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May, 2015 –

The Great Mother Bible has been a rollicking adventure writing it last year with Mother (Earth Mother and the Great Mother) and herding it through the book production process (graphic designers, artist for the book cover, printing adventures) and it is now available as a hard copy and at all the regular ebook venues (including Kindle). Hard copies are available via my publishing company, Pamoon Press, and via your libraries, bookstores and online.

There was an Indiegogo Campaign live through Earth Day (April 22nd, 2015) to help fund some of the production and early promotion expenses of the book. You are welcome to learn more there. Here is the video created for that campaign that explains more of my story.

This book emerges after eighteen years of studies with Native American teachers and a rather humbling capacity to tune into the Great Mother spiritually. Several gifted medicine people have confirmed that I’m one of these people with the capacity to do this. It’s a journey of surrender and a very magical one doing this work.

I have been taking a two month retreat to recoup after all the stress of putting this book together. It would take perhaps three more books to share the behind the scenes adventures putting this out. I will spare you those details for now.  ;~)


MessagesMotherCvrMy 2nd book: Messages from Mother….Earth Mother has been out since November, 2012. It was the Winner in the 2013 Indie Excellence Awards in the Green Living Category and Finalist in the Spirituality Category. It was also a Finalist in ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Awards in the Nature category. Plus it has had all sorts of very positive reviews.


Books may be ordered from my publishing company at Pamoon Press. I can autograph them for you and have them shipped right off. My first book, If i gave you God’s phone number…. Searching for Spirituality in America is also available to order at this same website.


You can read the messages online too since I was guided to put them up on another blog called Messages from Mother. There is also a Facebook page where I often post spiritual teachings and more related to the book and Earth Mother wisdom. https://www.facebook.com/MessagesFromMother.

Here is a short synopsis about the Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother book:

In a magical blend of humor and spiritual wisdom, Mare Cromwell illuminates the overwhelming love Earth Mother has for us in “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother.” Chatty, opinionated and profoundly compassionate, Earth Mother discusses the environment (her body!), love, war and soul-woundedness, with specific messages for her sons and her daughter two-leggeds. Reviewers are calling the book a blend of prophecy, hope and inspiration packaged in novel and entertaining ways.  If we could listen to Earth Mother, perhaps these are the messages we would be hearing as she so yearns for us to reconnect with her.

For more information about events about Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother, click here.

Blessings, blessings, bigLove to all!

~ mare


(message from winter, 2014)

Hi Friends,

Welcome to this eclectic blog I call “For the Earth.”

Many people know me for my book: If I gave you God’s phone number….Searching for Spirituality in America. Then there are others who know me for my environmental work and regular environmental/sustainability posts in the Baltimore region. And even others who know me for my Sacred Gardening workshops. (No, I’m really not as busy as that all sounds.)

I moved out to the Frederick, Maryland area in late fall of 2011 and am holed up completing my third book. Between fall of 2011 and the winter of 2014, I healed myself of lymphoma and completed the Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother book. Ah… let’s just say that I’ve learned a great deal in the journey and it is only becoming more and more amazing and magical, and humbling.

While working on my books, some kernels of ideas and writing have surfaced that I want to share somehow, someway, easily. Hence this venue. I post about spirituality, the Divine/Sacred Feminine, environmental issues, ideas that percolate in my odd head, and occasional quotes that strike me in the moment.

Those who are close friends know that these interests in the sacred and the environment dovetail and thus the inspiration for most of my writing, poetry or prose and workshops.

These close friends also know me for my gardening business and my studies with Native American teachers. For the past eighteen years I have spent more time outside plunked on the earth weeding and tending perennials in beautiful gardens than anywhere else. Thank you to the powers that be that have facilitated this amazing way to pay the bulk of my bills.

At present though, the gardening work is mostly on hiatus as I commit to writing and workshops. Though I am dabbling in learning more about organic gardening and herbalism through assisting with a small farm near Frederick and some webinars.

Plus I’ve been on a limerick kick too. Cow limericks, among other topics. They are great fun and I’m considering doing a separate silly book of cows from around the world –  limericks. You can find some of those at these blog posts:

More Cows from Eastern Europe Limericks

Cows of Western Europe Limericks

Cows from Eastern Europe Limericks

Oh, about the Great Mother. She is quite powerful and has blessed us with so much. And she is being birthed again within our culture to help bring balance between the masculine and feminine. I’m being pushed to give her some serious air-time. ;~)

Thanks for swinging by here!
blessings, Big Love!

Guest Bloggers:

June Brown: Animal Spirit Guidance is June’s passion. Her Church is her backyard, the beach, or the grocery store parking lot. Everywhere she looks, she sees the omens sent to her from Great Spirit, guiding her daily on her quest to spiritual enlightenment. She thanks Grandmother Spider! You can e-mail June at moonmother8(at)gmail.com.

Verda Smedley: Verda is an author, gardener, herbalist and wise elder/crone in my life. We met through Facebook (that wondrous universe of amazing people) and have connected more through emails and book swapping. She is the author of a quite impressive book called Ancestral Airs  which is a story about shamanic tribal people based in Pre-Druidic times. Verda also maintains six blogs simultaneously on her website on topics ranging from Companion Planting to Spiritual Properties of Plants, along with more background information on Ancestral Airs. You can visit her website at: http://www.verdasmedley.com/


10 Responses to About For the Earth

  1. lifelessons4u says:

    Hi Mare,
    I’ve enjoyed reading some of your posts. Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself with us. I too am a “seeker” — believing we are all a work in progress. Have you read any books by Mary Summer Rain? She has written a series of books about her experiences with a Native American shaman called “No-Eyes.” Her first book was “Spirit Song.” It was many years ago that I read it but I enjoyed it so much I went on to read some of her other books. By the way, I’m also living in Maryland. If you ever want to email me here’s my address lifelessons4u2@gmail.com. Take care, Anita

  2. pcadams says:


    I’m linked here on my blog now! I’ll be back.

    Thank you…

    Be well, and at peace,


  3. I love your site. Keep it up !

  4. hey thanks, “knowledgetoday”… ;~)
    keep on swinging by.. feel free to comment on whatever sparks you…

    for the earth

  5. Joy says:

    How is your memoir coming along? I am working on mine, as well. If you ever have an extra minute -snort – check my blog out. I have a few posts about writing and struggles with the memoir. This is great!

  6. Hi Joy,
    Thanks for coming by… My current memoir is on hold. Lot’s of changes in my life in the past year and some of this necessitates a rework of the focus of the memoir. But I’m working on some other shorter pieces for publication and blogging. I’d like to get back to the memoir soon but need more time to figure out how it will flow. Good luck with your memoir too. I’ll take a swing by yours. ;~)
    blessings, mare

    – Updated 3/24/12. I’m in full swing with the memoir. It’s evolving into a book on Healing and Discovering the Sacred Feminine… Yay for creating good writing space!

  7. J May says:

    Mare, you have enquired about the work of Dr Roger Woolger and how to obtain it. I have copies of the CD on the Holy Grail which you mention please contact me if you are interested.

  8. I “stumbled” upon your blog today, and am so glad! I love how Spirit works! I look forward to poking around at all this delicious reading! Many Blessings to you!

  9. hi!
    you are welcome to poke around as much as you like… loved that you dropped by. if you want to check out my two books, you can go to http://www.pamoonpress.com.
    blessings and Yes to Spirit weaving us together. ;~)

  10. Wonderful! Can’t wait to take a look. Blessings!

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