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“…the resonances of the tormented earth.” – quote

“The ground is shifting below our feet and this phenomenon involves more than the echoing footfalls of marchers and the trudging of militarized formations of riot cops on city streets worldwide. The first vibrations, closer to tremors, transpired because the … Continue reading

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Naked Horse Show Jumping? Ouch.

Ouch. Ouch. This guy must be an amazing rider… that is all that I can say… Well, I could say more… but shall restrain myself here. ;~)

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Occupy Everything…But Start with Yourself – Arjuna Ardagh

This man makes a very good point…

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Humor Therapy for Insomniacs ;~)

This is what insomniacs do when they can’t get back to sleep… Some of us lurk around the web and find incredibly silly and rediculous videos to share… along with other nonsense. 🙂 Here is the first one… it is … Continue reading

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Sometimes – a poem by Mare

  sometimes in the middle of the night slumber’s sweetness eludes me and I fight off the spears of angst. — I turn to words that fall snowflakes from a cold place of thoughts within to fend off the pointed … Continue reading

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Red Pen – poem by Mare

Red Pen — Dare I use a red pen to share some words of bleeding my emptiness out into a disposable cushion between me and the hard reality of aspiring romance relationship a singleness seeped in searing fear? — Is … Continue reading

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I Composted Nancy Pelosi

 [this is a piece that i wrote several years ago about two months after I’d set up my worm composting system in the basement. Obama had just been inaugurated and Nancy Pelosi was the Speaker of the House. tried to … Continue reading

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