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Self-Forgiveness & the Mother Lode of Compassion

Self-Forgiveness is a never ending journey of digging deeper, and deeper to eventually discover that golden Mother lode of Compassion. If the Mother forgives us for being so human and flawed, then it is surely far easier for us to … Continue reading

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In Praise of the Earth, Poem by John O’Donohue

In Praise of the Earth Let us bless The imagination of the Earth. That knew early the patience To harness the mind of time, Waited for the seas to warm, Ready to welcome the emergence Of things dreaming of voyaging … Continue reading

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A Sincere Apology to the Divine Masculine

Hi beautiful friends – I’ve been working on this for two days now. Or rather my whole life time. This has been a humbling and powerful process to draft this. You can click here to read it: A Sincere Apology … Continue reading

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Nelson Mandela’s Daughter speaks of Her Father, Forgiveness & More

The BBC interviewed Nelson Mandela’s daughter, Makaziwe Mandela, after Mandela passed last Thurs, Dec 5th, 2013. It’s a rich interview that reveals Mandela’s more human, family side. Toward the end of the interview, Ms Mandela said she believed her father had … Continue reading

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Message 22 – About Victimhood, Taking Things Personally and I love the Hopi ;~)

[Note, I’ve been posting all of these Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother on another blogsite. Being guided to post this here this morning. If you would like to read all of the rest and subscribe even, to the other one, … Continue reading

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Suzanne… and Forgiveness… and New Openings

Putting this piece up here on this blog is an act of courage for me. Some will judge me for what I have done. And if you are one of those, I ask that you please pass your judgment quietly … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry Please Forgive Me I Love You Thank You, God Bless…

I’m Sorry Please Forgive Me I Love You Thank You, God Bless… (thank you, iggy…;~)

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Yesterday and Today and Tomorrow

[I’m part of a group on FaceBook called This Week`s Wisdom. And this is what came through today… Really good food for thought since I’ve got a lot on my mind. An awful lot… and yet when I totally trust the … Continue reading

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Alternative Currency of Kindness and Gratitude

I wish that instead of greenbacks, our currency were kindness and gratitude. Banks would be set up to take deposits and offer loans in generosity and thank you’s. Interest would be paid in the form of flowers and vegetables and … Continue reading

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