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* Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science – WOW!

Well – this is quite remarkable and gives me great hope for our culture and the New World coming in at this time. This appeared in my email from a new friend who sends out an “eclectic” e-newsletter, as he … Continue reading

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The Great Mystery Within, Between & Bliss

If we can acknowledge the Love of the Great Mystery within us, and the Love of the Great Mystery in others, then the Divine/Romantic/Parental/Friend love between us is soaked in Great Mystery and Quantum Divine Love too. If we can … Continue reading

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The GREAT LAW of PEACE & The Peacemaker & The Christ Consciousness

A gifted medicine woman friend of mine shared this on Facebook and I need to share it farther and wider. It concerns me that some people will read the title and discount this as some Native American ‘thing’. Our nation’s … Continue reading

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Keeping Things Whole – Poem by Mark Strand, in Homage

In a field I am the absence of field. This is always the case. Wherever I am I am what is missing. When I walk I part the air and always the air moves in to fill the spaces where … Continue reading

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Being Centered

Beautiful wisdom here… follows the teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz – Take absolutely nothing personally. (98% of what is going on is due to that other person’s pain and inner process.) xoxox

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Images of Silence

Deepest gratitude to Timothy Dicke and Harold Blum and other unknown sources of these images.

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Paul Goodman – Nine Kinds of Silence Plus Some Additions

Yesterday on Facebook I posted the following: Love the sound of the train in the distance. Then Stillness. It is all good… Thank you, Great Mother, Great Father, Spirit… Love. ~~~ This morning, a friend posted this message and link … Continue reading

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