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Soil Carbon + “How to Build a Hugelkultur Bed”

This is a fascinating gardening tip from my FaceBook friend, David M-B. I’d like to try this someday. The goofy thing is that I try so hard to keep the woody stuff out of my compost pile! ———– Soil Carbon … Continue reading

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Get Rid of the Junk Mail

I promised a friend some info on how to get your name off mailing lists for catalogs etc and discovered this very cool link. It used to be that you’d write to the Direct Marketing Assoc address in NY. Now … Continue reading

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Snakes in mysterious global decline

This is rather disturbing news: Snakes in mysterious global decline This article was posted on the BBC news website today and it speaks to various species in different parts of the world and there being a marked decline in 1998. … Continue reading

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Water Footprints

An Aussie friend on Facebook has shared this link and I wanted to share further. Our use of water is critical to our health and planetary health. But how wisely are we using it? This is a rich website from … Continue reading

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