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The Buddhist Prayer of Peace

In these troubling times of chaos swirling and anger mounting and hostility growing… may some find solace in this Buddhist wisdom… may some find peace… peace… peace… The Buddhist Prayer of Peace Through the virtue of this effort to enter … Continue reading

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Ecological Hope = Hope for Humanity and Planet

I’m putting this up here right now quickly and will revisit this to write more.. but I’ve just discovered this group on FaceBook and the internet… I used to do talks on Environmental Hope and find this fascinating how there … Continue reading

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A Lantern in the Fog – poem by mare

A Lantern in the Fog   i sink deep deeper in the grayness of unknowing being the fog that surrounds me to extend my foot forward onto that invisible stone perched one in a line a cold gray hard path … Continue reading

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GRANDMOTHER MOON: Intentional Emotions of Moontime, Dreamtime and Earthtime

  from Facebook this am… and so powerful… the quotes are beautiful… thank you Primordial DreamKeeper on FB… thank you! GRANDMOTHER MOON: Intentional Emotions of Moontime, Dreamtime and Earthtime Dreamers of the Night… Set your ‘release intention’ tonight or tomorrow … Continue reading

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My yearning… Blissing with the Earth

Today I was inspired to respond to a posting on the <> listserv. It seems there are many Rumi devotees there and others who seek the mystical union with the divine, a divine that is beyond this planet and burns … Continue reading

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Baltimore Fall Colors- photo by Timothy Dicke

This photography resembles an impressionistic painting to me. Really a beautiful canvas of shades of fall colors. I spent this afternoon in my backyard cutting back vines, and soaking up the wonderful afternoon sun and a sky so blue you … Continue reading

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Václav Havel on hope and power

Thank you to the website and to David Eisenberg for sending me there to find the citations after providing the full quote… to Julie Gabrielli’s partial excerpt of it… all good people, and very good wisdom… Thank you to … Continue reading

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