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What Would Earth Mother Do?

  #‎Earthday ‪#‎Earthweek ‪#‎EarthMotherWeek ‪#‎EarthMotherLiving Ps… Earth Mother wants this wisdom she has asked me to put into these books (Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother & The Great Mother Bible) to go far and wide, so all my books (including … Continue reading

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Waking Up in Indra’s Net — Joanna Macy at Spirit Rock, Oct. 5, 2015- Video

Joanna Macy has won the respect and love of thousands who have taken her workshops and heard her speak. She so eloquently and playfully helps us move through our despair and overwhelm of all the great injustices and suffering of … Continue reading

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Are We Toast? – Reflections on the Planet and the Hollow Eagle Bone

I’m part of a private discussion group on Facebook. And this group has been going deep into the challenges of our current times and trends and how hopeless it all feels. As if the whole population of humans and half … Continue reading

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That is our Great Work – Nina Beth Cardin

Nina Beth Cardin is a local rabbi who’s been taking a lead in Environmental Stewardship efforts in local faith communities. She sent this out after participating in a rousing environmental summit to convey to the Maryland State Government our concerns … Continue reading

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And I would travel with you… Poem by Anita Barrows

[I have been inspired to craft some silliness recently. And there are still more bubbling up. Seems to be a good mental exercise for me. And yet, it is poems such as this that really speak to me to the … Continue reading

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Sacred Gardening Workshop – Report

[originally written 10/28/08] After writing that last blog, I realized that there was a gap since I had not written any report on my Sacred Gardening workshop from Oct. 12th. In short, the workshop went well. There were 10 participants … Continue reading

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