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On the Broken Christ & Gaia – Poem by Mare

On the Broken Christ & Gaia   I have been dogsitting With the Christ who is Missing some fingers, Longing for his healing touch But only broken ways to beam Light and Love. And the dead moth on the Plastic … Continue reading

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Reflections on a Catholic Family Funeral

   So much on my mind…    I attended a family funeral in Baltimore yesterday. An uncle had passed. A very well-loved, quite intelligent man and wise and modest leader in the community. The service was held at a Catholic … Continue reading

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Our Personal “Song” & the Christ Consciousness – for Earth Mother

One of the ongoing messages I have received from Earth Mother is about my personal song and how can I be in a place of living more and more in my ‘higher self’. What I mean by ‘higher self’ is … Continue reading

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To Really Be – poem

  To really be in Sacred Space. To allow the mind to quiet and bask in a stillness of whole. To sit at the altar, candle lit, and connect with the Great Father and the Great Mother, and the Divine … Continue reading

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An Authentic Single Valentine’s Message

Being totally authentic here … it’s a day of Lovers. Of Love. Primarily self-love, yes? For it is from that place of self-love that we can only truly be present to love another… To find that soul-depth romantic love that … Continue reading

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Magic Behind The Great Mother Bible and the Mother Messages – WOW

Surely there is something behind this book The Great Mother Bible that is so beyond me… way beyond me. I mean, I’ve known this since I received the first spiritual message from Mother when she told me I was to … Continue reading

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“…They have not forgotten the Mysteries” – Marion Zimmer Bradley

“…They have not forgotten the Mysteries,” she said, “they have found them too difficult. They want a God who will care for them, who will not demand that they struggle for enlightenment, but who will accept them just as they … Continue reading

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