Great Mother Wisdom Gathering – Updated Announcements

Greetings beautiful friends –

I’m excited to announce two updates for the upcoming Great Mother Wisdom Gathering, to be held at the Bishop Claggett Center, Oct 31 – Nov 2. There is still time to register for this auspicious event at:

The first announcement is that Woody Vaspra, founder of the World Council of Elders, will be leading a Sunrise Sacred Pipe Ceremony on Saturday and Sunday morning at the event. Attendees can then participate in a yoga class after this ceremony.

Woody will also be part of the Panel Discussion on “Where is the Divine Masculine”, along with co-leading a talk with his wife, Catie Johnson, on “Living Wisdom of the Ancients: Restoring the Balance of Life”.

This is the description for Woody and Catie’s talk:

Living Wisdom of the Ancients: Restoring the Balance of Life”: We are living in a very special time of transformation and critical choices long prophesied by the wisdom-keepers, or Elders, of the world’s indigenous cultures.  These Elders, who have carried the wisdom of their peoples for millennia, are now willing to share their ancient, yet timeless teachings and healing knowledge to restore the balance of life on Earth and to preserve the future for our children. Please join Woody Vaspra and Catie Johnson, co-founders of World Council of Elders, for a workshop about why and how indigenous wisdom is essential to restoring balance in our world today. We will delve into the critical roles that honoring natural cycles and gender balance play in creating and sustaining harmonious relationships within our families, communities and world.  We also will explore the value of cultural diversity, and the importance of preserving and sharing the living wisdom of traditional indigenous cultures so vital to achieving global healing and peace in our time. 

In addition, Evan T. Pritchard will be leading a talk on “The Divine Male”. This is the description for that session:

The Divine Male – led by Evan T. Pritchard.  The divine male is the hero of the heart who goes out to face the world on behalf of his mate, his family, his people. He is the wise and humble king, the peaceful warrior, the compassionate lover, and spiritual traveler and healer who constantly hones his skills in each of these four directions.  In the indigenous traditions, the divine male is well grounded in the earth, with both “bear” and “deer” energy—strong and fierce like bear, but gentle like deer. He speaks against untruth and wrongdoing with the strength of bear, but is the peacemaker like deer, wearing the buckhorns of leadership when called for. He is also the white otter, the playful lover and sexual healer, when invited to be so, and he is also the mystical eagle who is able to ascend to the highest levels in the sky, spiritually, without losing his way, returning to guide others on their path to the sun. In this workshop we will explore ancient indigenous teachings about the divine male, and compare them with similar European traditions, while looking for ways to express the divine male successfully in the twenty-first century, for the benefit of all beings.

Come join us… This promises to be an amazing and quite unique event.

big Love,



About Mare Cromwell

Honestly, I am a former worm-herder who has surrendered to serve the Great Mother. I yearn for the New Earth to come to full fruition so I can return to spending most of my time in the garden. I have surrendered to serve the Great Mother and have been referred to the “Voice of Earth Mother” by a prominent Shoshone elder. My work is as a Gaia High Priestess, and have authored the award-winning books: "The Great Mother Bible" (2015); and “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother” (2012); along with“If I gave you God’s phone number…. Searching for Spirituality in America” (2002). “The Great Mother Love Way” is a year long course I lead. Many know me for co-webweaving the “1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid”. And... I also organize events under the auspices of the "Roving and Informal Center for Sacred Silliness" at times! ;~)
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2 Responses to Great Mother Wisdom Gathering – Updated Announcements

  1. Arjan says:

    thank you for sharing, dear Mare. We are with you all in Spirit and burn lights from The Netherlands. In love and peace connected A&A

  2. Arjan, how wonderful to hear from you! Hugs and Big Love to you and Anne… xoxox

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