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Super-Moon, Eclipse and Wave X – Soaking in the Joy

The past few days have been so beautiful and powerful. Last night I sat under the full moon as it rose in the sky and started to darken with the umbral shadow of the eclipse. My smudge was lit and … Continue reading

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April Full Moon – Full Fish Moon, Pink Moon etc

[from my friend – Marney Bruce again… thank you to Marney!] Hi everyone – I hope you are all enjoying this sprummer (that’s Spring running into Summer). Many plants are blooming and going to seed up to two weeks ahead … Continue reading

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Full Worm Moon – March 30th

[From my friend Marney again – thanks, Marney! And a big  hurrah for the worms! One of my favorite species or family of species… indeed! ] Hi everyone and Happy New Moon.  At the time of the new moon, the … Continue reading

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Cherokee Moons Ceremonies – September

[Note: the full moon has already come and gone, Sept 4th, but it is still worth sharing this…] Cherokee Moons Ceremonies – September From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Cherokee Moons Ceremonies were the ancient seasonal round of ceremonies practiced … Continue reading

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Full Worm Moon – more, March – Sacred Gardn Journ.

This is a bit dated but still fun to read. Let’s hear it for worms! (the worms in my basement composting system are giving the big thumbs up…oops. well it’s not their thumbs.. actually looks like their tails… those clever … Continue reading

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March New Moon and Full Moon

From my friend, Marney Bruce, again… thanks, Marney! Hi All – happy new moon. We are in for a treat again this month with Venus shining brightly in the western sky with the crescent moon. On Friday, February 27, a … Continue reading

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