Scientific Research Validates Tree Hugging

This link was circulating Facebook and is further support of the body/mind/spirit benefits of spending time outside in Nature, in more undisturbed sections of Earth Mother. The piece was originally published at this link on

While I have not read the book that is quoted in this article, I would take it even farther and state that there are spiritual consciousnesses within the trees, stones, smaller plants along with nature spirits within natural settings that are more wild. And these beautiful beings, the tall ones (as Native peoples refer to trees), stones, etc, can offer healing energy to humans and other beings as they feel called. They are very conscious beings that our Western Mind has long denied the existence of other than as material objects. And… I would also share it’s time for this shift in perceptions in a huge way. We sorely need to recognize the sacredness and aliveness of all on the planet. Not just what our science classes taught us is alive. 

hugs, bigLove, Mare

There were millions of environmentalists who have chained themselves with trees to protest and also hugged the trees sometimes to show their love for nature. Although it was seemed as an expression only so far, modern research has validated that there are some positive effects of tree hugging and you should also hug the trees. The study even mentioned that you do not even need to touch the tree to get the positive effect. Even if you are within a close distance with the trees, you will experience the good effects of tree hugging.

An author named Matthew Silverstone in his recently published book named Blinded by Science came up with scientific proof that trees do in fact improve many health issues such as concentration levels, reaction times, depression, stress and other various forms of mental illness. He also pointed to the research that identified ability of trees to improve headaches in human who seek relief by communicating with tree.

There were a number of similar studies that focused on children and trees. The study found that children who had more interaction with trees had significant psychological and physiological growth than other kids.

The study also identified that children also function better emotionally and cognitively in green environments and while playing around trees. Although we used to believe that such mental growth is linked with the green environment, Silverstone identifies that it is the vibration properties of trees and plants that give us the health benefits and not the open green spaces. Everything including trees around us vibrate in distinctive manner and the vibration from trees can affect our biological behaviors. One research experiment showed that if you drink a glass of water that has been treated with a “10Hz vibration” your blood coagulation rates will change immediately on ingesting the treated water (1). Similarly when you will touch a tree, its subtle vibrational pattern will affect various biological behaviors within your body. This idea is endorsed by a number of scientific researches to provide convincing proof that tree hugging has unbelievable benefits to us.

If you didn’t know, the same principle of tree hugging is also supported in Taoism as well. Taoist master Mantak Chia is a popular person who has been teaching students to meditate with trees and referring to this as a way to release negative energy. According to him, trees are natural processors that can help you transform your body’s sick or negative energy into positive, vital life force energy. He also argues that trees and all plants have the ability to absorb the light frequencies and transform them into physical food; and they do the same with energetic food.

Another study on plant vibrational energies from Damanhur, an intentional community in Italy also goes in favor of tree hugging. In this lab, they have invented and developed equipment that can capture electromagnetic changes on the surface of leaves and roots, transforming them into actual sounds. So when you go there, you will find an array of singing trees that can actually make you feel better.

About Mare Cromwell

Referred to as “The Voice of Earth Mother” by a gifted Shoshone elder, Mare Cromwell is a multi-award-winning author, Medicine woman/Lightworker and healer. She has also been told by another gifted elder that her work with Earth Mother is in the prophecies. Her books include: "The Great Mother Bible"; "Messages from Mother.... Earth Mother"; and "If I gave you God’s phone number.... Searching for Spirituality in America". She has studied with Native American teachers for twenty-one years and sat on the World Council for Wisdom Gatherings for three years. Mare leads workshops on our Sacred Planet-Earth Mother, Womb Wisdom and Sacred Silliness and more. She is the visionary and producer of the 1000 Goddesses Gathering in Washington DC. Mare loves to be involved in Ceremony. She is also a former worm herder. She calls Western Maryland home.
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2 Responses to Scientific Research Validates Tree Hugging

  1. I am among those who sees consciousness in everything, so hugging a tree is hugging a creature who knows you’re there and loving it. Science is proving much that many of us have long believed. There have been recent articles about communication between plants and the intentions of roots in search of water based on that the plants know from surrounding plants.

  2. Yes, and indigenous peoples have known this all along. They never lost this awareness.

    Thanks, Malcolm, for your good note and for reading my blog.


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