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Earth Mother Answers a Question about Weather Manipulation

So … I’m thinking of taking questions for Earth Mother and starting a weekly Q&A with her. I need to figure out a system for receiving the questions. In the meantime, here’s a start. See below… Also, I’ve changed the … Continue reading

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* Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science – WOW!

Well – this is quite remarkable and gives me great hope for our culture and the New World coming in at this time. This appeared in my email from a new friend who sends out an “eclectic” e-newsletter, as he … Continue reading

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Spiritual Warrior Commitment & Surrender

This surely will be a longer piece at some point … perhaps part of my forthcoming book The Great Mother Bible. I am feeling so tested these days to fully and completely step in, inhabit even, this spiritual work that … Continue reading

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Spiritual consciousness: moving from the third to the fourth and fifth dimension

[A good friend and very gifted spiritual man told me two days ago that I’m already half-way into the Fourth Dimension. I took that as a compliment but still have not quite understood this “Third Dimension – Fourth Dimension” stuff… … Continue reading

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