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The Dalai Lama on Farting on the Plane, Happiness & Warm-heartedness. ;~)

[Sponsored by the roving and informal Center for Sacred Silliness... ;~) ] God, I love this man. And he is so funny, so human, so laid-back and huggable. I just want to hug him, again and again and again. What … Continue reading

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Notes from the Air – 30K Up (to Seattle)

- Nothing like accessing FB from the friendly skies of 30,000 above some Mid-Western State. Sorry don’t know which one. Can’t see the state lines from up here.    :~) – And for the record, Virgin America has the best purple … Continue reading

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A Child, his Dog, and a Puddle – Some Sacred Silliness ;~)

I would call this Sacred Silliness. Playing in a puddle because it is there to play in. And a dog that patiently waits for his/her child to finish playing in the puddle. I would like to find a puddle to … Continue reading

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I Pledge Allegiance to the Earth… (and lots of silliness too… ;~)

For some of my silliness, you can click here – Mare’s Cow Limericks.     ;~)

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Continued Adventures from the Wacked Writing World of Mare – On File Saving and Cow Limericks

So, folks, in the rollicking, sometimes ridiculous world of being an author and small, small time publisher, there are adventures. There are crocodiles waiting for you around that bend in the bayou. There are dragons hiding behind that very tree … Continue reading

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Calf from New York Limerick – by mare

[okay, I owe a limerick here too... ;~)  ] There was a calf from New York Which was not flown in by a stork. He was too large From his mom’s forage. It’s sad he’ll soon be on a fork. … Continue reading

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Louisiana’s Cow Limerick, by mare

Louisiana had a cow Who loved the bayou every now. She’d go out wading, In times of mating. She scared the bull, she smelled so foul. ;~)

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Another Bull from Texas Limerick, by mare

There’s another large bull from Texas Who discovered his herd was a nexus Of cows that gave milk A range of that ilk. In his duties were very few vexes. – mare     ;~)

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A Limerick for Healing the Earth Series and other Silliness and Seriousness -signed, mare

Attention K-Mart Shoppers. And other illustrious people of the blogging world who never even set foot in K-Mart (you lucky dogs, you!  ;~): I am going to post a couple of limericks a week now. And other pieces from the … Continue reading

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Such silliness… ;~)

So today I woke up, little old me, and dragged myself out of bed finally. I had been beating myself up for this, that and the other thing. And a voice came into my head and said: “Well, it’s all … Continue reading

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