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Reflections on a Catholic Family Funeral

   So much on my mind…    I attended a family funeral in Baltimore yesterday. An uncle had passed. A very well-loved, quite intelligent man and wise and modest leader in the community. The service was held at a Catholic … Continue reading

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Mare’s Summer 2015 Newsletter

Phew… latest newsletter done. Chock-a-block… enjoy… 😉 ❤ ❤ https://madmimi.com/s/50d866

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Baltimore Tugboats, Winter 2010, Photo by Tim Dicke

I feel like writing … “and now for something completely different … ”   ;~) Tugboats. Not a natural scene, really. Well, maybe the Baltimore Harbor is kinda natural, and snow is natural, but not a nature scene. Not an excerpt … Continue reading

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Living from Gratitude… from Mary Morrissey

[I’m preparing my notes for speaking at the Unity Church in Frederick tomorrow morning and discovered Rev. Toni Fish’s blog on the church website. She had this quote there and I had to share it. I love that the power … Continue reading

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Spring 2013, Gunpowder Falls State Park – Photo by Tim Dicke

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Katherine Carter – A Tribute. 4/24/1912 – 6/17/2013

Our beloved Katherine Carter. Born April 24th, 1912. Passed June 17th, 2013. One amazing, independent, stubborn, huge-hearted centenarian. Photo taken 2006 (I think- can’t exactly remember the year.) She was at my family’s Christmas celebration that year. She did not … Continue reading

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Ripples on the Patapsco – Photo by Tim Dicke

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