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Living from Gratitude… from Mary Morrissey

[I’m preparing my notes for speaking at the Unity Church in Frederick tomorrow morning and discovered Rev. Toni Fish’s blog on the church website. She had this quote there and I had to share it. I love that the power … Continue reading

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Mare to Speak – Frederick, MD, Aug 25th

Beautiful ones, I’ll be speaking at the Frederick Unity Church in MD, this Sun, August 25th at 10am. Come on by, if you feel called. I will be talking about “the Great Mother, Great Father and Listening.” It’s a broad … Continue reading

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A Year Later… Messages Later… Time to Spend More Time in the Garden, please.

One year ago on Aug 5th, I completed the manuscript for “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother.” The book was written in only 5 weeks after some intense spiritual experiences in June, 2012. I was told to put my other manuscript … Continue reading

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Spiritual consciousness: moving from the third to the fourth and fifth dimension

[A good friend and very gifted spiritual man told me two days ago that I’m already half-way into the Fourth Dimension. I took that as a compliment but still have not quite understood this “Third Dimension – Fourth Dimension” stuff… … Continue reading

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Follow the Blue Crab Example – When Molting, Seek Very Safe (Loving) Environs. Follow the Hopi Elders Message…

There are times when we just feel so tested. I have been going through one of those times recently (and I gather I’m not alone). This past week was a real doozy and it has occurred to me that perhaps … Continue reading

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Upcoming radio shows… with Mare (1st tonight, Fri, 8/2, 7pm EST)

Am very excited about two radio shows coming up. Tonight, Fri pm, 8/2, with the delightful and gifted Becky Long and Annique Cree at 7pm EST. And then next Mon, Aug 5th, at 4pm EST, with the international … Continue reading

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May a Slow Wind Work These Words of Love Around You… by John O’Donohue

[This has been a very challenging week for me… some very intense emotional stuff going on. Deep heart work and breaking apart of old stuff to let in new energies of healing and awarenesses that Spirit is bringing me. I … Continue reading

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