Purple Glossy Starling – Whoa!

Purple Glossy Starling – Original Photographer Unknown

Purple Glossy Starling

African species found from Senegal and north Zaire east to Sudan and west Kenya. Typically found in open woodland, savanna, scrubland, and cultivated areas. Omnivorous, eating fruit, berries, seeds, and invertebrates. Nest in tree holes; female lays 2-4 eggs, incubates them alone in 12-14 days. Male and female feed chicks until fledging.

This photo showed up in my inbox from a friend (thanks, Tad) who sends out all sorts of informative emails and photos, etc. This just took my breath away and I needed to share it. Wow… Earth Mother can certainly dress up some of her creatures in some amazing beauty.

blessings, blessings,


About Mare Cromwell

Mare Cromwell is a nature mystic and the (multi) award-winning author of "The Great Mother Bible", "Messages from Mother.... Earth Mother", and "If I gave you God's phone number.... Searching for Spirituality in America." She has studied with Native American teachers for nineteen years and sits on the Seven Generations World Wisdom Council. Mare calls Western Maryland her home. To learn more about her books, go to http://www.marecromwell.com. (Note: she is a former worm herder. ;~)
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