Message from Mother Gaia – During Double Eclipse Intensity. 8/9/17

Message from Mother Gaia this morning in light of the intense double eclipse energies on our Sacred Earth at this time. xoxoxo

Messages from Mother (TM)

#EarthmotherMessages – From Mother #Gaia.

My children, my children,
I love you so much.
Yes, these are intense times and many of you feel squeezed as if you are being pushed between the eye of a needle.

Breathe, my beautiful ones. Know that things are not what they seem and breathe. Connect with my limitless Love that I have for you. Shed, shed, shed, shed those fears of change.

Celebrate each moment, each flower, each sweet drop of water in your life.

The truth is that you are Love. You are Loved by myself and Mother-Father God. You are beautiful.

You are going to make it through this time. You are!

Love yourself, love yourself, love yourself, love yourself.

Be gentle, gentle, gentle, gentle with yourself.

Love.Yourself. Forgive.Yourself. Forgive all. All.

Connect with me, your true Mother here on Earth. Touch me with your bare feet, with…

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#GaiaTeach – “Gaia’s ‘Shedding Skin Energies’ & the Earth Changes – A Teaching on Snake Medicine and the New World Being Born Now” – Webcast Available to Purchase

Now Available to Purchase  #GaiaTeach Webcast, 7/20/17- “Gaia’s ‘Shedding Skin Energies’ & the Earth Changes – A Teaching on Snake Medicine and the New World Being Born Now” – A Live Teaching with Mother Gaia (Mare)

           Mother Gaia is shedding an old skin during these interesting times. All of us are feeling these energies whether we are conscious of it or not. Our choices are to embrace or resist the energies, yet resisting only makes it tougher. Many think that Kali is the dominant global energy now but Mother Gaia sees it differently. We have choices there too – embracing the calm ways that a snake sheds an old skin or the riotous energies of Kali. Join in to connect with the Great Love of the Mother, and learn her perspective on the Earth Changes happening now, and how you can support Gaia more at this time.  

You can purchase here.

PS.  I wanted to also share that this Mother of All Snakes had been spiritually hanging out in my space for several weeks prior to the recording. She contributed to this #GaiaTeach also. She’s huge energetically.


— Aside: I went outside for a brief walk later in the evening after doing the Webcast and saw a 2 ft. snake on the quiet lane where I live. It was alive and ‘snaked’ off several feet into the grass as I got closer. Then it stopped and held its head up and looked at me. This is the first snake I’ve seen here in the 2.5 years that I’ve lived in this space.

I honored it and said: “I see you, little one”.

And then, I heard a distant voice on the etheric planes say: “Thank you”. I tuned in and could tell it was the spiritual snake (that was so monstrous in my space for the past few weeks) communicating then.

I responded: “You are welcome”, and quietly smiled, pondering the Great Mystery and interconnected of all of this, as I walked back home.

The adventures roll on…





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A Teaching from the Ancient Hickory Tree on Non-Attachment and Love

There is a 200 acre Christmas tree farm across the main street from my quiet lane and I am so blessed that the farmer has given me permission to walk this magical place.

In my walk around the farm two evenings ago, I had a good chat with the huge old Hickory tree that I visit every time I go there. It is not doing that well (in my mind) and had lost another good-sized limb.

Yet this is what the tree told me: “I’m doing fine. I’m not attached being here forever. I know I won’t be and that is how it is meant to be. Yes, I’m getting older and yes, I lost that big limb and my leaves don’t look that great. But this is how it is and I’m not attached or sad or depressed that I don’t look that healthy. I’m not supposed to stay healthy forver and grow here forever.

“You humans have much to learn in these regards. You are so attached to this or that, or another person or your life. Don’t you see that you are here in the physical as a continuum of your beingness, your soul.

“I love when you come here and offer me tobacco and love, and I know you are growing in your capacity to feel the love that I send back to you. Your visits are a beautiful thing and it gives me joy when you feel my call to you to come visit me.

“Now that your capacity to hear me is getting stronger and stronger, I can teach you more each time you come. There is much wisdom that I have been waiting to share with you but your busy mind was not opening up to my messages. You are usually so wrapped up in your anxieties and planning when you come here to see me and walk the farm. I would love to see you learn how to completely walk the farm and visit me with a still mind. This would be very good for you. And for the farm too, as you will be blessing the farm with your presence more if you can do that more.

“So that is the teaching for the day.

“Oh, and yes, you can tune in to me from your home too. All you need to do is to connect with me spiritually and I will communicate with you.

“I love you.

“You have no idea how much you are loved on the Spirit planes by so many. So many. You are such a committed daughter to Earth Mother. We are doing all that we can to take care of you and send you so much love and healing energy with all of your struggles.

“Feel our love and take it in to the very center of your cells.

“Breathe it in.

“It’s more real than most of the stuff you think during the day.

“Okay, that’s enough for today. I will see you again.

“Remember – Non-attachment. You will be so much happier when you can truly live from that place.

“See you again soon. Love.”


Image from the Internet. The Hickory Tree does not care to have its photo taken.

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Latest Newsletter from Mare – “Mother Has a Plan. Another Initiation… More”

For weekend reading…
(Do go outside and Connect with Mother Gaia, a tree, a flower, your garden, local park… do go… xoxoxo )

Messages from Mother (TM)

Latest newsletter… whoosh, just sent out in the cyberrealms, to land even here. 😉

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“Knighted” and “Priestess-ed” in the Forest…

I really need to go to bed, but also need to share this piece. Sometimes in these adventures, you really can’t make this stuff up. Here’s to growing, changing and evolving… ! xoxoxo

Messages from Mother (TM)

This is the lead piece in my newsletter that goes out shortly. Full newsletter here. Yes, this whole story is true. Being a mystic is a bit wild and humbling at times. xoxoxo


Well… the ‘interesting’ adventures are only expanding. And my sense is that I’m not alone. A good number of us are being spiritually pushed to go deep and shed old “stuff” and experience rather remarkable mystical phenomena.

And I’m realizing that it’s time for me to start sharing these adventures more openly. For years I’ve kept these phenomena in my life rather quiet. “They are going to think I’m really weird.” “No one will talk with me or understand if I share…”

All of those shadow voices have hindered me from going public with most of the mystical experiences I’ve been having for a long time.

It’s time for me to get over this.


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Recent Message from Mother on Crop Circles on YouTube & Where to Catch Other Messages (more than here these days… ;~) xoxox

Updates on where to catch the more recent messages from Mother Gaia via Mare. And Crop Circle message link for YouTube message from this week. xoxox

Messages from Mother (TM)

Beautiful ones,

I’m not finding the time to post all the messages that are coming in from Mother here on this blog as much as I would like. Stretched a bit thin with event organizing, paperwork, etc.

But the conversations between myself and Mother Gaia are intense these days. And fun and good.

If you want to track me and the more simple messages – please friend or follow me on Facebook.

I’ve also posted a recent message from Mother about her angle on Crop Circles on YouTube and will be doing more there in the coming weeks and months. There are others there from the past year, plus too.

Plus some of these messages are ones that Mother is encouraging me to ask folks to pay a small fee for accessing. Some of those can be found here on my website from the winter (2017).

Mother is ramping…

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Message from Mother Gaia, 5/25/17 – “You are not meant to play small… “


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