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A Teaching from the Ancient Hickory Tree on Non-Attachment and Love

There is a 200 acre Christmas tree farm across the main street from my quiet lane and I am so blessed that the farmer has given me permission to walk this magical place. In my walk around the farm two … Continue reading

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Dangerous Prayer

Deliver us, O God, O Truth, O Love, from quiet prayer from polite and politically correct language, from appropriate gesture and form and whatever else we think we must put forth to invoke or praise You. Let us instead pray … Continue reading

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U.S. Economy Grinds to a Halt… Onion Report – Hilarious!

It is truth? Or silliness? or Silliness disguised as truth? Or Truth disguised as Silliness? This is really hilarious… and I only wish that it were true (to some degree… love to see more of a graceful transition to this … Continue reading

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How Do We Love All of the Children of All Species for All Time?

I was doing some poking around on the web late last night, using the search term “Earth Changes”. Not the most uplifting topic…Ah, shall we say? Anywho, I came across this blog. http://2012truth.com I think ‘truth’ is a very relative … Continue reading

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The Truth – Abraham Hicks

This comes from my good friend, Julie Gabrielli, of Go for Change: “If you could go forward from this moment and when you hear yourself saying to someone else or someone says to you — I want you to tell … Continue reading

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