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Bolivian President Evo Morales: Maya calendar portends end of Coca-Cola… and capitalism

[An excerpt from ‘World War 4 Report‘, by  Bill Weinberg] The government of President Evo Morales announced July 17 that it will invite heads of state and indigenous leaders from around the world to Bolivia on Dec. 21, South America’s summer … Continue reading

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FULL MOON IN LEO from Primordial Dreamkeeper

I’m two days late posting this from a message on Facebook but I always find some inspiration from this astrologer and thus am putting it up here now. This is from this group on FB. FULL MOON IN LEO (Fire … Continue reading

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GRANDMOTHER MOON: Intentional Emotions of Moontime, Dreamtime and Earthtime

  from Facebook this am… and so powerful… the quotes are beautiful… thank you Primordial DreamKeeper on FB… thank you! GRANDMOTHER MOON: Intentional Emotions of Moontime, Dreamtime and Earthtime Dreamers of the Night… Set your ‘release intention’ tonight or tomorrow … Continue reading

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An Astrological Forecast for the Month from Mary Novak

It’s an interesting thing – Facebook. Somehow I ended up on an astrological grouping of folks there and have been getting these types of messages once a month. Well, I’m having a quiet Sat pm (yay!) and decided to slow … Continue reading

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