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Spiritual Warrior Commitment & Surrender

This surely will be a longer piece at some point … perhaps part of my forthcoming book The Great Mother Bible. I am feeling so tested these days to fully and completely step in, inhabit even, this spiritual work that … Continue reading

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About Fireflies, Grieving and Thank You. Oh, and God Winks.

Ahhh… grief. The sadness comes in waves. One moment, I’m feeling mostly fine and focused on what I’m doing in that very moment, in an altered state of mourning. And then the sadness yanks me under like the strong ocean … Continue reading

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What the Bible Says about Rape

[ There must be something in the air. Here is an email from a friend who is also feeling triggered by the Patriarchal values embedded in Christianity. Wow… interesting stuff in the air these days.  (I did a post earlier … Continue reading

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Nature as a Great Book – Christian Quotes (mostly)

Every once a while someone sends me something that I absolutely have to share. Even though I’ve got a multitude of other things to do. The biggest one being cleaning my refrigerator. And the smallest one being writing a book. … Continue reading

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Rediscovering the Sacred Feminine in the Bible – Andrew Cort

“The reason we must restore the Sacred Feminine to her full divine stature in our lives and culture is because without her all spiritual evolution is impossible. Without her, all the ancient myths and holy scriptures are useless! We cannot … Continue reading

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Building an Ark on Facebook ;~)

[I had to copy this into my blog.. too much… How to build an Ark on Facebook.. Offer an idea, toss it out.. within hours a crew and animals appear… what more could a person ask for? ;~)  ps. this … Continue reading

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