Pray for the Waters. Pray for our Mother…

My sister-friend, Robin Youngblood (a very gifted medicine woman of Cherokee/Okanogan descent) shared this with me recently. To offer to all of you…

Pray for the Waters. Pray for our Mother. Pray for the Winds. Pray for the Fires of Peace and Community. Pray for a spiritual awakening for those who live in fear, greed, violence and destruction. Oh, Great Mysterious One – hear your daughter’s prayer. I am but one small whisper in the voice of the world, yet I am one with many voices.

Today I give thanks for the water that gives us life, the rain drops that become the running waters that sing their way to the mighty oceans’ roaring waves…Today I give thanks for the breath of Spirit that breathes us to life, the silent exhalation that the trees breathe in, the small breeze that is the kiss of a hummingbird’s wings filling the sails of the clouds til they blow a hurricane upon the waters….

Today I thank the dust of this beautiful star, my Mother the Earth,  that births life in our bodies, supports life through her abundant birthing, makes mountains of molehills, and molehills of mountains…Today I give thanks for the spark of life that erupts in fiery inspiration, becoming the hearth that warms community, that rages in passionate purification, burning through all that no longer serves….

Oh, Great Ones, Ancestors, Star Beings, you who walked the path before us, teach us now. Show us the way forward. Help us learn from our mistakes. Lead us to right thought and action. Leave no one behind. May we open our eyes to our communal grief, open our hearts to the cries of our children and grandchildren,  weep with our grandmothers and grandfathers….washing ourselves clean from the withheld pain of our denial, that we may see clearly the dark terror that has held us spellbound.

May our tears set us free. In freedom we stand. In gratitude we walk. In humility we serve All Life. In unity we speak. In harmony we sing. In joy we dance. Together we pray.Today, tomorrow and for each day to come. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

H’etch etu aloh! Wopila.

source of painting unknown



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1000 Goddesses Gathering, Oct 22, 2016 – Earth Mother’s Latest Assignment for Mare – Come Join Us!

Come join us on Sat, Oct 22nd, in DC on the Washington Mall. This is honestly my latest assignment from Earth Mother. It’s been a wild ride the past 2.5 months. A good one… xoxox

Messages from Mother (TM)


Dear Ones,

There is a Tibetan Myth that when 1000 Taras or Goddesses unite, it will bring compassion or the Divine Feminine back into the Earth.

I have been in a time warp since July. On Friday, July 29th, Earth Mother woke me up (as is her way) at 5am and gave me my next mission.

Mother told me that the 1000 Goddesses Gathering based on this Tibetan Myth that I was gearing up to organize next year in 2017, needed to be held in DC before the elections THIS FALL. Earth Mother first gave me the assignment last fall after I read about the myth on Facebook. I assumed we had ample time to organize this huge event for 2017.

But Earth Mother told me in the wee hours of that late July morning that this was not to be out at a rural location but in the heart…

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Such a Good Dance…

Such a dance going on these days on so many levels.
I need to meditate more and more each morning.
Need to admire the intimate corners of each flower petal each time I go outside.
Need to let go of whatever fears arise to trust again and again,
ever more deeply.
Need to step into my fullest capacity at levels I have never done before.
Need to show up and be strong.
Be the duck with the water off the back.
Be the trees with roots stretching deep to the center of the earth
And branches swaying with the whims of wise Spirit.
Need to be empty of ego that wants to control or whatever an
Unbalanced Ego tends to do.

And dance, dance, dance…
And then be still, be still, be still.
In the midst of the dance.

As best as I humanly can.


Frederick, MD 8/5/16


Image of an ancient oak tree in Texas. Source unknown. AncientOak-TX

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Video Podcast Message from Mother – Chaos and the Grid of Energy, 7/31/16

I actually got the courage to create a video of one of Earth Mother’s messages, and posted it on YouTube. Ramping it up for Mother… ;~)
hugs, bigLove, Mare

Messages from Mother (TM)

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Disconnecting from the Spin. Finding a Tree.

Am realizing at deeper and deeper levels how much I have been spinning all of my life. Seeking to please others. Trying to rescue people.

As the world seems to spin ever more into a frenzy of total weirdness and “abnormal” weather patterns, etc., etc., I am choosing to slow down my own personal spin, along with not engaging with the global dysfunctional spin more and more.

And this feels really darn good. The garden is always there. The trees are always there. They don’t spin. They are grounded and calm and healing places.

Come join me friends, in the garden or with the trees. If you are overwhelmed by grief and sheer shock at the ‘insanity’ that is broadcast via the media, by certain personalities whose names I shall not mention, then go outside and give your overwhelm to Earth Mother. To a tree. Let them compost your emotional heaviness.

Or scream in the car. Keep those emotions moving up and out.

Just don’t take it out on others. Be conscious. Be Kind.
As the Dalai Lama says, it is always possible to be kind.

I’m trying to be kinder to myself, and not get sucked into the tsunami of energies and media caca as I used to get pulled in. It is a powerful vortex (FB does not help, at all). Rather like a riptide these days.

Maybe you want to join me?

Change starts within.

artist unknown.EarthMotherGlobe

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Today I Celebrate…

I celebrate the Sun rising.
The discovery of a morning glory in my garden,
Beautiful sky-blue one,
The immense wisdom of the trees where I live,
The ancientness of our planet and
Her resilience over the eons,
I know that she will be fine,
Absolutely fine,
In the Long Run.

May my every step be a prayer today from this place
Of Celebration and Gratitude,
And Love.

(c) mare cromwell


source – Facebook

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The Great Mother Bible – National & International Awards!

Sharing… so honored.
hugs, bigLove to all,

Messages from Mother (TM)


The Great Mother Bible -Winner of COVR National Book Award & Finalist in the International Book Awards.

(FREDERICK, MD/July 6, 2016) Pamoon Press is delighted to announce thatThe Great Mother Biblehas won the Coalition of Visionary Resources 2016 National Book Award in the “Inspiration” category. This book is the third of multi-award-winning author Mare Cromwell’s books and the second in her series of books of downloaded messages from Earth Mother. In addition it won the People’s Choice and tied in the Retailers Choice in the same category.

COVR-winnerThe Great Mother Bible is also an Award-Winning Finalist in the “Spirituality: Inspiration” category of the 2016 International Book Awards. This particular book competition accepts books from all areas of the publishing industry worldwide: mainstream, indie and self-published. Thus a Finalist Award is significant recognition considering that The Great Mother Bible is self-published.


This unique spiritual book cuts…

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