2 – Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother

So… here is another chapter or Message from Mother from my book in process. This book is a series of Messages from Earth Mother based on the fun idea that if we could listen to the Earth, to our Earth … Continue reading

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